ORBzine - Futurama TV Review June 2005

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Season 1

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 1] Space Pilot 3000
Shown 28 Mar 99

Pizza delivery-boy Philip Fry gets cryogenically frozen, and wakes up in the year 3000.

Fry is meant to get a career-chip, to tell him what job he should do. But he wants free will, so he runs away. Leela, the purple-haired one-eyed career counsellor gives chase.

Fry befriends a robot, Bender. Together they try to find Fry's only surviving relative, The Professor. He runs an interstellar delivery firm, and offers them jobs ...

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 2] The Series Has Landed
Shown 7th January 2006 [Saturday]

Fry meets the rest of the company - Hermes the rasta accountant, Amy the intern, and Zoidberg the doctor lobster. Then the team go for their first delivery mission. Their destination? The Moon!

Fry is unhappy with the was the Moon has been turned into a theme park, so he takes Leela on a joyride to see the real moon. As a result they end up on a redneck's farm.

Bender gets thrown out of the theme park for being a thieving bastard. Can Amy save the day?

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 3] I, Roommate
Shown 6 Apr 99

Fry has been sleeping at the Planet Express office. The others kick him out, so he crashes with Bender.

Bender and Fry both love the robo-soap opera, All My Circuits. But their co-tenancy has problems, so Fry has to hunt for a new place.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 4] Love's Labors Lost In Space
Shown 13 Apr 99

Leela cannot find herself a boyfriend.

The crew are sent to rescue animals from a planet that is about to implode. En route they are stopped by the space patrol, led by Zap Brannigan.

Leela gets herself some action. And a pet, Nibbler.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 5] Fear Of A Bot Planet
Shown 9th January 2006 [Monday]

In y3k, baseball has been replaced with Blurnsball. Played in Madison Cube gardens. But at least hot-dogs are the same.

The team take a package to a planet of human-hating robots. Fry and Leela are hunted down, but Bender fits right in.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 6] A Fishful of Dollars
Shown 27 Apr 99

Fry has a thousand years of interest in his bank account. This means he is a billionaire. He tries to live the Y2k lifestyle again.

Fry buys the only anchovies in existence. Mom, villainous owner of Mom's friendly Robot Company, wants Fry's anchovies. They will break her monopoly on robot oil, and she will do anything to get them. She gets guest-star Pam Anderson , now an oscar-winning head in a jar, to convince Fry that he is still living in Y2K.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 7] My Three Suns
Shown 4 May 99

Bender learns the art of cooking. Well, everyone needs a hobby. Unlike Reese in Malcolm in the Middle, he does not have any natural talent at it!

Fry becomes Emperor of the liquid people.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 8] A Big Piece Of Garbage
Shown 11 May 99

The Prof's smell-o-scope detects an asteroid about to crash into New New York.

It is made of 20th century garbage, including Bart Simpson dolls! Fry, Leela and Bender are sent to blow it up.

futurama Futurama [Season 1, Episode 9] Hell Is Other Robots
Shown 18 May 99

Bender gets addicted to electricity.

To become reformed, be becomes uber-religious.

The religious Bender is worse than the evil one! The others try to corrupt him, making him vulnerable to the Robot Devil!

This is the first appearance of the Robot Devil, who becomes a central character in the final ep.






futurama Futurama [Season 11 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th July 2023


Season 2

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 1] A Flight To Remember
Shown 23rd July 2005 - Saturday

The team get a trip on the Starship Titanic, captained by Zap Brannigan. In the inevitable parody of Titanic, Bender has a fling with an aristocratic lady-bot.

Fry has to pretend to be boyfriend to both Amy and Leela. This foreshadows future events ...

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 2] Mars University
Shown 3 Oct 99

Fry wants to update his education as a college drop-out, so he enrolls at Mars Uni. His room-mate is a monkey with a special hat that makes him super-intelligent. Naturally, the two of them fight.

Bender visits his old robot frat, and discovers it is full of robo-nerds. He makes it his mission to get them to par-tay!

Amy is still at Uni, too. Since her parents financed most of the facility, it is hardly a surprise.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 3] When Aliens Attack
Shown 28th August 2001 - Tuesday

It is a holiday, so the gang all go to the beach.

The Earth is attacked by Alien couch-potatoes who want to watch a show called Single Female Lawyer (a nice parody of Ally McBeal).

It is Fry's fault. And he is the only one alive who watched the show. So he has to organise the gang into re-enacting the show!

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 4] Fry & The Slurm Factory
Shown 14 Nov 99

Fry is addicted to Slurm, the ultimate Y3k soft drink. He manages to win a competition, and the team get a tour of the Slurm factory.

This is the Futurama take on Willie Wonka , naturally. With giant green slugs instead of people.

The team discover the disgusting secret of how Slurm is made. Not so surprising, really. Problem is, it is highly addictive ...

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 5] I Second That Emotion
Shown 21 Nov 99
Shown 4th January 2002 - Friday

Bender is jealous of all the attention everyone gives to Leela's pet, Nibbler. He flushes the damn thing, so the others fit him with an empathy chip that makes him share whatever emotion Leela is feeling.

Bender goes down the sewers to find Nibbler, so Leela and Fry go to look for Bender.

Watch out for Calculon the acting robot.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 6] Brannigan Begin Again
Shown 28 Nov 99

Zap is court martialled, so he joins Planet Express.

Leela finds Zap's machismo annoying. But Kif's ass-kissing is even funnier!

