The ORB - "Blood of Thrones"

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  • United States 8.99 USD (USD 1.80 to charity)

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  • Blood of Thrones
    It was a time of civil war ...

    From the days of MacBeth,
    last great Keltic King of Scotland ...

    To the wars of Edgar the Aethling,
    the last Saxon King of England ...

    From the Pagan standing stones
    of Myrrdin the Druid ...

    To the gates of Jerusalem itself ...

    Ancient Bloodlines battle
    for the Thrones of Britannia!

    The Blood of Thrones delivers thrills,
    excitement and adventure!

    Every year, author Logan Bruce runs NINoWriMo (N.I. Novel-Writing Month) events for local non-profit group Studio NI (the largest Arts and Culture Group in the North of Ireland). Finally he accepted the challenge of writing a 50,000 word novel in one month for charity! For every copy of this book sold, one pound (20%) of the cover price will go to the charity nominated by Studio NI. At time of publication, the nominated charity is Action Cancer (Charity reg no. XN 48533).

    ... a breathtaking ride, a very broad canvas ...
    Dr Steve Flanders, School of History, Queen's University Belfast

    The book is available from UK bookstores like Waterstones , Tesco.Com , Book Depository UK , Bookstore UK , Blackwell , WH Smith , Abe Books and Foyles Bookshop

    In the USA the book is available from bookstores like Book Depository USA , Powells , Barnes & Noble and Bookshop Santa Cruz .

    The book is available from Irish bookstores Easons , Books unlimited , and Books NI .

    You can also borrow a copy via Book Crossing. But if you read the book for free, please donate a pound to Action Cancer (Charity reg no. XN 48533)!!