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  • Craig Mclachlan as Ed [ 1-3 ]
  • Jaye Griffiths as Ros Henderson
  • Jesse Birdsall [ ] as Nick Beckett

    1st Series 1995

      1- 1             
     1 Apr 95
    Out of the Hive
      1- 2             
     8 Apr 95
    Assassins Inc
      1- 3             
    15 Apr 95
    All Under Control
      1- 4             
    22 Apr 95
    Down Among the Dead Men
      1- 5             
    29 Apr 95
    Shotgun Wedding
      1- 6             
     6 May 95
  • Bugs Bugs [Season 1, Episode 7] Manna From Heaven
    Shown 20 May 95
    Shown 26th July 2007 [Thursday]

    A scientist has invented a new foodstuff, Phodex. Unfortunately a greedy MegaCorp wants to put him out of business. He hires the Bugs team to save the day.

    Roz gets poisoned. Beckett [Jesse Birdsall] must find the poisoner, while Craig must break into a safe to get the antidote!

    Bugs Bugs [Season 1, Episode 8] Hot Metal
    Shown 27 May 95
    Shown 2nd August 2007 [Thursday]

    A British company has invented a metal alloy that explodes. The BUGS team are brought in to protect this discovery and prevent it falling into the wrong hands. However, senior executive Nickolas Grace [ Robin of Sherwood ] has made a secret deal with an illegal arms dealer.

      1- 9             
    3 Jun 95
    A Sporting Chance
    10 Jun 95
    Bugs Bugs [Season 2, Episode 1] What Goes Up... (1)
    Shown 6 Apr 96
    Shown 30th August 2007 [Thursday]

    The team are hired to protect a privatised UK Space Shuttle from industrial sabotage. Beckett and Roz run around defusing bombs, while Ed goes undercover as a trainee astronaut.

    This is an explosive start to the second Season. The first Season was a collection of one-offs, while this takes advantage of its popularity and actually uses hints of a plot arc!

    Bugs Bugs [Season 2, Episode 2] ... Must Go Down (2)
    Shown 13 Apr 96
    Shown 6th September 2007 [Thursday]

    Ed's trapped aboard the Space Shuttle. Roz and Beckett must defeat the saboteur on the ground.

      2- 3             
    20 Apr 96
    Bugged Wheat
    Bugs BUGS [Season 2, Episode 4] Whirling Dervish
    Shown 27 Apr 96

    Peter Woodward [ Babylon 5: Crusade ] pops up, purporting to be from an organisation set up to manage world trade. He hires the team to protect a private airline, plagued by sabotage by rivals. The owner is too stupid to hire BUGS himself, and the idea of a Government organisation subsidising him like this is quite shocking. Pity the BUGS team just want the money and don't risk offending the client with too many questions.

    This week Beckett is the one who gets trapped by a boobytrap. Ed gets to pilot a Russian Stealth Fighter, which allows the director to use some nice flight shots.

      2- 5              
    4 May 96
    Bugs BUGS [Season 2, Episode 6] Gold Rush
    Shown 11 May 96

    Some greedy types have developed a biological weapon that can destroy gold. They plan to use it to destroy the gold reserves of several East European countries, and thus destroy their currencies. Pro-active currency speculation!

    As usual, Ed gets trapped in a deathtrap. This time it's a time-locked bank vault with motion-activated

    Bugs BUGS [Season 2, Episode 7] Schrodinger's Bomb
    Shown 25 May 96

    Jean-Daniel [Gareth Marks] is on the loose again, with plans to set off a nuclear explosion.

    Bugs BUGS [Season 2, Episode 8] Newton's Run
    Shown 1 Jun 96

    Newton is a cybernetically enhanced dog stolen by the villains [Norwegian seperatists who act as eco-terrorism extortionists]. The villain is the scruffy-looking Scottish bloke who went on to play a CID officer in The Bill.

    Bugs Bugs [Season 2, Episode 9] The Bureau of Weapons (1)
    Shown 8 Jun 96
    Shown 25th October 2007 [Thursday]

    The team get a message from their Civil Servant friend, who's testing a high-tech interface. Unfortunately, Jean Daniel left a little surprise for them!

    The team must stop Jean Daniel from getting hold of a secret substance being created in a particle accellerator. The result ... a lose-lose situation,

    Bugs Bugs [Season 2, Episode 10] A Cage for Satan (2)
    Shown 15 Jun 96
    Shown 1st November 2007 [Thursday]

    Roz knows the others are keeping something from her. She tries to find the truth for herself.

