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Dead Cool
Buffy Buffy The Vampire Slayer is all about attitude and hipness--oh, and killing vampires, demons and ghouls. This collection of tunes from the hit TV series takes big bites from some of indie's brightest and best--including Garbage, Hefner and Guided By Voices. More in Soundtracks

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  • Def Leppard USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • The Doors USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • Iron Maiden USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • Jimi Hendrix USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • Led Zeppelin USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • Metallica USA UK CDs USA !UK


  • Alanis Morissette USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • All Saints USA UK CDs USA !UK
  • Beastie Boys USA CDs USA !UK
  • Britney Spears USA CDs USA !UK
  • B*Witched USA CDs USA !UK
  • Celine Dion USA CDs USA
  • Cranberries USA CDs USA !UK
  • Dannii Minogue USA CDs USA !UK
  • Madonna USA CDs USA !UK
  • Natalie Imbruglia USA CDs USA !UK
  • Now That's What I Call Music! USA CDs USA
  • Oasis USA CDs USA
  • Ricky Martin USA CDs USA !UK
  • Shania Twain USA CDs USA !UK
  • Spice Girls USA CDs USA
  • Star Wars USA CDs USA
  • John Williams USA CDs USA
  • Village People USA CDs USA !UK


  • Christian, Claudia CDs USA !UK
  • Hewitt, Jennifer Love CDs USA !UK
  • Kensit, Patsy USA CDs USA !UK
  • Lopez, Jennifer USA CDs USA !UK
  • Milano, Alyssa USA CDs USA !UK
  • Minogue, Kylie USA CDs USA !UK
  • Wuhrer, Kari CDs USA !UK
  • Musician Interviews

    Courtesy of thecelebritycafe.com

    Return of the Turkish Guy [Go on, you know you want to!]

    More Here.

    Murder of Crows CD

    Check out the CD album from RASSM's favourite Rock Band! MoC is also available on MP3 - they rate a parental advisory! cool.

  • Plastic Jesus song words & .wav
  • Ulster Folksongs words & CDs
  • Malinky [Scots Folk Band]
  • Dundee Uni Rucksack Club songs
  • KissThisGuy.Com

    TV Series Songs

    Xena: Warrior Princess;

  • Xena and the Pirates,
  • Joxer's Song

    Red Dwarf

  • Theme Song
  • Rimmer's Song

    Monty Python

  • Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life

    Spice Girls Parodies

  • Satan [by Gerthein]
  • Wanabee [by George]
  • Light up your Life! [by Steve Cavanaugh]

  • Slap A Spice Girl!
  • Nail the Pop Icon You Hate! The Leo DeCrapio one has a cool Star Wars reference!
  • Star Wars Fanfics

  • Parody Songbook [including the YMCA-YODA song],
  • 2nd Parody Songbook,
  • Weird Al's YODA song
  • Lapti Nek
  • Lugnuts
  • Gerthein's Sympathy for the Rebels
  • Spice & Candy
  • The SW Bunch
  • Candle in the Wind - The Fett Tribute
  • Lando's Fly
  • Smell's like Sith Spirit
  • Knowledge
  • My Hutt will go on
  • Imperial March
  • My Lungs are Giving Out
  • I Ain't Gonna Live On Alderaan No More
  • 12 days of Life-Day
  • Night Before Xmas
  • Light up your life
  • Weird Al's TPM song
  • Star Wars musical
  • Pleasure Within [Terri Nunn]
  • Duel of the Fates [Sanskrit]
  • MST3K
  • SW disco music
  • Blueharvest.Net SW Techno
  • Jar-Jar Binks MP3
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