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Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
Shown 23/Sep/09

Veronica Cartwright delivers a sickly-sweet voice-over to introduce the concept, so this is reminiscent from the start of mainstream fare like Desperate Housewives. This is a rehash of the 1980s horror-comedy Witches of Eastwick ... or a sequel, as Cartwright seems to play her original character!

The sleepy town of Eastwick has three lonely women - a widow ( Rebecca Romjin ), a spinster and a mother-of-five. The baby-momma has a layabout husband, and she complains that he doesn't bring home the bacon. Of course, she doesn't realise that SHE is the breadwinner and HE is the home-body, but since this is aimed at a female audience the Feminist double standard is ignored.

A tall (?) dark handsome stranger (Paul Gross - Due South) comes to town. He awakens the womens' magic - or did it summon him? And just how eeevil is he?

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 2] Reaping and Sewing
Shown 30/Sep/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 3] Madams and Madames
Shown 07/Oct/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 4] Fleas and Casserole
Shown 14/Oct/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 5] Mooning and Crooning
Shown 21/Oct/09

Itís the full moon - and itís as big as a DW Griffiths Moon! Everyone starts acting immature, like in the Band Candy ep of Buffy: Season 3 .

The Journalist tries to expose the man who employs her boss. Not like that can backfire on her ...

Rebecca Romjin And her daughter turn out to be dating a pair of guys who are related to each other -

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 6] Bonfire and Betrayal
Shown 28/Oct/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 7] Red Ants and Black Widows
Shown 04/Nov/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 8] Paint and Pleasure
Shown 25/Nov/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 9] Tasers and Mind Erasers
Shown 02/Dec/09

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 10] Tea and Psychopathy
Shown 16/Dec/09

A baby-faced chap with a British Isles accent has inveigled his way into Roxieís life. He gets her to arrange an introduction to Daryl Van Horn (Paul Gross - Due South ). But he has a secret agenda.

The reporter and her love interest (the token African-American) investigate a murder from the 1980s. The witness they question ( Cybill Shepherd ) has a secret agenda of her own.

The lady doctor uses her power to cure people. But the power comes at a cost, draining her of her own life force. The more she drains herself, the more addicted she becomes. She then uses her telekinesis to commit domestic violence against her ex-husband.

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 11] Magic Snow and Creepy Gene
Shown 30/Dec/09

This show has already deteriorated into a grown-up version of Charmed . As in, it is aimed at tweenagers instead of twelve-year-olds.

Satan (Paul Gross) is back in town. But this time he is a tame little puppy, willing to be the widow's monogamous BF.

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 12] Red Bath and Beyond

Last ep gave the girls a cliff-hanger ending. The trio are under attack, so their subconsciousnesses all meet up in a dream.

The reporter, who is now a self-employed blogger, is trapped by Cybil Shepherd (the creepy matriarch type, like her role in The L Word). Luckily she is trapped with her potential love interest.

The divorcee is underwater, like the alien replacements in The Invasion . Luckily she still has an ex-husband who cares.

Rebecca Romjin Was left for dead by the pretty-boy leprechaun. Unfortunately he needs her to kill Satan (Paul Gross) for him.

Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 13] Pampered and Tampered






Eastwick Eastwick [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2010 [Wednesday]


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