Zap leads the crew in a mutiny. His plan - to carry on his vendetta against the Neutral people.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 7] A Head In The Polls
Shown 12 Dec 99

When titanium prices go up in value, Bender hocks his body.

Nixon buys Bender's body, and enters himself into the Presidential elections. The body guarantees him the Robot vote, and since the two other candidates are clones with identical policies, he looks like a shoo-in.

This is a great satire on US politics. A bit heavy-handed, perhaps, but this show is not renowned for subtlety.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 8] Xmas Story
Shown 19 Dec 99

It is Xmas time. Fry tries to cheer Leela up by getting her a present. Either one 500-dollar parrot, or 500 one-dollar stink-lizards.

Santa Claus (John Goodman) is coming to town. Only he is an indestructable killer robot on a rampage.

Zoidberg gets a surprising mention. Interesting foreshadowing of his part in the final ep.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 9] Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love
Shown 7th August 2001 - Tuesday

In a parody of Spock's Ponn Farr in Star Trek: TOS ep Amok Time, the crew take Doctor Zoidberg to his homeworld so he can fulfil his role in the breeding cycle.

Unfortunately for Zoidberg, he is the lobster equivalent of Fry. However, since Fry is along for the ride they can have a Cyrano De Bergerac storyline.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 10] Put Your Head On My Shoulder
Shown 7th August 2001 - Tuesday

Valentine Day again, and Fry still has not got a girlfriend. He and the Chinese girl find they have a lot in common, but he soon realises that hanging out and doing stuff is too close too commitment!

Then they're in a crash, and end up with their heads on the same body.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 11] The Lesser Of Two Evils
Shown 14th August 2001 - Tuesday

The crew visit a 20th Century theme park and meet Bender's twin, Flexo. The twin has a goatee beard, TV shorthand for eeeevil ...

They are tasked with taking a valuable atom to the Miss Universe Beauty pageant, where a wide selection of alien species compete against each other. Including the Crushinator and an Amazon Woman!

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 12] Raging Bender
Shown 25th January 2002 - Friday

Bender accidentally KOs a robo-wrestler, and becomes an Ultimate Robot Fighter.

Then he has to throw a fight ...

Leela is a kick-ass babe because she learned Arcturan Kung-Fu as a kid. Her teacher was a sexist asshole, and she bears a grudge against him. Now she gets a chance to even the score!

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 13] A Bicyclops Built For Two
Shown 21st August 2001 - Tuesday

Leela meets another Cyclops. He is an alien, and tells her that she is the last female of their species. She plans to marry him ...

The alien’s name is Alcazar, but he orders Leela to call him Al. He treats her like a household skivvy, while she totters about in high heels. Yes, this is a parody on the role that Katy Sagal played for nine years in Married With Children. It is funny, and clever too, but it also makes the 1980s sitcom seem incredibly dated.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 14] How Hermes Requisitioned His Groove Back
Shown 21st August 2001 - Tuesday

The company gets audited by a female bureaucrat.

Hermes loses his job. But Fry, being a total slob, arouses the female bureaucrat's fetish ...

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 15] A Clone of My Own
Shown 28th August 2001 - Tuesday

Fry's nephew, the Professor, turns 160 and is shipped off to the Near-Death Star.

The replacement is Cubert, a clone of the old man Hubert. He is an annoying wee git who points out all the illogical and unscientific things about Futurama. Apparently he was originally meant to be a full-time crew member, but all he does is state obvious facts that SciFi fans would already know.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 16] The Deep South
Shown 16 Apr 00

The guys go on a fishing vacation. Fry thinks he sees a mermaid ( Parker Posy ).

The crew discover the lost city of Atlanta. The exposition video, narrated by Beck, is a dead-on parody.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 17] Bender Gets Made (a.k.a. Bendfellas)
Shown 4th September 2001 - Tuesday

The guys have dinner at Elzar's.

Bender joins the Robot Mafia, where he really belongs. He is sent on a big mission, space piracy - but their target is Fry and Leela's ship!

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 18] The Problem With Popplers (a.k.a. My Problems With Popplers)
Shown 1st February 2002 - Friday

Leela discovers a new species that turns out to be very tasty. But after the fast-food corporations move in and mass-market the new species, she discovers that the creatures are actually sentient.

Leela conscripts Fry and Bender into helping her. But things go from bad to worse. Luckily, help is on hand.

Zapp Brannigan, of all people, is the only one who can save her! His plan is incredibly stupid (what do you expect?), but it is the only one available. Poor old Zapp never gets the appreciation he deserves.

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 19] Mother's Day
Shown 14 May 00

futurama Futurama [Season 2, Episode 20] Anthology of Interest: 1
Shown 5th January 2002 - Saturday

The old scientist dude develops a finger-extender, and uses it to activate his what-if-atron. The team use it to see what would have been if:

  • Bender were giant
  • Leela were more impulsive
  • Fry had never come to the future.
  • This allows cameos by Al Gore, Stephen Hawking, Gary Gyrax and Nichelle Nichols.

    Season 3

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 1] The Honking
    Shown 3rd November 2001 - Saturday

    Bender gets knocked over by a were-car, so every night at midnight he turns into a were-car himself and seeks out unwary victims.

    This episode gives a great parody of the film The Car , and also has humorous references to David Duchovny and Knight Rider

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 2] War is the H-Word
    Shown 6th December 2001 - Thursday

    Fry and Bender join the military in order to get 5% discount on all their purchases. However, war is declared and they are sent off to invade a remote and worthless planet. Odd how a parody of Starship Troopers can mirror current events so well.

