ORBzine TV Review - "Hercules in the Underworld" June 2002

The film stars with the familiar intro spiel, though slower-paced than on the weekly TV show episodes.

The first actor we see is Michael Hurst - not as Iolus, merely as a drunken shemp. As he stumbles through his village a chasm opens up in the ground ...

Hercules is happily married [with children] to Tawny Kitaen , but still cursed by his evil stepmother Hera. Zeus [Anthony Quinn - Guns of Navarone] drops by for the occasional chat.

Hercules is summoned to explore the chasm and save the village from it. The interesting aspect to the story is that it takes into account his relationship with his wife and children. His wife becomes jealous and suspicious when Hercules goes off on his quest accompanied by a nubile maiden. Later, he refuses mortal jeopardy because he does not want to risk making his wife a widow. This is a nice change from the usual crap.

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