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UK Phone Discounts

This is a special offer to all British Telecom users. First, check out your BT phone bill, then you can mail the manager and ask about the discount scheme!

If you get your "Friends and Family" to sign up to the Discount scheme, then you will get an extra 20% discount!

This great discount will help you keep your on-line expenditure down, especially in conjunction with the Free ISPs below. Now you will have so much more expendable income to spend at the ORB bookstore!

  • Breathe Net
  • CallNet
  • ConnectFree
  • Ardvark cut-down ConnectFree [no e-mail or Web spage]
  • FreeNet
  • Free-Online
  • Dabs On-line branded version of Free-Online
  • FreeServe [makes caller-line ID mandatory for subscribers]
  • IAX
  • SoftNet Free
  • Telinco
  • UK Fantastic
  • Free4All
  • FREEdotNET
  • @pobox
  • Scot-Free
  • FreeUK
  • TescoNet [Free access for all TESCO clubcard holders]
  • Gordon's Free Access Page

    Currency Converters

  • Speculator's Currency Convertor
  • Convertisseur de monnaies
  • Wechselkurse fur Wahrungen


    Canadian T-Shirts

    Amy Provonost is RASSM's Artist Extraordinnaire - T-Shirts, custon Web-Site graphics, the works! Check out her amazing designs at her Gallery!

    USA T-Shirts and Hats

    Check out the selection of T-Shirts, hats and mouse-mats available at Amazon.Com - for a short time only!

    for Discos, Weddings, and other public events! Other services available - on-site Catering.

    Check out this website with Star Wars, WWF Wrestlers, Vintage toys, 8 tracks and more...
    Happy Thoughts Toys at http://www.salsgiver.com/people/msadecky
    ****** Michael D. Sadecky *******
    ****** Tarentum Pennsylvania USA ********
    ****** phone & address given upon request ***********

    Large selection of Original and Reproduction parts and accesories for vintage Star Wars figures at our Web Site: www.stargate1.co.uk

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