    Roz goes to the newly-built Central European city of Technopolis. Unfortunately it was designed by Jean Daniel, and he has a nasty surprise in store for the Bugs team!

    Bugs Bugs [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th 2008 [Thursday]


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  • 3rd Series 1997

  • Jan Harvey as Jan [ 3-4 ]
  • Paula Hunt as Alex Jordan [ 3-4 ]
  • Michael Grandage as Channing Harding [ 3 ]
  • Bugs Bugs [Season 3, Episode 1] Blaze of Glory
    Shown 19 Jul 97

    A freelance hi-tech weapons designer, Kitty [ Leslie Ash ], is double-crossed by one of her minions. Her money is hidden in a bank account, and only the minion can access it. And the minion tells Ed the info ...

    Ed is kidnapped by Kitty, who uses every means at her disposal to break him.

    Bugs BUGS [Season 3, Episode 2] The Revenge Effect
    Shown 26 Jul 97

    The BUGS team have been recruited into a secret Government department. Their new boss is Civil Servant Jan [ Jan Harvey ], and Beckett has a talented wee blonde secretary, Alex [ Paula Hunt ].

    They are on the trail of Arms Designer Kitty McHaig [ Leslie Ash ]. Ms Ash was in the British 1980s show Cats' Eyes, a kind of Charlies' Angels rip-off. When this episode was made she was on a break from her regular role in long-running BBC sitcom, Men Behaving Badly. Her acting here owes a lot more to the latter than the former; she's very tongue-in-cheek, not that it really hurts the show.

    Bugs BUGS [Season 3, Episode 3] Price of Peace
    Shown 2 Aug 97

    Ros goes undercover.

    Bugs BUGS [Season 3, Episode 4] Hollow Man
    Shown 9 Aug 97

    The team uncover a plot to forge a new currency. The technical boffin behind the currency's security features is the man who inspired Roz into becoming a tech herself.

      3- 5             
    16 Aug 97
    Nuclear Family
      3- 6             
    23 Aug 97
      3- 7             
    30 Aug 97
    Happy Ever After?
      3- 8             
    13 Sep 97
    Buried Treasure
      3- 9             
    20 Sep 97
    Identity Crisis
    27 Sep 97

    4th Series 1998

  • Steven Houghton as Ed [ 4 ]
  •   4- 1             
    11 Jul 98
    Absent Friends
      4- 2             
    18 Jul 98
    Sacrifice to Science
      4- 3             
    25 Jul 98
    Girl Power
      4- 4             
     1 Aug 98
    The Two Becketts
      4- 5             
     8 Aug 98
    Hell and High Water
      4- 6             
    22 Aug 98
    Pandora's Box
      4- 7             
    29 Aug 98
    Jewel Control
    Bugs Bugs [Season 4, Episode 8] Twin Geeks
    Shown 14 Aug 99 [Saturday]

    This show returns to our screens today - this must be about season 5 by now, but this is to be the last 3 episodes. A true shame - this is the best thing the BBC have produced in 10 years, ever since they killed Dr Who .

    This week the team has twin problems - 2 identical brothers [deranged scientists] are out to get payback from the company that ripped off their designs. To mirror this, Ros tries to buy her own designs back from a Nippon company that has now bought them.

    The Blonde babe they added in Season 3 is engaged to marry a Hive guy named Adam, but Ed [the guy who replaced Craig M in Season 4] is jealous and has a bad feeling about it ...

    Bugs Bugs [Season 4, Episode 9] Money Spiders
    Shown 21 Aug 99 [Saturday]

    This sees a Bank official blackmailed by persons unknown. The villains keep the upper hand this time; they kill the Banker [which sends Boss-woman Jan into a bottomless pit of despair and self-pity], and blackmail Hive-man Adam into doing their bidding.

    The strange thing about the programme is the fact it takes place in a world with no people, just deserted Industrial estates. Hey, they may not be able to get extras but at least they are not filming in a quarry!

    Bugs Bugs [Season 4, Episode 10] The Enemy Within
    Shown 28 Aug 99 [Saturday]

    This is purported to be the last episode ever. The bad guys from last week are out-smarted and out-fought, and as ever the good guys win the day. But the show ends with a cliffhanger ...