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Celebrity Interviews - Femi Taylor

Meeting Femi Taylor

Anonymous wrote:
Oola's wide-mesh bodysuit shows her nipples!

speculator wrote:
I have a signed still of that.

Yeah, that's right - I MET Femi Taylor, and I have to say she is INCREDIBLY hot! :)

PhantomShadow wrote
Have to agree with you about Femi!

speculator wrote:
Well, how could you not? :)

PhantomShadow wrote
Is Benedict Taylor really her brother?

speculator wrote:
You know, I have a story about that ...

I got talking to them after the signing, and Benedict said that he got his role in TPM because he had contacts in Lucasfilm. It never clicked with me - Femi had said in an interview with UK SW magazine that her [unnamed] brother was friends with Rick McCallum.

I was under the impression they [femi and benedict, not benedict and rick mccallum :)] were married or something.

Then, a couple of weeks later, I was reading a Femi interview on a ORB-store.com supplier's site ...
and she named her brother as BENEDICT!

Just my luck, eh? I should have put 2 and 2 together.

See, I'd been planning to give her my card and ask her to come to our local SF Con as Special Guest. Of course, since Benedict was there [and I didn't know he was only her brother] I didn't want to give the wrong impression.

We had Michael Sheard instead - I reviewed his books for RASSMag [now called ORBzine], and I hope to put up an interview with him as well.

Hopefully I can convince the Con organisers to contact Femi and invite her next year.

Anyway, in answer to your question - yes, AFAIK he is her brother. Though there is very little resemblance. :)



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