ORBzine - Farscape - December 1999

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Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars
Shown 1st January 2005

Grunslik and the Doc help de-crystalise C and A. Rigel is pregnant, and gets invited to Hyneria. Chi has new eyes, and 1812 is still on Moya.

Scorpy, Brekka/Brutus and Sikozu ( Raelee Hill ) come looking (to win the war with the Skaarans). They go Awol. Worse, a spy tells the Skaarans what they are up to!

Graza is pregnant by her boss. But she is still a scheming bitch.

The crew's Quest is to find the planet of telepath peaceniks.

Part 2

The Climax is a battle between the PeaceKeeper and Skaaran fleets, and we finally get to see the wormhole weapon in action. The loose ends are tied up with the climax of multiple character arcs, etc.

All in all, faintly disappointing.

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