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The Event
The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 1] I Haven't Told You Everything
Shown 20/Sep/10

The President offers Amnesty to non-human detainees held in Alaska's version of Camp X-Ray. The detainees are genetically 97% human (like in Prey ) so like generic alien invaders in TV shows they can pass for being human. Their spokesperson is Sophia (a lady doctor from E.R.). Some MIBS (led by DB Sweeney - Strange Luck ) want to prevent this. They force a jet pilot to crash his passenger plane into the Presidential villa.

The National Security Advisor is played by rent-a-villain Zeljko Ivanek. Naturally this makes the show reminiscent of 24: Season 1 where he was a manipulative character operating from behind the scenes. He's obviously a red herring ... perhaps too obvious?

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 2] To Keep Us Safe
Shown 27/Sep/10

There's nothing like a plane crash to kick off a show, as we learned in Lost . Not only do Sophia's people have a helper aboard, but they can also transport the jet through time and/or space. Not only is this reminiscent of Flash Forward , but it unnerves the President to the point where he calls off the Amnesty deal! The Hacker goes on the run. However, the Feds are after him on suspicion of murder.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 3] Protect Them from the Truth
Shown 04/Oct/10

The President offers Amnesty to any detainee who tells everything. One decides to take him up on it, on condition his GF ( Clea Duvall ) is given Amnesty too.

The Feds have the Hacker in custody. But the villains are after him. And he has plans of tracking them down and saving his GF.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 4] A Matter of Life and Death
Shown 11/Oct/10

The Hacker and the Lady Fed are on the run. They decide to hunt the hunters, and track down Vicki's paper-trail using the Internet.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 5] Casualties of War
Shown 18/Oct/10

Thomas, a renegade Visitor, gives El Presidente an ultimatum. Free all detainees ... or the plane crash survivors will die! It turns out that Thomas helped the US military-Industrial complex perfect the first nuclear weapons. If he is capable of that, he's capable of anything.

The hacker and the Fed are heading into the trap. But the hacker has the hit-babe's cell number and a photo of her son ...

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 6] Loyalty
Shown 25/Oct/10

Sophia makes her way through New York City to meet Thomas. The FBI are trying to track her, but the mole is running interference. He has some flashbacks to his own life, illustrating how difficult it is to have a relationship with people whose life span is so much shorter than your own.

The hacker and his GF have no luck interrogating DB Sweeney. But then they meet Paula Malcolmson , a journalist who claims to know about the evil conspiracy.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 7] I Know Who You Are
Shown 08/Nov/10

Trixie ( Paula Malcolmson ) takes the hacker and his GF ( Sarah Roemer ) to meet a Conspiracy theorist. But the goon squad are closing in on them.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 8] For the Good of Our Country
Shown 15/Nov/10

The hacker is wounded, so his GF ( Sarah Roemer ) abducts a doctor for him!

The Prez closes in on the Mole.

Hal Holbrook (Magnum Force) sends the assassin babe to tie up some loose ends.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 9] Your World to Take
Shown 22/Nov/10

The Sleepers meet with their boss. But she has to deal with plotters amongst them. Many want to stay in the USA, and some even wish to conquer the world!

The Prez tries to discover who was manipulating the Mole.

The hacker and his GF ( Sarah Roemer ) follow a clue to locating her sister. But the villains have sent a hit-man to clean things up.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 10] Everything Will Change
Shown 29/Nov/10

Sophia has her merry band together, plotting their next move. But she knows that Thomas has a secret plan of his own. It has something to do with an ICBM-sized rocket that the USA has just discovered, and will launch very soon.

The hacker and his GF find the hospital, and try to infiltrate it. They discover what links the pilot to the fathers of the other little girls ...

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 11] And Then There Were More (1)
Shown 07/Mar/11

The hacker and his GF tie up their subplot.

Virginia Madsen , new Senator for Alaska (not a Sarah Palin reference!), wants to know what is going on at Inostranka.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 12] Inostranka (2)
Shown 07/Mar/11

Zeljko visits Inostranka prison to interrogate Clea Duvall . But Thomas has a cunning plan. He is a lot more ruthless than previously shown.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 13] Turnabout
Shown 14/Mar/11

Sophia gets wind of Thomas' new plan. He's going to steal Uranium from a power plant in Califiornia. Can she get the US President to believe her? Is Thomas really so predictable?

The hit-babe is still alive, but she's not doing a very good job of hiding.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 14] A Message Back
Shown 21/Mar/11

Thomas gets a message back from the homeworld. The answer he gets is so shocking that he calls another conference. He thinks he can even persuade Sophia.

The nerd and the Femme Fatale go after the one person they know has access to their enemy. They must kidnap ... the Vice President of the USA!

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 15] Face Off
Shown 28/Mar/11

Sophia and Thomas must work together to survive the Prez. But that means Sophia must descend to Thomas' level. The Prez is willing to resort to genocide.

The nerd and the femme fatale go to France. Their enemy, the reclusive billionaire, is funding a mysterious archaeological dig there.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 16] You Bury Other Things Too
Shown 04/Apr/11

The Prez decides to do some housecleaning. He brings in Senator Virginia Madsen to help arrange secret national DNA tests.

Sophia, in the face of the Prez's actions, decides to follow Thomas' plan. Simon isn't happy about being caught between two genocidal idiots.

The nerd and the femme fatale try to get to the billionaire. We discover more about his motivations.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 17] Cut Off The Head
Shown 18th April 2011

Sophia has plans to unleash a superweapon. But Sarah Roemer doesn't want the human race to be destroyed.

Sophia also plans to assassinate the Prez. She selects the VP as her go-to guy. He was easily influenced by the corrupt Billionaire, so he's the obvious sucker. But he's made so many enemies (he DID try to assassinate the entire Cabinet just to kill Sophia, after all) ...

Virginia Madsen still wants to persuade the Prez that his wife is up to no good. Her background checks pull up contradictions.

The nerd and the hit-babe finally confront the supervillain, Hal Holbrook. But in a story where we have had multiple reversals and twists, is anything truly what it appears to be?

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 18] Strain
Shown 25th April 2011

Sophia has recovered her mysterious superweapon. But weaponising it is fraught with the usual complications.

The Veep takes the next step in his plot against the Prez. But the 24 veterans are constantly suspicious.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 19] Us Or Them
Shown 2nd May 2011

The Veep takes over from the Prez. Can the CIA Boss outsmart him?

The nerd and the hit-babe try to intercept the super-weapon while on a plane back to the USA.

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 20] One Will live, One Will Die
Shown 9th May 2011

The Sleepers have to test the super-weapon, so they try pumping it into the air-conditioning unit of a shopping mall. The nerd and the hit-babe try to stop them. Wasn't this the plot of an episode of 24?

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 21] The Beginning of the End
Shown 16th May 2011

The nerd and the hit-babe team up with Simon and the CIA boss. Can they take on Sophia's group?

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 22] Arrival
Shown 23rd May 2011

Our heroes try to stop Sophia from releasing the weapon in the airport.

The Prez challenges the Veep for the support of the Cabinet.





The Event

The Event The Event [Season 1, Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2011 [Wednesday]

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