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Cleopatra This is the new show from Rennaissance Productions, now that Hercules: The Legendary Journeys has been cancelled. This show was partnered with the other new Rennaissence show, Bruce Campbell's Jack of all Trades. The early episodes are in 30-minute format, although the show was so successful it was later expanded to fill a full 1-hour slot.

In the year 2525, the planet's surface is ruled by robots called Baillies. The human race survives underground. Hel [ Gina Torres] and Sarge [ Victoria Pratt ] are a couple of female soldiers who use nifty gadgets such as spider-man type web-casters.


  • Cleopatra ............. Jennifer Sky
  • Hel ................... Gina Torres
  • Sarge ................. Victoria Pratt
  • Rayna ................. Danielle Cormack
  • Creegan ............... Joel Tobeck
  • Mauser ................ Patrick Kake

    Episodes: Season 1 (1999-2000)

    (22 Episodes In Season 1)
  • Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 1] Quest for Firepower
    (Originally Aired 1/17/2000)

    In the first episode they go to the surface and test a new forcefield against the robots. They even manage to retrieve a weapons system. However, one of the robots gives chase and wounds Ms Pratt. They go to the nearest ripper-doc, where they meet Cleopatra [ Jennifer Sky ], an exotic dancer who went in for a boob job in 2001. Something went wrong, and she was cryogenically frozen.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 2] Creegan
    (Originally Aired 1/24/2000)

    The title character is a villain portrayed by Joel Tobeck [Strife]. He's painted up like a member of the Heavy Metal Band KISS.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 3] Flying Lessons
    (Originally Aired 1/31/2000)

    This episode sees the 3 babes on a mission together. They go to a casino, and start gambling using what appears to be a version of the 1980s table-game kerplunk. Cleo gets to show off her skills as a stripper - er, exotic dancer. Hel gets doped with a reducer [an aphrodisiac], and bets the two blonde babes as slaves!

    If you keep an eye out, you might get a glimpse of the Armour of Hephaestus.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 4] Mind Games
    (Originally Aired 2/7/2000)

    Danielle Cormack is Raina, an evil Psi who escapes from a hi-security loonybin. She follows our heroines to a nightclub, and uses her powers to turn Sarge against Hel. Raina wants to trace Voice, the secretive controller, and provides plot exposition by thinking aloud!

    The ending implies there is more to the episode than we see: Voice tells Hel that Raina was once like you ...

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 5] Home
    (Originally Aired 2/14/2000)

    Finally we get back to the story that was started in the first episode: the war against the Baillies. Our trio discover that the robotic enemy is deploying a new, improved version of the betrayer android. Hmm, I wonder what SF film this could be ripping off? :)

    The trio head to the surface, ordered to destroy the robot factory. They find a tribe of surface-dwelling humans [with Dark Age technology]. One of them is Sarge's sister Lily, who wants to offer herself up to the Baillies.

    Cleo uses her boundless knowledge of SF cliches to keep Lily distracted - by referencing every major SF phenomenon for the last three decades.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 6] Rescue
    (Originally Aired 2/21/2000)

    This is the second part of the story. Cleo and Lily are copied by the Baillies to make Betrayers.

    Hel and Sarge shoot a rifle grenade-sized rocket into Lo Earth Orbit to scan for their friends' presence. Luckily they are only twenty minutes' walk away. Also lucky is the fact that Hel's hand grenade is powerful enough to destroy the entire robotic factory complex!

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 7] Run Cleo Run
    (Originally Aired 3/6/2000)

    Sarge goes undercover at an auction ... She's a scantily-clad sex slave! She gives us a wonderful display to the sound of the song I've Never Met A Girl Like You Before, then starts the inevitable shoot-out. Of note, the director is currently Ms Pratt's fiance.

    Voice insists that Cleo is the one sent to rescue Sarge, not Hel. Yes, our girlie-girl finally gets her baptism of fire!

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 8] Choices
    (Originally Aired 3/13/2000)

    The girls go to one of the lower levels, where everyone lives in an archetypal 20th Century suburb. It's Christmas, and everyone is playing happy families. However, one of the lovely people is actually a Betrayer robot.

