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Sacrifice of Fools

Ian McDonald is an Englishman who now lives in Belfast. Therefore, while he lives in Ulster he is not an Ulsterman. As a result, there are some basic misunderstandings and misinterpretations on his part. Nevertheless, he does his best to bring to life the society of the Province.

There is a saying in Northern Ireland: All this place needs is 100,000 foreign immigrants to arrive, and then the sectarianism will stop - because both sides will realise they have more in common, and unite against the foreigners. Mr McDonald took this as the starting point of his book. Alien immigrants arrive at Earth, and the British and Irish governments put 80,000 of them in Northern Ireland in the hope that they would stabilise the region's politics.

That being the backdrop, the plot is that of a lightweight thriller. Humans with Anti-Alien views are being murdered, and it looks like one of the aliens may be responsible ...

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