ORBzine Video Reviews November 2000

Spaced Invaders

This is a 1980s SF film, and its pre- X-Files atmosphere is quite refreshing. It is hallowe'en in a small mid-west USA town, and the local radio DJ decides to broadcast a recording of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds. It is picked up by some real Martians who have got lost en route to the invasion of another planet - so they drop by to join in! Unfortunately they are midgets, so they are mistaken for children playing trick-or-treat.

The cast is filled with unknowns. However, a couple of names stand out. Debbie Lee Carrington plays one of the Martians - she was Wicket's brother in Return of the Jedi and Thumbelina in Total Recall . The other big name is Wayne Alexander ( Babylon 5 ) as a yokel obsessed with zoids. Yes, this 1980s SF really shows its age!

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