    The girls befriend a little girl who wants to be a singer. But they have to make the choice - can they kill a member of this peaceful community because they might be a robot? And what if they get the wrong person?

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 9] Perceptions
    (Originally Aired 4/3/2000)

    A secret underground base is attacked by persons unknown. The babelicious trio are sent to investigate. Hel [apparently short for Helen] sees her father, who she believed to be dead.

    We see the return of a villain from a previous episode.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 10] Trial And Error
    (Originally Aired 4/17/2000)

    A couple of betrayer robots are sent to retrieve Rayna, the psychotic telepath. Voice has decided that Rayna's talents can be used against the Baillies. Hel and Sarge take Rayna to the surface, while Cleo stays at HQ with her finger on Rayna's self-destruct.

    Voice finally comes clean about her relationship with Rayna. Is Voice really trustworthy? And is Cleopatra cautious or simply paranoid?

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 11] Double
    (Originally Aired 4/24/2000)

    Cleo is on the run from a female Betrayer [ Zoe Bell ] who wants to take her back to the Betrayer factory. She manages to escape and get to Hel and Sarge, but there are problems.

    Cleo claims she was never rescued from the Betrayer Factory in Episode 6. Yes, there are now two Cleos - but which is the Betrayer?

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 12] Last Stand
    (Originally Aired 5/1/2000)

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 13] Hel & Highwater, Part 1
    (Originally Aired 5/8/2000)

    The trio go to the surface, where they rescue Sarge's sister from the Bailies. She's been brainwashed into thinking the Bailies are good, and that being converted by one is a good idea.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 14] Hel & Highwater, Part 2
    (Originally Aired 5/15/2000)

    A good Baillie is POW of men who want to destroy the underground.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 15] The Watch
    (Originally Aired 10/2/2000)

    Sarge's sister Lilly wants to kill Hel's friend (a reformed Gangster).

    Cleo dresses slutty (well, sluttier) to pose as Madonna.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 16] Baby Boom
    (Originally Aired 10/9/2000)

    The girls find a baby, but Slobbo wants it back.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 17] Brain Drain
    (Originally Aired 10/23/2000)

    There is a brain parasite.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 18] Mauser's Day Out
    (Originally Aired 10/30/2000)

    Sarge gives Mauser an emotion chip. But instead of developing feelings for her, he decides to go see his original family again.

    Kreegan makes a re-appearance.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 19] Reality Check
    (Originally Aired 11/6/2000)

    Cleo finds herself back in the Y2K. Apparently her adventures in 2525 were all a dream. Her BF suggests she gets back on the stripper-pole to see if it jogs her memory. Unfortunately her striptease is far inferior to the Kerplunkk episode routine.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 20] Pod Whisperer
    (Originally Aired 11/13/2000)

    The Betrayers go after Voice.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 21] Out Of Body
    (Originally Aired 11/20/2000)

    Rayna is back! She has now powers, but a new superweapon. Cleo is Phased.

    Cleopatra [Season 1, Episode 22] Juggernaut Down
    (Originally Aired 11/27/2000)

    The team try to catch a Baillie.

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  • Season 2 (2000-2001)

    (6 Episodes In Season 2)
    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 1] Truth Be Told
    (Originally Aired 1/29/2001)

    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 2] In Your Boots
    (Originally Aired 2/5/2001)

    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 3] The Soldier Who Fell From Grace
    (Originally Aired 2/12/2001)

    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 4] No Thanks For The Memories
    (Originally Aired 2/19/2001)

    Kreegan is on Death Row. Cleo is anti Death Penalty, even for an arch-enemy like him. Then the body-swop happens

    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 5] Noir Or Never
    (Originally Aired 2/26/2001)

    The Bureau of Health sends an assassin after Cleo because she was thawed out.

    Cleopatra [Season 2, Episode 6] The Voice
    (Originally Aired 3/5/2001)

    The team go after another Team, who have been False Flagged by a fake Voice. Meighan Desmond Guest-stars.

    Season 2 saw the series format change from half hour to hour-long episodes. The show ended with the 28th episode. In 2000, Fans of the show started an online petition to have another network pick up the series. You can read about or sign the online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/savecleo/petition.html .

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