ORBzine - 2000.04 Celebrity Interview

ORBzine - Celebrity Interview April 2000

    red dwarf

    This month 2 of the stars of the Red Dwarf TV series, Chris Barrie and Robert Lewellyn visited the city. ORBzine sent along our ace reporter, and although we did not manage to catch hold of them briefly before they rushed off, we did manage to get some info on them!

    Chris Barrie at Methody, Saturday 10AM

    He was a boarder there until he left in 1978. The current Headmaster was one of his teachers.

    Chris Barrie started his speach in the voice of Gordon Brittas. The scary fact is, he is better known among the Mundanes for his role in Brittas Empire. Brittas was a pathetic farce shown at 8.30PM on a main channel; Red Dwarf is Cult TV and is shown at 9PM on a secondary channel.

    People only watch mainstream sitcoms because we were waiting for the TV news to start at 9PM!.

    Did you know:
    When RD was first released in 1987 some people in NI refused to watch it because it encouraged the belief in Evolution!

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    Robert Lewellyn Interview with Gerry Kelly [Friday UTV]

    red dwarf Robert Lewellyn stated that he wasn't the first choice for Kryten - neither RL or GK can remember the other actor's name. RL was doing theatre work - Robot, Born of Woman - which involved robotic walking and so on. It was witnessed by the Red Dwarf producer ...

    RL did several episodes of the USA version of RD, which didn't take off. This was even though Terry Farrell [ Star Trek: DS9 ] played the Cat! He also wrote several books out - 7 are on release, [8th coming out soon]

    The new book is comedy-based, about a man who is a professional punchbag. RL has been planning this for about 10 years, ever since he saw a self-defence class in NYC.

    Lewellyn knew the women who started the first Rape Crisis clinic in London.

    However, he admitted the truth behind the alarmist Feminazi propaganda. Statistically men are FAR much more likely to be attacked than women. The women organisers wouldn't let RL walk back to the hotel alone, and insisted he take one of the women with him.

    Red Dwarf co-star Craig Charles was charged with rape. RL changed the storyline of the book, so people didn't think he was pastiching what had happened to Craig.

    Lewellyn visited CC in Remand Wing of Wandsworth. While he was visiting he noted that of all the prisoners on Remand, there was 1 white guy and 36 black people.

    [note - Remand is usually for Flight Risk, Danger/record of re-offending, etc]

    Craig Charles was found not guilty by a jury of mainly women. Robert Lewellyn read the court reports, and from them it is impossible to believe CC did it.

    Lewellyn mentioned that he was in town for the Belfast Literary Festival.

    Belfast-based Big Buzz magazine awarded Gerry Kelly TV personality of the Year award [first reader-voted awards in Ireland, sponsored by Coca-Cola]

    Punchbag is available from the ORB bookstore [www.orb-store.com] via our USA , French , UK and German suppliers. We will publish a review of it in a future edition!

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    Red Dwarf books are available from the ORB bookstore [www.orb-store.com] via our USA, UK and German suppliers.

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