ORBzine - Feb 2004 Movie Reviews


FDTD2: Texas Blood Money

FDTD2: Texas Blood Money Robert Patrick ( Terminator 2 ) and his ARV gang go to rob a Mexican bank.

A wanted fugitive gets to the Titty Twister, and is served by Danny Trejo (!) There is a pathetic Psycho homage. Then he vamps the gang, one by one.

The climax sees Patrick and the sheriff team up against the vamps. It is every bit as terrible and corny as the script for the original, without Robert Rodriguez 's saving touches.

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  • Lord of Illusions

    Lord of Illusions The film starts with a leather-clad gimp with demonic powers. Like a proto-Cenobite from Hellraiser , which was also written by Clive Barker .

    Cultists try to kill a stage Magician. Then they go after his wife ( Famke Janssen ) and a PI (Scott Bakula - Quantum Leap, Enterprise ).

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  • It

    It A group of middle-aged Americans return to their home town in New England, USA. Thirty years ago, when they were teenagers, they faced a supernatural monster - Pennywise the Clown (Tim Curry - Rocky Horror Picture Show ). And now the monster has come back.

    The survivors reminisce about their childhoods, when the school was run by the Cigarette Smoking Headmaster (William B Davis - X-Files ). Their reminiscences parallel their modern attempts to defeat the creature.

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