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ORBzine Video Reviews December 2000


Ringu [The Ring] is a Japanese classic. It started as a TV mini-series, then became a movie - and there was even a sequel made, featuring all the characters from the original [even the ones who did not survive it]!

Like the film Candyman , this movie concerns a female journalist who investigates an urban myth. This time the myth is about a video cassette - exactly 1 week after you watch it, you will die of fright at the hands of some unseen monster.

The journalist watches it - and eerie happenings begin. She and her ex-husband have 1 week to investigate and remove the curse. Along the way there is a homage to the great Japanese horror classic, Onibah.

The monster's eventual arrival is of the style used in a certain book by Stephen Marley - to name it will probably spoil the surprise, although it is foreshadowed in the film anyway.

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