ORBzine Hudson Leick September 2000

ORBzine - Hudson Leick [Saturday]

Hudson's appearance is preceeded by a personalised video on the big screen - Hate Xena ... but love Callisto. She is announced by Sean Harry (note - for those of you who do not know, her name is pronounced Like). Then, Hudson climbs onto the stage ...

Suddenly someone appears on stage from behind the screen - it is Ted Raimi in a blonde wig!
TED Let's see who has the best legs.
HUDSON Let's see who can kick each other's ass!

[note - This may seem familiar to people who have seen her at other Cons. This double-act is an ice-breaker that they use to start off her act!]

Ted leaves, and the Q&A session begins. Hudson is in her frosty Callisto mode, and has numerous witty put-downs to the FAQs.

Why did you become an actress?
Hudson - Prostitution wasn't working out for me. I realised I'd have to work for a living. :)

What was it like to work on "Touched By An Angel"?
Hudson says it was hard to play an angel - it's not in her character.

Have you still got the uniform?
Hudson - No, I sent it to your wife.

Tell us about your recent work.
Hudson just did a movie called American Lover with Natascha Kinski.

What are your favourite Callisto episodes?

  • Where she becomes a god and says Here comes trouble!
  • Where she kills Perdy - she did Gabby a favour, because Gabby didn't look too happy after her wedding night!
  • Where she and Gabby play question and answer - Hudson says that when she first read the script she laughed out loud.

    Have you ever danced with Ted?
    Only once, when he was hitting on Hudson's friend.

    [Hudson made the audience scream for her].
    Hudson - Not to insult you, but I'd hate to see an Englishman have an orgasm.

    Have you had surgery?
    Hudson - I'm still real - so far! I live in LA - next time I'll be BIG.

    Do you scare men away?
    Hudson - No, I don't scare men - unfortunately!

    Would you like to be a first female President?
    Hudson - Sure! I'd want lots of chocolate, Italian dancing boys and grapes.

    Do you like fighting men?
    It's painful. Kevin Sorbo won't fall down when punched.

    Kevin Smith's hot.
    He's very hot - and very married, with 3 kids. If you're interested, he likes belly rings.

    What do YOU like?
    Hudson - I used to like long hair and tattoos. Now, it depends.

    Did you do your own singing?
    It was a voice-over.

    Who are your role-models?
    Ghandi, Yogananda, Martin Luther King, people who take a chance and are kind to humanity. It's not easy.

    [editor - check out our interview with Hudson]

    Describe yourself.
    Mixed, good and bad, self-centred, bitchy, scared, human. Probably not that different from you - well, maybe a little!

    Hudson introduces Chandra, Hudson's [female] friend.

    Do you have any siblings?
    One older sister.

    Does she look like you?
    Not really.

    What did you want to be when you were young?
    A ballerina.

    What were the high points of your acting career?
    Hudson says she worked with a couple of actors who were so good they brought her to tears.

  • Brion James - now dead
  • Jon Voight - father of Angelina Jolie

    Hudson - I haven't seen a lot of my own episodes.

    Are you sorry Callisto won't be back on the show?
    When Callisto became a God she became ineffective, and there was nowhere for the story to go.

    Who would you most like to meet?
    Hudson - I've already met Sir Anthony. I suppose Susan Sarandon, she sounds cool.

    Do people judge you on your looks?
    There's a popular misconception that a young blonde glamorous actress is an airhead.

    Would you like to be a man?
    Hudson - What the hell am I going to do with this? Make it move! Hudson says she often forgets that she is physically weaker.

    Is Callisto a feminist icon?
    Hudson - No. I like men - in their place. In bed or in my kitchen, barefoot.

    What is your fondest memory?
    Hudson - Killing my cat. Just kidding!

    Did you get on well with Renee?
    Hudson - I met Renee on her 25th birthday. She is shy and gentle, but fiercely strong. She could kick my and Lucy's butts!

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  • ORBzine - Hudson Leick [sunday]

    Hudson climbs on to the stage and looks around. The place is standing room only.

    Hudson - Who's new?

    Some of the people in the room stick their hands up. Most do not.

    Hudson - You sick bastards, you came back for more!

    What are we going to talk about? I know, I'll tell you a story. Once upon a time there was this very very very very very very pretty blonde girl ... who no longer liked her cat.

    What do you think of my outfit?

    [someone shouted - take it back, there's a hole in it.]

    Hudson - Hey, I shaved my armpits for you guys!

    Did your scream yesterday scare the hotel staff?
    That's how I make friends.

    Hudson like dramatics and flamboyancy. [editor - She's a yank].

    Hudson - I feel like I'm entertaining my parents.

    Could you try jogging on the spot?
    You just want to see my boobs move. Don't your English women jog for you? I'll have to speak with them about that.

    Hudson does a Yoga back-bend instead - wearing high heels and a tight-fitting dress!

    Hudson had never seen Xena before, or read the entire script. The character flowed so naturally ...

    How long have you done Yoga for?
    6 years.

    Are there any roles you would like to play?
    A vampire ...

    [someone suggested Spike's sister in Buffy]

    Hudson says she was up for that role [Druscilla???], but didn't bother doing the audition.

    Any suggestions for Xena?
    Hudson - Fewer big men.

    The PC filter is void - a good thing, because Hudson can say very little that's PC!

    Hudson felt she worked well with Lucy, but found it hard to work with Kevin. Her favourite Hercules episode was Surprise. Kevin Sorbo was used to girly-girly women who swoon around him - he wasn't prepared for Hudson! :)

    Hudson felt her Callisto appearance [Xena, Season 1] was terrible.

