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Spides (2020)

Season 1

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 1] Bliss (Blis) (Réveil Difficile)
Shown 05 Mar 20

This is set in a city in Germany, where everyone is English-speaking with a neutral accent. The story is basically a police procedural, but the German TV networks rejected the pitch because it was too Sci-Fi for their market. The scripts were translated into English, and produced by US TV network NBC.

A girl named Nora wakes up in hospital with amnesia. She has strange dreams, which indicate something happened to her when she was missing.

David Leonhart (Falk Hentschel - Legends of Tomorrow ), a plainclothes cop, investigates drug dealers at a club. He discovers dead bodies, so the investigation is turned over to the Homicide detectives.

The Missing Persons detective informs Leonhart that tweenagers have been going missing at the rate of seven per week. The city has a wall of Missing posters five tall and forty long, which means there are a couple of hundred cases.

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 2] Larva (Das Erste Stadium) (Tous Connectés)
Shown 12 Mar 20

Nora falls foul of the local gangsters, a group of immigrant men from Turkey or Russia or somewhere. They are not given much of a backstory, because they are as valuable as redshirts or stormtroopers. Their job is to get fridged so the female protagonist discovers her powers. This also reveals the fact that she is somehow linked to a group of random citizens who are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to save her. As exposition goes, this is a case of show rather than tell.

David Leonhart (Falk Hentschel - Legends of Tomorrow ) and the Missing Persons detective become suspicious of their fellow cops. What looks like a little bit of corruption controlled by someone high up in the department has gone overboard. Good cops have been removed - not as part of a cover-up, but so they can be replaced by a bunch of creepy strangers.

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 3] Double Trouble (Doppelte Dosis) (Médiation et Mutilation)
Shown 19 Mar 20

Nora's boyfriend, a technician in the clinic, steals her file and smuggles it out for her. It implies that during her so-called childhood illness she was used as a control group in an experiment. If the other subject in the experiment was her twin sister, this would explain why the mysterious assassin is her doppelganger.

The clinic staff are at the heart of everything. Not only did they create the assassin, who now serves a different master, but they have been manufacturing the new drug Blis. Their next step is to make a deal with the Russian mob who are importing heroin and cocaine. This indirect competition is interfering in the uptake of Blis, so the clinic is willing to give away a free supply to the drug.

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 4] The Ties That Bind (Familienbande) (Les Jumelles)
Shown 26 Mar 20

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 5] Contact (Kontakt) (Crise D'Identité)
Shown 02 Apr 20

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 6] This Calling (Die Armee) (Les Aliens)
Shown 09 Apr 20

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 7] Gemini (Der Gemini-Prozess) (Réunions de Familles)
Shown 16 Apr 20

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1, Episode 8] Awakening (Es beginnt)
Shown 23 Apr 20





Spides (2020)

Spides (2020) Spides (2020) [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th July (2020)

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