    Leela is not allowed to join, because the army no longer accepts female recruits. However, the crew are joined by a blue-haired fellow with sunglasses that conceal his eye(s).

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 3] The Cryonic Woman
    Shown 24th December 2001 - Monday - Xmas Eve

    Fry and Bender manage to get fired from their jobs. They wind up getting Leela's old job, as a cryogenics counsellor. Pauly Shore ( Biodome ) gets a cameo as himself.

    Fry defrosts his old girlfriend, and she cannot adapt to the year 3000. Instead they step into a cryogenics pod and set the timer for Y3K!

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 4] Parasites Lost
    Shown 15th November 2001 - Thursday

    Fry eats a dodgy sandwich and becomes infested with parasitic worms. The guys create miniature robot duplicates of themselves, then send the robots on an Incredible Journey through Fry's body.

    However, these worms are super-intelligent. Also, when Leela distracts Fry by taking him on a Date she learns that the new Fry is her perfect man.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 5] Amazon Women In The Mood
    Shown 29th December 2005 - Thursday

    Kif and Zap double-date Amy and Leela. Thanks to Zap's spoken-word filksong of Lola they crash-land on a planet. Fry and Bender come to rescue them. Everyone knews where to go, without any specific destination being mentioned.

    They are captured by Amazonian women ruled by fem-puter (Bea Arthur - Star Wars Holiday Special ). The men are sentanced to death by snoo-snoo! Can Bender save the day?

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 6] Bendless Love
    Shown 11 Feb 01

    Bender has bending urges, and starts sleep-bending. To calm them he applies to work in a bending factory. It is subject to a stike run by the robot Mafia, so scab labour is earning ten times normal pay!

    Other scabs working at the factory include Flexo (who is no longer in prison for Bender's crimes) and a fembot named Angleena, who Bender falls in love with.

    Bender's relationship with Angeleena gets complicated, and the Robot Mafia hatch an evil plot.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 7] The Day The Earth Stood Stupid
    Shown 18 Feb 01

    Earth is invaded by giant floating brains. They make everyone stupid, so they can absorb all Earth's knowledge.

    Leela discovers the truth about Nibbler.

    Only Fry can save the world! Yes, he seems so stupid the brains cannot affect him.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 8] That's Lobstertainment!
    Shown 25 Feb 01

    Zoidberg wants to get into showbusiness. Since he lacks talent, he heads to Hollywood. His Uncle, former movie star Harold Zoid, has an opportunity for them ...

    Bender cons Calculon into helping them. As ever, the deal goes bad on them.

    Fry and Leela sit most of this ep out. After watching Zoidberg's stand-up comedy, they get stuck in the La Brea tar pit and miss the Academy Awards ceremony!

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 9] The Bird-Bot of Ice-Catraz
    Shown 20th December 2001 - Thursday

    The team are hired to tow a supertanker of starship fuel (dark matter ore - AKA Nibbler's poop!) past a penguin colony on Pluto. Leela resigns in protest and joins the environmentalists, so Bender is made Captain in her place.

    Bender ends up in the penguin colony, thinking he is a penguin.

    The spill causes the penguins to over-multiply. The hippies must go on a killing spree to prevent overpopulation.

    Meanwhile, Fry and Zoidberg are left to do all the work on the delivery ship.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 10] Luck of the Fryrish
    Shown 10th December 2005 - Saturday

    Fry has terrible luck. Cue flashbacks to his childhood, when he found a 7-leaf clover that brought him luck. And introduce Fry's jealous elder brother, Yancy.

    This is one of the most touching eps of the show.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 11] The Cyber House Rules
    Shown 1 Apr 01

    Leela meets a surgeon who gives her a second eye, and decides to settle down with him. Fry tries to make her see that she has made the wrong decision.

    Bender adopts a bunch of brats from Leela's Orphanarium.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 12] Insane In The Mainframe
    Shown 8 Apr 01

    Fry and Bender are wrongly arrested for bank robbery. They plead insanity, and get sent to a home for insane robots.

    Fry is cured - he is released as a perfectly sane ... robot!

    futurama Futurama [Season 4 Episode 13] Bending in the Wind
    Shown 22nd November 2001 - Thursday

    Bender gets crippled in an accident, and decides to follow his lifelong dream of being a musician. He organises a concert to raise funds for Broken Robots.

    Guest starring Beck.

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 14] Time Keeps On Slippin'
    Shown 29th November 2001 - Thursday

    The old scientist guy creates a time-warp to gather mutant basket-ball players for a match against the Harlem Globetrotters. However, this causes a rip in the space-time continuum.

    Fry manages to get Leela to fall in love with him. But due to the time-slips he does not know how, and when he finds out it is too late to do it again!

    futurama Futurama [Season 3, Episode 15] I Dated A Robot
    Shown 29th December 2001 - Saturday

    Fry decides to do all the things he wanted to do. He visits the edge of the universe, and rides a pet T-Rex. He cannot get a real celebrity girlfriend, so he buys an illegal copy of Lucy Liu from Nappster.

    Season 4

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 1] Roswell That Ends Well
    Shown 24th March 2002 - Sunday

    The crew manage to crash-land at Roswell in 1947. Bender's limbs get scattered around the crash site and recovered by the US military. Zoidberg gets captured ...