    Hudson's friend Chandra comes on stage and tells us a story. A German guy invited Chandra upstairs - to a terrace, not a bedroom - and all he wanted to know about was Hudson!

    How should a guy approach Hudson?
    Chandra - Don't tell her you like her - she'll run.

    What's Hudson's worst habit?
    Chandra - Leaving piles of dead men around.

    What's Hudson's best habit?
    Chandra - She's bossy.

    How long have you 2 known each other?
    A year, though it seems like less.

    Hudson took a script so that she could go to India - even though she didn't like the role.

    Hudson - have you considered doing a Yoga instructional video?
    It's a possibility.

    What other careers might Hudson have taken?
    Brain surgeon! :)

    Seriously - a yoga instructor, perhaps.

    What annoys Hudson?
    Goofy men. And being cut off in a conversation.

    [Someone mentions Callisto's Xena fixation].

    Hudson is a perfectionist - she gets angry at herself for forgetting lines.

    You have a German name. Have you ever been to Germany?
    No. Hudson's parents went to Germany one year, but Hudson herself was working on Hijacked at the time.

    What is your favourite fight scene?
    [the questioner was Dutch: she couldn't make out what he was asking]

    Hudson loves small bunnies.

    Hudson - Dancing ... great. Gets you all sweaty and hot. Wakes you up.

    Hudson enjoyed killing Perdicus and asking Gabrielle about it.

    Have you done any sightseeing in London?
    Hudson accuses the audience of wanting to see her belly button. So she shows it to us.

    Hudson mentions Europe and the mainland.

    Hudson says she looks for dancing boys with grapes.

    On a serious note, Hudson is interested in meeting the people and exploring the culture - not visiting the local McDonalds and Starbucks. This may be a reference to Ted Raimi and Tim Omundson, both of whom were seen bringing McDonalds meals back to the hotel.

    Hudson claims she speaks very bad French.

    Do you believe in Reincarnation?
    Hudson - Yes

    Are you and Chandra just good friends?
    Hudson - You mean, are we lovers? :)

    What kind of men do you like?
    Hudson likes men who can cook.

    [someone says that he can cook curry]

    Hudson says she likes curry.

    [Someone else says that he can microwave].

    Hudson - Great. You can sit in front of the TV all day and I'll bring you beer, shall I? :)

    Hudson wants a man who will understand her. Someone who won't let her roll over him.

    What does Chandra look for in a man?
    Hudson - Large breasts. :)

    The grrls go for someone with Manna - a huge heart - a man who knows who and what he is, who isn't cruel and doesn't play games.

    Chandra is seeing someone - a priest. A Budhist priest, not a Catholic one!

    Hudson doesn't care what the guy looks like. She wants someone with a big heart, an Alpha - she always tests the boundaries.

    Hudson is happy with the really kind guy she's seeing at the moment. She has Chandra to thank - Chandra told her Let him in.

    Hudson's hour was up - she told us she would get Sean Harry [the organiser/announcer] to dance on stage for our amusement.

    Did Sean tuck you into bed last night?
    Hudson - Yes - all 3 of them did. [referring to her 2 Bodyguards as well]. That's why I'm glowing. :)

    Seriously, nothing happened. Hudson was sleepy so they put her on her couch, and when she asked them to dance for her they did! Sean even took his shirt off.

    Does Yoga make you more bendy in bed?
    It makes you like little rabbits - let's not go there!

    ORBzine - Hudson Leick [personal interview]

    (c) Dave Sumner

    Ms Leick kindly squeezed this into her hectic schedule. She always had plenty of time for the fans (err, appreciators) and was a truly excellent Guest!

    What is the last film you saw?
    Hudson last saw The Insider with Russell Crowe. She did not see it all the way through, she fell asleep.

    This reviewer advised Hudson to see Heat - the same director, the same male lead, and the same plot (crack team of investigators battling criminals). And unlike The Insider it's not a made-for-TV script dressed as a prime cinematic thriller.

    You got the lead role in Ten Little Warlords - every actress' dream, yet you were unhappy about it.
    Hudson - You don't understand that, huh?

    Hudson found it very demanding and stressful.

    Several years ago there was an April Fools Day hoax that you would be in Season 4 of Babylon 5 , as a Psi-Cop. Is there any TV show you would really like a role in?
    Hudson does not watch TV. She has no TV ambitions - she's life-orientated as opposed to career-orientated.

    What is the last good book you read?
    Yoga Nanda's autobiography.

    [Editor - Yoga Nanda's full name appears to be Paramahansa Yogananda, although other Yoga books are available written by Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda].

    What is the last good novel you read?
    Roots by Malcom X.

    [Editor - the book is officially accredited to Alex Haley, an associate of Malcom X's]

    Who is your favourite author?
    Hudson - Rumi, a 15th century Turkish poet. I think it was the 15th century, anyway.

    [Editor - Rumi's full name is Jalal Al-din Rumi, and he was a 13th century Sufi Muslim who lived in Turkey].

    How would you feel about attending more Cons in the UK?
    Hudson has expressed to Sean Harry a willingness to return next year [2001] for Chariots of War III. She will also consider attending other Cons elsewhere in the UK.

    Hudson's favourite books are available from the ORB bookstore [www.orb-store.com] via our suppliers:
    Author/Book Supplier 1 Supplier 2 Supplier 3 Supplier 4
    Paramahansa Yogananda
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    PAL - UK


    Swami Jyotir Maya Nanda
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    Alex Haley
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    Malcolm X
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    Jalal Al-din Rumi
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