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William Gregory Lee & Jennifer Blanc

[Chariots of War III]

Greg & Jennifer Greg and Jen called out some volunteers from the audience for a crying competition. Greg mentioned a couple of tricks that actors sometimes used. One is menthol powder, as used by Ben Affleck's character in Pearl Harbour. Also, Joey in Friends had a special technique. He put his hand in his pocket and yanked his pubic hairs.

Jessica Alba was 17. She was handpicked by James Cameron for the followup to Titanic, the highest-grossing film ever. The script was written specifically for her. She had her own personal trainer in Vancouver.

SAG is the Acting Guild. 90% of members make under 5000 dollars per year. The actors are always grateful for every second they spend on the set.

Greg - Zach's very hard on Max.

He has to be intense. There's only 12 left. Everyone's a squatter, trying to survive. Max escaped Mantacorp.

Jennifer - Kendra's a party girl, and Zach's a nudist. If I was Kendra for real, I'd probably jump in him right now.

Is it too hot?

Greg - He wants you to take your top off.
Jennifer - Thanks, but no.
Greg - So do I.

They are the perfect warriors, but flawed. They were little kids when they escaped, and lived on the run ever since. Max has a personal life too. Zach has nothing and nobody except Max and the siblings.

James Cameron is an incredible SF fan. His knowledge would make the average person here look silly.

The biggest impact of Greg's life was Star Wars. All he wanted to do was be an actor. It wasn't cool or tough to talk about acting. He hung out with a tough crowd, and didn't pursue the career. A couple of his pals died young [aged 18 and 19], so he wised up. He packed his bags, went to NYC and went into the career.

Greg & Jennifer Greg, would you like to play the guy in the wheelchair?
Greg auditioned for Logan for the pilot. He didn't want to read for it - wasn't me. Michael Wetherly is a great actor, but he is a very similar person to his character. Greg auditioned for the character Sketchy because he could relate to him.

Kendra's replacement put up a Xena poster - she's a lesbian. The set team intended to use a Virgil & Xena pic, but couldn't get it in time.


What are the differences between filming in the US and NZ?
Greg - There is no Craft Service in NZ.

Jennifer was surprised at this revelation. It's like 7-11 on wheels, all the junk-food you can eat, from 6am to night.

In NZ you get tea, cookies, teatime [sandwich and tea], but not dinner. They get hungry late at night. Lucy Lawless gets $200 of pizzas for the entire crew, because she knows how the US actors can be spoilt.

Jennifer mentioned that she did a movie in the Philipines. There were no trailers! The US actors couldn't go home, so they complained. They got a bus, split into sections. Some people left, and they had to rewrite the script.

Zach and Max have chemistry. Does he fancy her?
If Zach was insecure about Logan he's just snap his neck. The writers were going to do a love triangle. The characters were not related, so it would be kinda like sleeping with your sister. The audience was happier with the Max-Logan relationship. Sometimes James Cameron isn't happy, and rewrites the script at the last minute and faxes it over. Nobody complains ...

Gabby and Virgil had chemistry. In the episode Heart of darkness TPTB wanted them to do a LOT more. Renee was petrified that the fans would be pissed off.

Fan - You'd have been a redshirt. All Gabby's boyfriends die!

Greg - Virgil was a lover and a fighter.

Greg & Jennifer

Jennifer, are you looking forward to Cult TV?
Jennifer - Court TV?

The Cult TV Con will be held in October 2001. Jennifer is very excited about Liverpool. The Con is for Unicef, and Jennifer's very into childrens' charities.

Is Michael Hurst fun to work with?
His 4-year-old son can recite the first verse of Julius Casear.

Jennifer always said she couldn't get crying on queue, prefers blowers to get her started, but when she gets going she really goes.

How will you celebrate 4th July?
Greg gets drunk on a boat. Jennifer wears a US flag sparkly miniskirt. In NZ the locals got them mini fireworks. It's an excuse to get off work and get drunk.

Why was Jess nominated for a Golden Globe but not Lucy Lawless?
Jess is more in the public eye. Also, she was handpicked by James Cameron so she had BIG publicity. She was nominated for the TV Guide Award and the Peoples' Choice Award [and won it]. Xena has 2-3 million viewers, but Dark Angel had 17 million viewers for the pilot, and 13 million now.

What is your favourite fight scene?
The first fight scene in Livia. They don't use as many rigs [wire harnesses] in NZ. Renee does it the first time. Lucy takes a couple of tries, and looks great at it. You don't worry about your face, you worry about the movements. People expect Lucy to be a big amazon woman. In person she's a classical beauty. The costume is tight, and makes her look muscular. She's extremely skinny. Renee is always reading, always has a book in her hand.

Greg and Jennifer have a Crying contest between themselves. Greg wins.

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