ORBzine Movie Reviews May 2002


Johnny Mnemonic

This is a cyberpunk film adapted by William Gibson from his original short story. Keanu Reeves [ Bill & Ted ] stars as Johnny, an information courier with a hard drive in his head. He signs up for one last job, but the information in his head is so valuable that the Yakuza are soon after him.

Luckily for Johnny he picks up some help along the way. Dina Meyer is the token chick, a hard-ass rookie bodyguard. Ice-T pops up as the usual grungy hard-ass type he always plays, and does some cable-hacks that obviously influenced Dark Angel . Dolph Lungren [ Masters Of The Universe ] is one of the villains, a bounty hunter named Street Preacher.

This is a good cyberpunk film, and as action films go it isn't bad either. The script is somewhat padded out, but it has a few original touches. For example, Dina Meyer is un-glamorous, and keeps all her clothes on. And watch out for the villain-comes-back-from-the-dead scene ...

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