ORBzine - 2000.01 Celebrity Interview

ORBzine - Celebrity Interview January 2000

    Babylon 5 Frontier Earth

    This month Bruce Boxleitner, star of the highly popular TV show Babylon 5 , visited the UK on a book-signing tour to promote his new SF/Western novel, Frontier Earth. ORBzine sent along our ace reporter to interview him, and sure enough we managed to catch hold of him briefly before he rushed off to his afternoon signing, 100 miles away!

    I was going to start by asking you about your interest in Science Fiction in general. You worked on Tron, back in the early 1980s ...

    Bruce Boxleitner
    Sooo many years ago ...

    And now this is a Science Fiction book you're doing ...

    Yes, it is.

    Are you interested in Science Fiction yourself?

    Oh, I love Science Fiction. I love mystery, crime fiction, history. You know, it's not just one thing, but I certainly do and I wanted to combine two things that I know somewhat about. In fact, I'm working on the second book right now.

    So there's a sequel?

    Yes, I have a 2-book deal with Ace Science Fiction, and that should be out probably November of this year [CE 2000]. Basically, you know, I wanted to write something that I had some interest and familiarity with, and I've always been a student of the West and of Western history, both in film and in reality. And Science Fiction, certainly, yeah. Actually, both of them lend themselves to each other, and I'm surprised no-one's really exploited it more in Alternate History.

    Since you're writing now, and working on your second book in fact, are you sort of semi-retired from acting?

    Oh no, no, no. Not by a long shot. It was because of Babylon 5 that I got this chance to do this, and I don't really, you know - and if something else happens I don't look to see anything beyond that. But what I'd like to do is see if there is some possibility of making this [book] into some sort of film. In fact, when I'm finished this [promotional tour] I'm flying back to the States and meeting with some financial people. Even though I'll be scriptwriter I'd like to produce it, I wouldn't want to be in it.

    Now we have Lonesome Dove playing in the background here.

    So, do you like [this city] then?

    Where are we? I don't know, I only just got here! [laughs] I haven't seen much of it, I'm afraid.

    I'm a member of the local University Sci-Fi society, and we hold a Convention every year. I was just wondering if you would be interested in coming along as Guest of Honour some year?

    Well, I'm really not going to do Conventions any more for a while. Unfortunately I did sort of one too many for a while.

    Sorry - it's a pity, but I just had to ask.

    Thank you for the invitation. And enjoy the book!

    I will!

    Frontier Earth is available from the ORB bookstore [www.orb-store.com] via our USA , UK , French and German suppliers. We will publish a review of it in next month's edition!

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