ORBzine - 2001.11 Book Reviews: Shaun Hutson

ORBzine Book Reviews: Shaun Hutson November 2001 Special


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James Herbert , famous British horror writer, made his breakthrough with the book The Rats. Shaun Hutson arrived on the scene a decade later with the similar concept of vicious man-eating slugs.

Hutson once likened the film version of his book to Plan Nine From Outer Space . However, since to the best of this reviewer's knowledge the film is a reasonably accurate rendition of the original story, the flaws in the film can for the most part be traced back to the book.

A rat is a creature that can fight off a cat. A slug is a disgusting vermin, but hardly a physical threat. Hutson's book works more because of the yuck factor rather than because of genuine horror.

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    Lucy's Child

    Shaun Hutson 's books have often featured as central characters a young couple in a childless marriage. This time they are the core of the plot, rather than window-dressing. It shows.

    The central characters are a barren woman and her husband, a psychiatrist who works in a lunatic asylum. Two plot threads, the woman's pregnant sister Lucy and the husband's psychotically violent female patient, come together thanks to a supernatural twist.

    The plot may be somewhat original, but the execution is the same old frights and gore that Hutson always uses. In other words, it's really just more of the same.

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