    Fry meets his own grandfather. Things take a turn for the worse, and Fry turns out to be more in-bred than we suspected.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 2] A Tale Of Two Santas
    Shown 23 Dec 01

    The crew make a delivery to Santa's lair. One thing leads to another, and Bender replaces Santa.

    However, since Santa is wanted for murderous crimes, Bender gets punished instead.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 3] Anthology of Interest 2
    Shown 7th April 2002 - Sunday

    The Professor uses his What-if machine againm and we get another trilogy of what-if stories.

  • I, Meatbag - What if Bender became human?
  • What if Earth was invaded by aliens from video games, and only Fry can save the world?
  • Wizzin' - What if Leela found her homeworld? Unfortunately she gets concussed, and hallucinates a Wizard of Oz parody instead.
  • futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 4] Love And Rocket
    Shown 10 Feb 02

    Valentine's day, and Bender (last seen dating Lucy Liu ) has an affair with the ship's AI ( Sigourney Weaver ). Of course, he is a cheating git and she is a bunny-boiler ...

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 5] Leela's Homeworld
    Shown 14th April 2002 - Sunday

    Bender sets himself up as a toxic waste disposal engineer. He flushes it all down the sewers, which enrages the Sewer Mutants.

    Meanwhile, Leela tries to discover who her parents are.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 6] Where the Buggalo Roam
    Shown 21st April 2002 - Sunday

    Amy the Chinese girl takes the team to meet her parents. The parents own half of Mars, but the buggalo on their ranch get rustled. Amy's BF Kiff must save the day.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 7] A Pharaoh To Remember
    Shown 10 Mar 02
    Shown 7th May 2006 [Sunday]

    Bender is unhappy because he wants to be remembered after his death. But all his attempts to grab peoples' attention are ignored.

    The team deliver a sandstone block to planet Osiris IV, where they are enslaved and forced to build monuments to the pharoh.

    Naturally, Bender ends up pharoh. He has the slaves build him a mile-high statue in his likeness. But it is intended as his tomb!

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 8] Godfellas
    Shown 17 Mar 02
    Shown th May 2006 [Wednesday]

    The ship is attacked by space pirates. Unfortunately, Bender is taking a nap in the torpedo tube. He gets fired, and ends up in the middle of nowhere.

    Bender-world has a liliputian society evolve on him. He is their God, and issues the One Commandment ... God Needs Booze!

    Fry is lonely without Bender. Unfortunately, the smell-o-scope cannot detect him. Only some Monks have a telescope powerful enough.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 9] Futurestock
    Shown 31 Mar 02

    Fry gets bored at the Planet Express shareholders AGM, so he wanders into a Cryogenics Support Group (with a free buffet). He meets a fellow survivor from the 20th Century - a business executive from the 1980s. One thing leads to another: the 80s guy becomes CEO of Planet Express!

    The first order of business is to take on their direct competitor - Mom's Friendly Package Delivery Company! However, Ayn Rand fans will be shocked to learn that big business has nothing to do with delivering the best quality at the best price. No, it is about shady back-room deals to create Oligopolies so that middle-men can shaft both the suppliers and the customers.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 10] A Leela Of Her Own
    Shown on 19th May 2002 - Sunday

    Fry teaches aliens how to make good pizzas, and Leela becomes a famous player of futuristic baseball.

    Leela struggles to become NOT the worst player ever!

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 11] 30% Iron Chef
    Shown 14 Apr 02

    Bender has continued his hobby of cooking. When celebrity chef Elzar turns him down as an apprentice, Bender teams up with an old hobo who used to be Elzar's mentor.

    Bender and Elzar face off on a TV cookery show - the Iron Chef contest aluded to in the episode title.

    futurama Futurama [Season 4, Episode 12] Where No Fan Has Gone Before
    Shown 23rd June 2002 - Sunday

    Fry and the crew end up on a bleak planet ruled by an energy cloud named Melllvar. The energy cloud is an uber-Trekkie, and has captured the cast of Star Trek: The Original Series . Yes, they are voiced by the real actors!

    This must be the ultimate episode of the show, parodying not only TOS itself but also the actors and the fans. Melllvar holds Trek Con 3002, which has some marvelous events - Shatner performs a spoken-word version of Slim Shady, and Fry competes with Melllvar in a quiz to find out which one is the Ultimate Trekkie!

    Finally, there is the final battle ...

    Season 5

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 1] Crimes Of The Hot
    Shown 13th February 2006 [Monday]

    Earth is suffering from extreme Global Warming. Prez Nixon holds a scientific conference in Kyoto.

    The Prof confesses that he designed robots to be inefficient alkies [like Bender]. He was having an affair with Mom at the time, so it is no surprise.

    Nixon and Wurnstrom want to destroy all robots, with the aid of a giant space-mirror. Bender, meanwhile, pities a poor defenceless tortoise.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 2] Jurassic Bark
    Shown 17 Nov 02

    Fry tries to clone his fossil dog. Bender gets jealous, and tries to stop him.

    Leela and Amy practise their hand-to-hand combat. Wrestling in skimpy costumes ...

    Hilarious as ever, this is also an ep with a very touching ending.

    It turns out that Bender is 40% Dolomite, which comes in useful.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 3] The Route Of All Evil
    Shown 15th February 2006 [Wednesday]

    The Prof's clone and Hermes the Rasta's son are in trouble at school. Their punishment - they must start their own company and earn their own living.

