ORBzine - Video Review January 2002

The Lost World

Not ANOTHER version of Arthur Conan Doyle 's dinosaur-infested work, I hear you cry. Yes, this Edwardian romp might seem somewhat unnecessary. Especially while the John Landis TV series is still being made (although it's only shown on the Sci-Fi Channel). However, this is quite a decent adaption of the book, thanks to the good old BBC!

The BBC financed this work, and their budget went on the famous stars. The CGI dinosaurs were perfected several years ago for a BBC documentary, which meant that instead of blowing the cash on overblown SPFX the producers could invest in some genuine acting talent!

Professor Challenger (Bob Hoskins - Who Framed Roger Rabbit? ) proposes to lead an expedition to South America to find a remote plateau where he believes that dinosaurs are living. His sceptical rival Professor Summerly (Edward Fox - Gulliver's Travels ) signs up to the expedition, as do trigger-happy Big Game hunter Lord Roxton and newspaper reporter Edward Malone, who acts as the narrator.

Once in the appropriately remote area of South America they meet a religious fanatic (Peter Falk - Princess Bride ) and his niece, the token female. These two join the expedition, and eventually they get to the plateau. However, they end up trapped there.

Part I ends with Malone and the girl attacked by a Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Part II starts with the explorers falling victim to some brutal beast-men. Later on our heroes meet up with a tribe of Portugese-speaking natives, and Roxton gets on well with the Chief's daughter.

THE LOST WORLD was broadcast in two parts over Christmas 2001. Starring Bob Hoskins and his cast of explorers, the programme combined the talents of drama and technology to bring you an incredible adventure story featuring the most amazing dinosaurs. The Lost World will be available on VHS and DVD in May 2002.