ORBzine Movie Reviews October 2000


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Space Mutiny

This is a 1980s SF film, and it is so bad as to be unwatchable in a non-MST3K format! The starship interiors were filmed in a disused electrical turbine station. The exterior shots, and much of the inspiration, it seems, come straight from Battlestar Galactica . Please note, Red Brown (High Chapperal) plays the role that the guy from Bonanza usually had.

John Philip Law ( Barbarella ) is the leader of the Mutiny. He is also head of the Enforcers, an autonomous branch of the ship's government.

The female cast members spend most of their time wandering around in really skimpy swimsuits. Yeoman Janice Rand is overdressed in comparison! Most babelicious of the babes is Cisse Cameron , the head honcho's daughter (who appears to be 30-something playing 20-ish).

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This is an anime TV series, split into 30-minute episodes. It takes several episodes for the main characters to get together.

The hero, Tenchi, is a young Japanese boy whose grandfather teaches him some ancient legends about demons. It turns out the legends are true, albeit distorted.

Along the way they pick up a PokeMon-type mascot thing called a Cabbit - half cat, half rabbit, which eats carrots and will grow up to be a space ship. Or something like that.

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