    The kids choose the delivery company business. They start on a newspaper round, and soon expand.

    Meanwhile, Leela and Fry help Bender brew his own beer.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 4] A Taste of Freedom
    Shown 22 Dec 02

    It is Freedom day on Earth. Everyone takes it as an opportunity to party and do whatever they want. Somehow, Zoidberg pushes it a little bit too far by accidentally desecrating the flag!

    Zoidberg's homeworld was last seen in Futurama [Season 2, Episode 9] Why Must I Be A Crustacean in Love. They seemed a bit backward, but since Earth relies on Zapp Brannigan to protect it their invasion of Earth is predictably successful.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 5] Kif Gets Knocked Up A Notch
    Shown 12 Jan 03

    Amy takes the ship to see her alien BF, Kif. Unfortunately Kif gets pregnant.

    Amy cannot handle the stress of parenthood at such an early age.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 6] Less Than Hero
    Shown 2 Mar 03

    Leela, Fry and Bender become Superheroes - Captain Yesterday, Clobberella and Super-King!

    The local Supervillain, The Zookeeper, tries to steal a gem.

    Leela's parents visit, and she wants to impress them.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 7] Teenage Mutant Leela's Hurdles
    Shown 30 Mar 03

    The Prof's pet gargoyle runs away from home. He tries to catch it, but is too old, so he is taken to be Youth-enised.

    The others are accidentally reduced to teenagers. Only Leela adjusts well - she finally gets the chance to live with her Parents.

    The Prof tries to re-age them, via the fountain of aging.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 8] The Why Of Fry
    Shown 6 Apr 03

    Leela goes off on a date with the Mayor's Aide, the sort of ambitious, successful git who is the opposite of Fry. Poor old Fry is left to look after Nibbler.

    In a direct sequel to Futurama [Season 3, Episode 7] The Day The Earth Stood Stupid , Nibbler recruits Fry to stop the Big Brains from destroying the universe. Thanks to the events of Futurama [Season 4, Episode 1] Roswell That Ends Well , when Fry did the nasty in the pasty, he is immune to the Brains' psychic powers.

    The Brains have another weapon, though - knowledge! They show Fry the truth about how and why he got frozen in Y2K. Yes, we finally discover who I.C. Weiner is!

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 9] The Sting
    Shown 1 Jun 03

    The team must try to do what their predecessors do - take on a giant Space Bee (not a wasp, as the pilot ep indicated). Fry and Leela get stung, and she realises she will not be happy without him.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 10] The Farnsworth Parabox
    Shown 30th December 2005 [Friday]

    The Prof orders the crew to destroy a cardboard box that contains a mysterious experiment. He refuses to allow them to look ...

    Everyone ends up in a parallel universe. With not a goatee in sight!

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 11] 300 Big Boys
    Shown 10th December 2005 - Saturday

    Zap Brannigan defeats the peaceful spider-people, so President Nixon's head gives all Earthoids a 300 dollar tax rebate. Everyone wastes theirs on something trivial, except Zoidberg who cannot make up his mind.

    Fry, meanwhile, becomes addicted to Coffee.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 12] Spanish Fry
    Shown 13 Jul 03

    The team go on a camping holiday, to see Bigfoot. Unfortunately Fry gets abducted by aliens, who steal his nose!

    Turns out, Human Horn is a much sought-after aphrodisiac.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 13] Bend Her
    Shown 2nd July 2005 - Saturday

    The crew go to the Olympics to cheer Hermes on his limbo-dancing. Bender enters the Fembot bending event, and has a gender reassignment.

    The gender-Bender ends up about to marry Calculon. The others must fake Bender's death during the wedding!

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 14] Obsoletely Fabulous
    Shown 27 Jul 03

    Planet Express gets a new Robot. Bender gets jealous, but the only way he can compete with the new rival is by getting an upgrade. Problem is, the upgrade will alter his personality!

    Bender runs away, and ends up on the Island of Lost Robots.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 15] Bender Should Not Be Allowed On TV
    Shown 3 Aug 03

    Bender cons his way into an acting role on Calculon's TV show, All My Circuits.

    Unfortunately, Bender is not a good role-model. His glamourisation of drinking, swearing and violence means that impressionable youngsters copy him.

    futurama Futurama [Season 5, Episode 16] The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings
    Shown 7th January 2006 [Saturday]

    Fry tries to play a holographic flute. Naturally, he is terrible at it. He wants to get good without practising, so he makes a deal with the Robot Devil.

    Fry ends up getting the Robot Devil's hands, musically gifted from all the fiddling contests. He writes the best Opera ever, about Leela.

    The Robot Devil wants his hands back, and pulls a nasty trick. Fry must choose between his new musical skills and his love for Leela.

    futurama Futurama [Featured Movie S5] Bender's Big Score
    Shown 27/Nov/07

    The crew get conned by an alien trio of Spammers. The monsters take over Planet Express, and start to con everyone else on Earth.

    This is sent a couple of years after the end of Season 5. Leela and Fry have evidently split up, because she gets a new BF named Lars. Hermes ends up as a head in a jar, so his wife starts to cheat on him.

    The aliens discover the secret of time travel. They send Bender back to steal everything. Fry escapes back to Y2K, and tries to pick up where his old life left off.

    futurama Futurama [Featured Movie S5] The Beast with a Billion Backs
    Shown 19/Oct/08

    Amy gets married to Kif. Fry gets a new GF, Colleen. Bender wants to join the fabled League of Robots.

