The ORB - "Rise of the Titan"

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  • Rise of the Titan

    In 1899, an American sci-fi writer named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about The Titan, the largest and most luxurious steamship of its age. But on its maiden voyage across the Atlantic, it hits an Iceberg and sinks ...

    This story was published over a decade before the Titanic was even built!

    Now this classic tale is back in print, thanks to Belfast-based publishing company The ORB.

    This collection also includes an essay by Dr S.R. Logan giving the scientific explanation as to how ice (mere frozen water) could be strong enough to breach the iron hull of the Titanic.

    For every copy of this book sold, one pound (20%) of the cover price will go to the charity nominated by Studio NI. At time of publication, the nominated charity is Action Cancer (Charity reg no. XN 48533).

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