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  1. The Belgariad [Reviewed Here]

    Belgariad [trade paperback]

    Belgariad Pt 1, Volume 1 [hardback]

    Pawn of Prophecy [paperback]

    Pawn of Prophecy [hardback]

    Queen of Sorcery [paperback]

    Queen of Sorcery [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Queen of Sorcery [hardback]

    Magician's Gambit [paperback]

    Magician's Gambit [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Castle of Wizardry [paperback]

    Castle of Wizardry [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Enchanter's End Game [paperback]

    Enchanter's End Game [unknown binding - hardback?]

  2. The Malloreon [Reviewed Here]

    Malloreon boxed set [paperback]

    Guardians of the West [paperback]

    Guardians of the West [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Guardians of the West [hardback]

    King of the Murgos [paperback]

    King of the Murgos [unknown binding - hardback?]

    King of the Murgos [hardback]

    Demon Lord of Karanda [paperback]

    Demon Lord of Karanda [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Demon Lord of Karanda [hardback]

    Sorceress of Darshiva [paperback]

    Sorceress of Darshiva [hardback]

    Seeress of Kell [paperback]

    Seeress of kell [hardback]

  3. Belgarath the Sorceror [Reviewed Here]


  4. Polgara the Sorceress [Reviewed Here]


  5. The Elenium [Reviewed Here]

    Boxed Set [paperback]

    Diamond Throne [paperback]

    Diamond Throne [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Diamond Throne [hardback]

    Ruby Knight [paperback]

    Ruby Knight [unknown binding - hardback?]

    Ruby Knight [hardback]

    Saphire Rose [paperback]

    Saphire Rose [Random House hardback]

    Saphire Rose [Del Ray hardback]

  6. The Tamuli [Reviewed Here]

    Domes of Fire [Del Ray hardback]

    Domes of Fire [Random House hardback]

    Domes of Fire [paperback]

    Domes of Fire [audio cassette]

    The Shining Ones [Del Ray Hardback]

    The Shining Ones [paperback]

    The Shining Ones [cassettes]

    The Hidden City [hardback]

    The Hidden City [paperback]

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