    A space anomaly turns out to be a gateway to another universe. Farnsworth teams up with his arch-enemy Wurmstrom, while Stephen Hawking admits that despite writing a book on the subject he is still clueless. Zap tries to destroy the other universe, putting Kif in harm's way. Fry, upset at the state of his love life, goes exploring.

    A giant talking squid from outer space (!) invades from the other universe. It uses its tentacles in an attempt to brainwash the entire population. Fry becomes tentacle-Pope of the new religion. Leela, Amy and Zap try to escape the tentacles.

    The population of the universe must decide whether or not to accept the space-squid. Bender and the league of Robots taken on the Space-Kraken, pirate-style!

    futurama Futurama [Featured Movie S5] Bender's Game
    Shown 04/Nov/08

    The galaxy is facing a fuel shortage, because Mombil (run by the owner of Mom's friendly Robot Company) is stockpiling Dark Matter. Professor Farnsworth is developing a new fuel source.

    Meanwhile, Bender tries playing Dungeons and Dragons. Once he kick-starts his imagination, he actually BELIEVES he is his RPG character.

    When the two plot-lines collide, the crew find themselves inside Bender's imaginary world ... where instead of Sauron they must face Momon!

    futurama Futurama [Featured Movie S5] Into the Wild Green Yonder
    Shown 30/Oct/09

    The team visit Amy's dad's new construction, on the site of the old Mars Vegas. Fry gets the ability to read minds. Bender falls for the Moll of the Robot Mafia's Don.

    Amy's dad wants to build an interstellar Miniature Golf game, destroying 12% of the galaxy to do so. Leela joins the Feministas to stop him. Fry is intended for a great destiny.

    The climactic battle of good versus evil comes to a head.

    Season 6

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 1] Rebirth
    Shown 24/Jun/10

    The team get reduced to mulch, and have to be re-grown from their DNA. Leela gets revived as a robot duplicate, which leads to jealousy and confusion.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 2] In-A-Gadda-Da-Leela
    Shown 24/Jun/10

    As in Star Trek: The Motion Picture , a giant space-probe approaches Earth.

    Leela and Zapp Brannigan must save the universe. But they end up trapped together like Adam and Eve. Will Leela fall for Zapp's charms again?

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 3] Attack of the Killer App
    Shown 01/Jul/10

    Mom-Corp releases the Eye-Phone. Fry and Bender compete to get a million followers on the Tweeter App.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 4] Proposition Infinity
    Shown 08/Jul/10

    Kif and Amy split up, thus making a waste of the previous few Seasons. Amy shacks up with Bender instead, and they introduce Proposition Infinity to legalize Robosexual marriage.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 5] The Duh-Vinci Code
    Shown 15/Jul/10

    The Planet Express crew discover that Leonardo Da Vinci built a wooden robot. They decide to go chasing after Da vinci's lost treasures.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 6] Lethal Inspection
    Shown 22/Jul/10

    Bender discovers he is defective. Unlike the Cylons in BattleStar Galactica (2003) , he will not download to a backup drive when he dies. This technology was never mentioned til this episode, but who cares?

    Bender and Hermes go to find the Inspector who let Bender slip through the Quality Control net. The result is the show's most touching ending since Futurama [Season 3, Episode 10] Luck of the Fryrish.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 7] The Late Philip J. Fry
    Shown 29/Jul/10

    Fry is always late for his dates with Leela. He gets pulled into helping test the Professor's Time Machine. Unfortunately, the Time Machine only goes forward, not back ...

    Fry, the Professor and Bender get stuck in the Time Machine. Everyone else thinks they got killed at Hedonism-Bot's bachelor party. Leela takes over the Planet Express company, and actually makes it successful. Cubert turns into an older version of Fry instead of a younger version of the Professor. Amy out-lives her relationship with Kif ...

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 8] That Darkn Katz!
    Shown 05/Aug/10

    Nibbler get replaced as the loveable pet ... by a cat. But the Cats seem to have mind-control powers (like Hypno-toad or the brain Slugs). What is their eeeevil plan?

    Nibbler talks openly to Leela in this episode. Did he forget to wipe her memory?

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 9] A Clockwork Origin
    Shown 12/Aug/10

    Professor Farnsworth proves that Evolution is fact and that Creationism is hoakum. However, the Creationists have taken over from real scientists, so he decides to go live on an asteroid instead. Then he seeds the polluted water with nanites ...

    The nanites evolve into Dino-bots, and the crew get trapped. They re-enact scenes from 1 Million Years BC . The robots evolve a humanoid civilisation, and have an Evolutionist/Creationist debate of their own. Farnsworth witnessed the Evolution, but he is also the originator of their intelligent design ...

    This is a nice take on the USA's ever-going Evolution debate. Of course, it takes the side of science - but is not overly damning of the Creationist side.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 10] A Prisoner of Benda
    Shown 19/Aug/10

    Would Fry and Leela still be a couple if they were not physically attracted? The Professor invents a mind-swop device. And hilarity ensues.

    Bender gets Amy's body, and uses it to stage a heist of a Robot Emperor's crown jewels.

