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Season 1

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 1] An Eye For An Eye
Shown 04 Mar 16

Thirty years ago, a maniac in a halloween costume went on a kill-crazy rampage. He (or she) evidently had superhuman strength. The cops eventually arrested a religious maniac who confessed. However, in this kind of story that generally hinges on shoddy police-work.

Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) returns to the home-town she never lived in. He brings her husband, the token black guy from Harper's Island. Yes, the whodunnit serial killer television has already been done. This is just the newest in the genre, so it has some pretty stiff standards to live up to.

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 2] Digging Your Grave With Your Teeth
Shown 04 Mar 16

This episode has a stack of cliches. Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) visits the Hannibal Lector type in prison, and he learns her weakness - she will do the opposite of whatever he says. When he gives her some friendly advice - Do not go into the woods alone when the serial-killer knows you are coming - she deliberately goes unarmed and all by herself! Later, the killer walks slowly after a victim who is running as fast as he can. However, this is actually explained in the story.

This show has a great supporting cast that is under-used so far. Erin Karpluk gets a couple of scenes as the town crazy person. Jessica Sipos gets a brief walk-on during a crowd scene. Hopefully they will have something important to do later in the show.

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 3] Like As Fire Eateth And Burneth Wood
Shown 11 Mar 16

The cops claim to have solved the murders. However, Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) decides to leave town. She and her grandma, the one who looks like Caitlin Jenner, get in the car and drive off. However, the killer is already ahead of them. They fall victim to a well-planned ambush which is conveniently close to the location he chose for his next graphic execution.

The epilogue from the previous episode is explained. It was during the prom night of 1968, and had probably the most disturbing result so far. Grandma has a handful of secrets, so she is obviously the next victim. It seems that killer is not merely targeting Biblical sins, he is specifically going after killers or attempted killers. But even over many decades, how many killers can one small town have?

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 4] As Water Is Corrupted Unless It Moves
Shown 18 Mar 16

The previous episode had a subplot about a gun-toting redneck, and implied that he was a major suspect. Naturally, he turns out to be the next victim. His sin was involvement in the disappearance of a teenage girl.

Erin Karpluk gets another scenes as the town crazy person. It turns out that she is unbalanced because her teenage daughter went missing years ago. Yes, this town has quite a history of missing persons, and the serial killer is targeting victims linked to previous murders.

Jessica Sipos has been lurking in the background, but now she becomes a central character. She gets interviewed by the cops as a witness, and then goes skinny-dipping.

Sarah's husband the journalist is contacted by a television journalist from the Big City. Yes, a small-town serial-killer is now big news. However, even though it is a big deal to national media it is not important enough for the State or Federal Law Enforcement agencies to send help. No, there are a handful of dead bodies, and the local Sheriff's Department has to deal with it all unaided.

The previous serial killer, still behind bars, offers to help but demands a lock of Sarah's hair. Luckily for him he gets some dead hairs instead, because he secretly wants the local preacher (Rob Stewart - Peter Benchley's Amazon ) to get them tested.

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 5] Ill-Gotten Gains
Shown 25 Mar 16

Jessica Sipos has been written out. She has been missing for a day or so, but when they find what is left of her it looks like she was gone a week.

The absense of big-name guest-stars this week allows other supporting characters to come to the fore. This time it is the turn of the town journalists. The editor is Sarah's husband, and the publisher (his employer) is a Chinese girl. The publisher is jealous of her co-worker's success in a television interview, so she invites the serial killer to contact her directly. Yes, finally the killer gets some personality - and that is when the show comes into its own. But does the publisher have any sins of her own?

Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) decides to do some investigating of her own. She blackmails the Mayor to get the Police Chief to hand over copies of her parents' sex tapes. Yes, she threatens to publicly reveal her own grandmother's sex life so that she can watch numerous tapes of her own mother having sex with numerous strangers.

The local preacher (Rob Stewart - Peter Benchley's Amazon ) is a major suspect. After all, he is old enough and his job makes him a religious fanatic by definition. Most damning of all, her certainly has a big secret to hide.

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 6] The One Who Sows His Own Flesh
Shown 01 Apr 16

This episode concerns the fate of the teenage girl who went missing a few years ago. She is not dead, she is just in Fritzl's basement.

The killer seems to have superpowers. Firstly, he knows everyone's secrets so he must have telepathy. Secondly, he is always in the right place at the right time so he must have teleportation.

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 7] In the Pride of His Face
Shown 08 Apr 16

The cops investigate an anonymous telephone report of a tresspasser in an abandoned house. They discover the killer's lair, complete with hand-drawn sketches depicting the punishments for the Se7en deadly sins. There are only six of them, but counting last week there were six victims so far. Since last week's victim was disposed of in a manner that indicates no trace will be found, one can only assume that they have written the victim off as dead. The final sin is Pride, and the killer has helpfully left a hit-list with two names on it.

Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) is on the killer's apparent hit-list. She has bigger things to worry about, because she discovers how ruthless her husband the journalist is when he is onto a good story.

Tom Winston, the Hannibal Lector-style exposition convict character, is still in hospital. Previously he learned his relationship with the Final Girl. The bad news is, he now discovers he and she are both on the killer's hit-list. The other bad news is he must have been watching Hannibal (or possibly Agents of Shield ) because he knows the old Dislocate your thumb to get out of handcuffs trick. Soon he is on the run with the Final Girl. Can he protect her?

Slasher Slasher [Season 1, Episode 8] Soon Your Own Eyes Will See
Shown 15 Apr 16

Things have quietened down now that the seven deadly sins have been punished. One might assume that the small town is a magnet for murderers, considering how all the victims of the self-proclaimed Executioner were themselves killers. The local preacher (Rob Stewart - Peter Benchley's Amazon ) and his son, the new chief of police, have been doing a terrible job of looking after the population. And they are both still suspects in the murder case.

Sarah Bennett ( Katie McGrath ) discovers who the serial killer is. Rather than just tell the cops, she goes out for revenge. Naturally, she makes a mess of it. The climax of the show involves multiple stabbings.






Slasher Slasher [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

Reviewed in our special supplement Slasher

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