ORBzine - 2001.10 Book Reviews: "Tomorrow Never Dies"

ORBzine - Book Reviews: "Tomorrow Never Dies"

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Tomorrow Never Dies

This is the novelisation of the movie, and actually compares quite favourably with it. Raymond Benson , sad to say, is not much better a novelist than his predecessor John Gardener . However, because this is a screen adaptation it has several advantages over Benson's other works. To start with, Benson's puny plotting is replaced with that of the script.

Benson's writing style just does not do this book justice. He takes us through the many combat scenes in as few words as possible, and fails to convey any sense of action. Also, he adds extra chapters to flesh out background characters Wei Lin and Elliot Carver. However, this fails - it doesn't flesh them out, it just makes them [and the story] even more one-dimensional.

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