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Jennifer Blanc

[Chariots of War III]

This was Jennifer's first time at a UK Convention.

She grew up in NYC, worked in the theatre on Broadway.

She felt pretty jetlagged, and asked us to excuse her raspy voice

Jennifer did Party of Five for two years, and did movies with about the entire cast of Beverly Hills 90210.

She found it amazing to work with James Cameron , who is very creative.

Is the guy in the wheelchair as nice as he seems?

He's very funny and nice, like Woody Allen in a model's body. Jennifer Blanc

Jennifer tested for a role on Timecop . The role went to Christi Connolly It was the same people who set up the Dark Angel testings.

They cast Jessica Alba, then wrote the script around her. The entire cast of the show tested together. There was a test in front of forty Network executives. Two weeks later, she got a phone call ...

Is the portrait on the apartment wall Kendra?
Yes. They had a big colour portrait in one episode, and then used different ones. The actors worked out a backstory that her BF is an artist. They used lots of different versions, Jennifer's desperately trying to keep one but the props guys keep hold of them. When Kendra moved out, the new flatmate [a lesbian] replaced it with a Xena poster!

What was the funniest time on the set?
There's one on the blooper reel that wasn't funny at the time. Jessica and Jennifer did a scene where Jessica uses pliers on some wires, turns to talk to Jennifer - and suddenly Jessica's robe is on fire.

What was James Cameron 's input on the series?
Originally he did everything. Now he just does the final edits, final cast okays, etc.

Using lots of new technology [ask William Greg Lee] trusting other people on the job.

Is Kendra returning in Season Two?
Probably. We never know exactly what's up. There are thirty characters [regular and semi-reg]. The writers are trying to decide, is her return good or bad?

Tell us about the Dark Angel fight scenes.
Mike Mitchell [stunt co-ordinator] is incredible. Canadian crews are very hard-working.

In one scene Jessie jumps on an airplane; she half did it herself. Nothing Mike Mitchell does is dangerous for the actors. They need Jessie about, just in case.

In the TV show Providence, Jennifer entices Seth to shave a huge poodle for a commercial!

Dark Angel is set in 2018 Seattle, post-apocalypse. People live day-to-day. Jessica Alba plays Max, a genetically engineered warrior. Her and 12 others escaped aged nine [10 years ago]. Her best friend is a black lesbian [opinionated]. Max and her pals are chased by Lydecker, who created her.

Did you feel your character was under-played and left behind?
Yes! One line here and there doesn't develop a character.

Jennifer did a movie called The Expendables where she plays a kick-ass character. The film is about a bunch of women who are in jail for life, and the US Government sends them to rescue a woman from a Cuban jail. She plays a kindergarten teacher who likes to blow things up. It was shot in Mexico, and starred Robin Givens and Natascha Mclyonnes .

What's it like working with Shannen Doherty ?
Shannen has the worst reputation - Jennifer was on a radio call show once and got asked about her. In RL, Shannen is the nicest person. If you cross her, she can be difficult. The stories are probably true, but you only get half the story. Jennifer dumped her BF, and Shannen threw him off the set.

Do you have any pet projects?
Nothing set in stone. She has two movies that may start any time, a development deal, a movie called Bar Hop in Montreal, September. Jennifer is also singing, and she's doing an album right now.

Do you have a favourite show you'd like to do?

Tell us about your routine from 15th floor in NYC.
She sang the song from Nachos from the 1980s called Mucho Buncho, and forced the neighbours to watch.

What is your fondest Party of Five memory?
Susannah Grant was the main writer. She watched the actors' mannerisms, and wrote them into the characters. She spent time with the cast out-of-hours.

Dark Angel - when is Season Two filming?

Last year it was supposed to be early August, it was pushed back. Zach is supposedly back. There will be a LOT more SF stuff. In Jennifer's opinion, Max and Logan will get together. Nobody knows what will happen on a week-to-week basis.

Why be an actress?
I like the attention! I've always loved taking on different characters. I'd like to play someone different from myself. The psychos are pretty much like me. I'd like to be an autistic woman they're trying to cure with new science.

Tell us about your Music
Natalie Imbruglia type. song called Everything Changes

Two producers [Felix Argon, Dave Brynner] do some of the lyrics, Jennifer writes some herself. She adapts from other works, and does a cover version of a Stevie Nicks song.

share your Theatre experience [this was from Jennifer's mother]
She did a play called Brighton Beach Memoirs, and worked with actors like:

  • Robert Sean Leonard
  • Elizabeth Perkins
  • Nancy Travis

    Who are your favourite actors to work with?
    I should say Jessica Alba . I'm scared to say, I'm afraid what questions it will ask.

  • Shannen Doherty
  • Jason London [ Mallrats]
  • Michael Biehn [ Terminator]

    Once she was called Jessica by mistake, at a signing in the USA.

    Have you ever turned down a role that made someone else famous?
    Jennifer turned down a role in a movie that was then called Silicone Wars. The movie ended up as Breast Men, and the role went to someone more substantial. Jennifer says that she is usually an exhibitionist, but didn't feel comfortable showing her breasts because she didn't know how many stars were in the movie.

    Waiting for Guffman by Christopher Guest [married to Jamie Lee Curtis , and the brains behind Spinal Tap]. It's about a town play, and everyone's very self-richeous.

    She also wanted to do Kate Hudson 's role in Almost Famous.

    Do you have any regrets?
    Not really. working with James Cameron is very prestigious.

    Do you have a preference between TV, movies or the theatre?
    Theatre's important, but she would have to pick camera work - TV, more than movies. Perhaps because that's what she'd mostly done.

    Have you done any Musicals?
    In the Sixth Grade she played Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

    Where do you see yourself in 20 years time?
    Jennifer - Married with kids.

    Jennifer was engaged last year, but she broke it off. She's interested in getting into the film world.

    What's the most outrageous thing you've ever bought?
    Jennifer's publicist mouths Don't do it! Don't forget you mum's here!

    Jennifer - I'll say a half-way outrageous thing. It was something sexual, guys. Come on.

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