ORBzine - 1999.09 Speculative Fiction Fanzine

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Special Thanks: Chris Hawkins

Halloween 1999

  1. The Editor's Desk
    Welcome to ORBzine

  2. Novel Ideas
    This month we look at the first 2 parts of Aaron Allston's "X-Wing" series - Wraith Squadron & Iron Fist.

  3. Now On the Big Screen
    This month we've got comments on 3 recent releases; the essential Blair Witch Project review, the wonderfully gruesome John Carpenter's Vampires and the surprisingly good Deep Blue Sea .

  4. Now On Video
    We have a nice array of films - Armageddon , Cronenberg's eXistenZ and the surprisingly good Small Soldiers.

  5. UK Television Roundup
    Check out what's been on in the UK - here is a summary of UK television for the last few weeks. The really outstanding effort is the return of Xena: Warrior Princess to Channel 5 - yes, we are actually getting Season 3!
    Also, this month's meagre crop of SF films shown on UK TV.

  6. Star Wars Reviews
    George Lucas has publicly stated he wants all copies of the Holiday Special tracked down and burned. Now you can find out why!

  7. Next edition not scheduled for 1999

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