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  • Why should I shop at the ORB?
  • Is it safe to make purchases over the Internet?
  • How do I purchase from the ORB?
  • How much are the prices in different currencies?
  • How much is P&P for the Irish Republic?
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    Why should I shop at the ORB?

    Reasons to shop on-line at the ORB include the fact that you can get books, videos and DVDs cheaper than anywhere else.

  • Novels at 20% discount
  • DVDs and videos at 10% discount
  • UK postage & packaging free for orders STLG 35.00 and above

    You heard it here first!

    Don't waste your time poking around in noisy cramped unpleasant bookstores - order over the Net, courtesy of The ORB (On-line Retail Books, Movies & Music store)!

    Is it safe to make purchases over the Internet?

    I would but I'm too chicken to put my credit card number over the net. Heh. That is, I would be if I *had* a credit card. :)

    Why there's no reason not to shop on-line!

    (Rimrunner) writes:
    Heh. I'm going to kill the people responsible for "The Net".


    Sorry to sound off, but I have answered this exact same concern +-156,345 times in the one year I've worked in the customer service department of a certain online retailer.

    There has not been a single documented case of credit card fraud attributable to someone transmitting a card number over the net. Not one. Nada. Nein. Nyet. Think about it -- is it more likely that someone's going to grab your number from an email message that just happens to pass through a host they have a packet sniffer running on (believe me, this is not that easy to accomplish), or is it more likely that a disgruntled busboy at that restaurant you had dinner at last night will steal your charge slip off the table when he clears it?

    Responsible Internet retailers use some kind of secure server software, such as that provided by Netscape. The level of encryption legal in the U.S. takes months to crack, and since encryption is done dynamically (i.e., each transmission is coded differently from the one before it and the one after it), breaking the code on one piece doesn't mean you've broken the code for all of it. Responsible Internet retailers also store card numbers in a secure location that can't be hacked, because any connection to it is one-way (where I work, we call the machine where card numbers are stored CC-Motel. Think Bates Motel and you get the idea. You can put stuff into it, but you can't get stuff out).

    And if you STILL don't like it, responsible Internet retailers also have a call-in option.

    And if you STILL don't like it, you can do what a friend of mine did. He got a card and set its maximum limit at $300, and uses that card only for all purchases he makes online.

    I've seen fraud committed online. But in every case, it was a situation where the user had obtained a card number through some other means and was attempting to use it to make purchases online. Some of these people are repeat offenders, and we do keep track of them so that when they show up again we know to stop their orders and report them. Some are in other countries which makes prosecution difficult.

    I'm not ranting at anyone in particular, but this is something of a sore point with me, as I'm sure you all can imagine. Look -- these days, I don't have the time or the temperament to go shopping in storefronts. (Working in customer service has made me loathe talking to total strangers. :) Just about all the books, CDs, and software I buy are purchased online.

    Okay, I'm done.


    we now return to your regularly scheduled rassm

    How do I purchase from the ORB?

    We provide 4 purchase options.

    1. Order on-line via our affiliated sites - simply click on their logos where appropriate
    2. Order on-line directly from the ORB - simply click on the Paypal logo where appropriate. We will e-mail you back to confirm details of your order and to request payment.

    How much is P&P for the Irish Republic?

    Postage [Parcelforce IRL 24] 14.60 STLG 21.00 EURO
    RRP 5.99 STLG 9.66 EURO
    ORB Price 5.00 STLG 8.00 EURO

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    I cannot find what I want

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