ORBzine James Bond 20 January 2002

James Bond 20

On the morning of 11th January 2002 it was announced that Pierce Brosnan would not be starring in the next Bond film. Within hours this statement had been modified. Brosnan has now stated that not only will he play Bond in the new film, but that he would even like to star in a fifth Bond film ... even though he is currently aged 48!

The Bond Girls will be veteran actress Halle Berry and newcomer Rosamund Pike . This is a strange mix, but can be explained when one considers the casting in previous films. Tomorrow Never Dies featured two female leads in their thirties. In contrast, The World Is Not Enough featured two female leads in their twenties, almost half the age of Brosnan himself. The two newest female leads are aged 35 and 22 - a wide contrast.

It has been stated that this will be the first Bond film to show female toplessness. Strictly speaking this is not true - Virginia Hey flashed a nipple in The Living Daylights , but who would notice a thing like that? [stupid question, really].

Halle Berry recently did her first [and probably last] topless scene in the action thriller Swordfish . However, with regards to the Bond film she has categorically stated that I will not be topless. I actually have a clause that says, "I will not be topless in this movie."

The James Bond series' producers held a press conference at Pinewood studios, in Buckinghamshire. The cast and crew of the latest film assembled at Pinewood Studios before filming starts on the 20th Bond movie on Monday 14th January 2002. The movie's introductory scene is set in Korea, and features an exciting hovercraft chase.

Lee Tamahori [responsible for the brutally violent Once Were Warriors and Mulholland Falls] is the Director. The film's Director of Photography will be David Tattersall, who joins them fresh from working on the latest Star Wars film!

The one thing the film lacks is a title, and fans are being encouraged to suggest one. What an idea - a film title with no actual relevance to the script!

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