ORBzine - Dinotopia TV Review

  • Erik von Detten as Karl Scott
  • Shiloh Strong as David Scott
  • Michael Brandon [Dempsey and Makepeace] as Frank Scott
  • Georgina Rylance as Marion Waldo
  • Jonathan Hyde ( ) as Mayor Waldo
  • Sophie Ward as Rosemary
  • Lisa Zane as Le Sage


  • Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 0, Episode 1] Dinotopia Mini-Series (1)
    Shown 12 May 02

    A man and his two tweenager sons (including Wentworth Miller - Prison Break) crash-land their single-engine plane. They discover they are on a magical island, where dinosaurs survived and evolved the power of speech.

    This was produced by Aussie Sci-Fi supremos Halmi Snr and Jnr. It is based on a series of books by Jim Gurney .

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 0, Episode 2] Dinotopia Mini-Series (2)
    Shown 13 May 02

    The boys finally meet Alice Krige , who is the matriarch of the human city.

    As newbies, the boys get Citizenship lessons. Bohemian rhapsody is quoted.

    The brothers have conflicting aims. One tries to escape, the other wants to become a flyer ...

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 0, Episode 3] Dinotopia Mini-Series (3)
    Shown 14 May 02

    The 2 brothers and the babe try to find the wild beneath and get sun-stones. There is a way home - a secret mini-sub.

    Season 1

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 1] Marooned
    Shown 28 Nov 02

    The show is continued, but with what seems to be an entirely new cast. Michael Brandon (Dempsey and Makepeace) is the dad.

    The sunstones are failing. There are bandits in the forest, and the city is threatened by predators.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 2] Making Good
    Shown 28 Nov 02

    The dark-haired brother is a flight instructor. A babe cheats on her eye exam, and frames him.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 3] Handful of Dust
    Shown 5 Dec 02

    Carlos kills a stegosaurus to make an Eternal life potion. Marian and the blonde brother follow him to the castle of the Outsiders, and meet LeSage ( Lisa Zane ). She gets reduced to 18 years old. The ending is predictable.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 4] Contact
    Shown 12 Dec 02

    The boys use a radio to contact a ship outside the island's zone. It's the USS Pendleton, although the crew have a strangely Australian accent.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 5] The Matriarch
    Shown 19 Dec 02

    Dinosaur eggs have been stolen from the hatchery. Is LeSage ( Lisa Zane ) responsible?

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 6] Big Fight
    Shown 26 Dec 02

    Papa Scott (Michael Brandon - Dempsey and Makepeace) starts gambling with LeSage ( Lisa Zane ). They decide to hold a boxing match.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 7] Night of the Wartosa
    Shown 06/Jul/03

    Karl dates Marion the mini-Matriarch ( Georgina Rylance ), but it does not go well. Then he kisses a magic frog called the Wartosa and gets stuck in a Groundhog Day time loop.

    As stressful as time loops are, at least Karl gets more than one chance to seduce Marion. Lucy Punch pops up to provide him with an alternative love interest.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 8] LeSage
    Shown 13/Jul/03

    All the scalies (sentient saurons) in the city fall ill from a mysterious virus. The only cure is the Ginka leaf. Unfortunately, the Outsiders ambushed the convoy and stole the entire supply!

    Karl and Marion the mini-Matriarch ( Georgina Rylance ) go to negotiate with LeSage ( Lisa Zane ). Of course, she refuses ... but she allows them to stay in the castle as guests.

    Karl gets on quite well with the outsiders way of life. Will he choose LeSage over Marion?

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 9] Car Wars
    Shown 20/Jul/03

    Papa Scott (Michael Brandon - Dempsey and Makepeace) invents an ethanol engine, and makes a horseless (okay, dino-less) carriage. This is illegal - yes, there are laws against techmnological progress. He decides to change the law, so campaigns to become Mayor. His slogan is, of course, Where's Waldo?

    The others decide to perform a Mission: Impossible con-trick on him. They enact the Ghost of Xmas to Come scene from A Christmas Carol .

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 10] Lost and Found
    Shown 27/Jul/03

    The Son is lost - MIA. Papa Scott (Michael Brandon - Dempsey and Makepeace) and LeSage ( Lisa Zane ) go searching for him. Michael Byrne ( Return of the Jedi ) guest-stars.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 11] The Cure (1)
    Shown 03/Aug/03

    Karl gets stung, and is dying. LeSage ( Lisa Zane ) helps get the cure.

    They use magic to teleport them ... to Budapest! This is part one, to be continued.

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 12] The Cure (2)
    Shown 10/Aug/03

    Dinotopia Dinotopia [Season 1, Episode 13] Crossroads
    Shown 17/Aug/03

    This is the finale. LeSage ( Lisa Zane ) starts up a conflict.