    The Professor gets Bender's body, and joins the Robot Circus.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 11] Lrrreconcilable Ndndifferences
    Shown 26/Aug/10

    Lurr, ruler of Omicron Perseii 8, tries to invade Earth. But this is not enough to save his marriage. The Planet Express crew try to sort out his love life with their helpful advice.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 12] The Mutants Are Revolting
    Shown 02/Sep/10

    Leela's identity as a mutant is revealed, and she is sent back to the sewers. yes, the mutants are an oppressed minority. But without them, nobody will run the sewer system ...

    The twist involves the Land Titanic, the largest land-ship ever built. It sank into the under-city many decades previously.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 13] The Futurama Holiday Spectacular
    Shown 21/Nov/10

    This is an anthology of apocalyptic stories, like The Simpsons: Treehouse of Horror but with a Winter festival theme rather than Hallowe'en. Al Gore guest-stars.

  • X-Mas: Fry and the others must grow an extinct pine tree
  • Robonakkah: Bender wants oil for his robo-sluts to wrestle in
  • Kwanzaa: Hermes wants Giant Bee wax for his candles
  • futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 14] Neutopia
    Shown 23/Jun/11

    The company is broke, as always. The guys' plan to raise money is to create a bikini calendar. Unfortunately they only have three females - Leela, Amy and Hermes' wife, Labarbara.

    Leela's idea is to convert the cargo ship for passengers, and start an airline. This would be incredibly expensive and time-consuming in reality, but this is a cartoon set in the 31st century so let us ignore that for a moment. The ship crash-lands on a world soley inhabited by a rocky alien with godlike powers. Hermes and his wife Labarbara are given centre stage for a change.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 15] Benderama
    Shown 23/Jun/11

    The delivery crew must take a package of bathroom products to an Ugly Giant (Patton Oswalt - Agents of Shield ). Unfortunately his main problem is actually his anger management issues.

    Back at HQ, Bender installs a duplicator in himself and starts to self-replicate. Unfortunately, his mini-mes do the same thing. Soon the whole world is in jeopardy.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 16] Ghost in the Machines
    Shown 30/Jun/11

    As discovered in Futurama [Season 6, Episode 6] Lethal Inspection, Bender does not download to a backup drive when he dies. Instead he ends up in the WiFi Cloud, where only the Robot Devil can see him. Being desperate (as well as greedy, lazy and selfish) Bender makes a deal with the Robot Devil.

    The Robot Devil wants revenge on Fry for Futurama [Season 5, Episode 16] The Devil's Hands Are Idle Playthings. Bender must haunt Fry and scare him to death by possessing any wifi-linked machines in Fry's vicinity. Fry hides out in the only place without machinery - the Amish homeworld!

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 17] Law and Oracle
    Shown 07/Jul/11

    Fry gets a job in the police. Luckily, the cops have Minority Report style precogs who can predict crime before it happens. Thus, even the stupidest cops (like Fry) can still succeed.

    Unfortunately, the Precog predicts that Bender will try to pull a big score. Fry will have to stop him, using lethal force.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 18] The Silence of the Clamps
    Shown 14/Jul/11

    The crew deliver some new clamps to the Robot Mafia. Bender gatecrashes the Mafia's party, and ends up as a witness to Clamps testing his new clamps on Fry and Bender’s favourite acting-bot, Calculon. Bender is forced to testify in court, with predictable results. The Prosecutor is that clueless chicken-man lawyer!

    Bender goes into Witness Protection. But the Planet Express crew take a package to the Moon, where they discover he is married to The Crushinator!

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 19] Yo Leela Leela
    Shown 21/Jul/11

    Leela accidentally creates a top Childrens TV show. In a world where so-called reality TV is taking over from scripted drama, this is quite impressive.

    The ending is a masterpiece of parody, which leaves everyone getting what they want but Leela is still unhappy!

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 20] All the Presidents' Heads
    Shown 28/Jul/11

    Fry has a night job at the Head Museum, where he looks after the heads of the US Presidents. But when he invites his Planet Express collegues over for an after-hours party, the Professor makes a couple of shocking discoveries. The first is that a Farnsworth Ancestor tried to prevent the American Rebellion of 1776. The second is that the powdered opal that preserves the heads also makes time travel possible.

    The crew go back to 1776 to give the Professor's ancestor a beating. But despite promoting their policy of violence over free will, they mess things up.

    Luckily, things in the Anglicised future are much better. Except for the mockney accents and the neo-Georgian clothes, and the racist stereotypes played out for cheap laughs.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 21] Möbius Dick
    Shown 04/Aug/11

    It is fifty years since the disappearance of the original Planet Express crew. They took a shortcut through the Bermuda Tetrahedron. And now, Leela takes the same shortcut!

    Much like the episode Green Eyed Monster in Farscape , the ship encounters an enormous space-whale. Leela becomes obsessed with harpooning the monster.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 22] Fry am the Egg Man
    Shown 11/Aug/11

    Since fast food is dodgy and processed, the crew pay a visit to the farmers' market. Fry fosters an egg. Unfortunately it hatches and an acid-spitting Bone Vampire emerges.

    The crew take it to its homeworld to release it into the wild. However, the local farmers soon blame it for attacking their livestock.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 23] The Tip of the Zoidberg
    Shown 18/Aug/11

    We get a flashback to how Zoidberg and Farnsworth met. They were working for Mom, on a secret mission to capture a Yeti in the jungles of Titan. This explains why the Professor keeps Zoidberg around.

