ORBzine - 1999.01 UK Television Roundup

ORBzine - UK TV Roundup January 1999

This Xmas the television selection on offer was pretty poor, SF-wise anyway. UK television relies mainly on imports from the USA, and these are usually screened at least a year after their first US screening. For example, BBC2 is a year behind the USA in ST: VGR and over 2 years behind in ST: DS9.

babylon 5 Finally the Babylon 5 project has come to an end - the final 5 episodes were shown as part of the "Bigger Breakfast", at the ungodly hour of 11.30 AM. For those of us who missed it, it is being repeated at 11.30 PM on sunday nights. Neither of those times was advertised by the television channel, incidentally.
X-files The most recent X-Files episode was the much-awaited William Gibson script - and I have to say, while mildly entertaining it was little more than the standard conspiracy bunkum.
Sliders Sliders has progressed into its third season. Colonel Roger Daltrey killed Arturo, then got chased by the Sliders for the next few episodes [during which Daltrey was replaced by that guy from "She-wolf of London"] before finally dying from terminal stupidity. He should have looked before he leapt.

Arturo's death happened because John Rhys Davies felt the scripts were degenerating, and he wanted out. His position has been filled by Kari Wuher [known to fans as Woo-Woo], whose job appears to be providing babe factor by being a few inches taller than the other girl, Wade. These days they BOTH walk around in skimpy t-shirts and shorts.

There were 2 outstanding pieces of entertainment over the Xmas period, however.

  • The Hidden Fortress
  • Buffy The Vampire Slayer
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