    In the modern day, the crew want Zoidberg fired for medical incompetence. After all, he turns Fry every cartoon colour from Simpsons yellow to Smurfs blue. Ironically, Mom would hire Zoidberg back in an instant if not for his loyalty to the Professor. He is terrible at human anatomy, but he is an excellent exo-biologist. As well as his Doctorate in Art History, that is.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 24] Cold Warriors
    Shown 25/Aug/11

    Fry catches a chill. Because his mucus membranes still contain the common cold virus, he soon is the epicentre of an epidemic. Nobody in New New York has any resistance to the disease.

    Fry has flashbacks to his childhood in the 1980s, to his troubled relationship with his father and the NASA Nerd science contest. Will Fry's science project help save the world?

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 25] Overclockwise
    Shown 01/Sep/11

    Bender is twelve years old, so he is out of date. After all, Moore's Law states that computer processing power doubles every eighteen months. That Law was written in the 1960s, and is evidently true in the 31st Century. Luckily, Cubert the clone boy (who has not aged a day in the last decade) can over-clock Bender's CPU. This makes Bender into a powerful super-computer, like a robot version of the film Limitless .

    Unfortunately, Bender was produced by Mom's Friendly Robot Company. Naturally, Mom uses all her legal might to condemn Cubert and the Professor for modifying Bender, who was their own legal property.

    Leela reconsiders her relationship with Fry. After all, they have not taken anything to the next level - whatever that is. Bender uses his super-intelligence to predict how Fry and Leela's relationship will work out.

    futurama Futurama [Season 6, Episode 26] Reincarnation
    Shown 08/Sep/11

    This is a trio of short segments, each parodying a different style of animation. One hates to use the term Jump the shark on such a much-loved show, but this is an example of style over substance. At least it was kept to the end of the Season.

  • In a B&W 1950s style cartoon, Fry tries to get a piece of diamond off a comet so he can impress Leela. It parodies Betty Boop (Amy) and Popeye (Fry).

  • This segment is a 1980s 2-D video game. The sitcom Community did this so much better.

  • This is a parody of the Japanese Gatchaman cartoons, which were edited to become the kiddie-friendly American effort Battle of the Planets . The storyline links to the first story: aliens worshipped the diamond comet, and they want to destroy Earth in revenge for the comet's destruction.
  • Season 7

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 1] The Bots and the Bees
    Shown 20/Jun/12

    Planet Express gets a new beverage dispenser, and Fry drinks so much new-recipe Slurm that he glows in the dark. The dispenser machine comes complete with a female A.I. personality. Since the last time there was a female AI on the crew (the ship, voiced by Sigourney Weaver ), Bender had a torrid affair with her, this can only end one way.

    Somehow the drinks machine gives birth to Bender's bastard. We get to see the Robot sex-ed video - it actually explains how Bender's antenna plays a part in reproduction!

    Bender raises the boy as his own, and actually turns out to be a decent father. Confusingly, Bender refers to his own mother ... despite being built in a factory in Mexico, and passed by an Inspector despite being sub-standard in Futurama [Season 6, Episode 6] Lethal Inspection.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 2] A Farewell to Arms
    Shown 20/Jun/12

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 3] Decision 3012
    Shown 27/Jun/12

    Nixon stands for re-election again. Leela supports his charismatic opponent, a community organiser who cannot produce his birth certificate.

    Nixon's plan for Earth's economic isolation are a parody of those of Donald Trump. It will lead to a dystopian future like in Soylent Green - followed by a post-Apocalyptic one, like in Terminator . Luckily, people in the future will be able to send a survivor back, using one of the time codes left over from Futurama [Featured Movie S5] Bender's Big Score. We also find out whether or not the Bootstrap Paradox works in this universe!

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 4] The Thief of Baghead
    Shown 04/Jul/12

    Bender becomes a paparazzo. He gets tired of stalking his hero, Calculon, and instead obsesses about capturing a photo of Calculon's greatest rival. This as-yet-unmentioned actor has a gimmick - he always wears a paper bag over his head. This is reminiscent of David Soul's Masked Guitarist gimmick, or the mask gimmick of Mexican wrestlers.

    Bender uncovers a terrible secret. Every time the actor is flattered it feeds his ego. Unfortunately his ego is an enormous telepathic fungus! Luckily Calculon is willing to do whatever it takes to win the annual Acting championship!

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 5] Zapp Dingbat
    Shown 11/Jul/12

    It is the 40th wedding anniversary of Leela's parents. They decide to divorce and lead seperate lives. Leela's mother is an exo-linguist, so she gets a job as Zapp Brannigan's translator ... and love interest! Naturally, Leela tries to break them up.

    Leela's father lives out his life-long dream of surfing the great sewers of the world. This includes the leprechaun-infested underworld below Dublin. But can he pull himself together and win back his bride?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 6] The Butterjunk Effect
    Shown 18/Jul/12

    The crew deliver a package to the Moon, and drop by the local sports arena to chcek out a game. The local sport is all-female zero-grav wrestling, so Leela and Amy join up.

    Unfortunately, to stand a chance against the other athletes Leela and Amy must use a steroid.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 7] The Six Million Dollar Mon
    Shown 25/Jul/12

    Hermes gets cybernetic implants so he can be a better bureaucrat than his robotic replacement. Then he becomes addicted to cybernetic surgery, upgrading himself bit by bit.

    Zoidberg keeps the pieces of Hermes that the surgeon throws away. Can the man-crab actually prove useful for a change?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 8] Fun on a Bun
    Shown 01/Aug/12

    The crew go to Germany and visit OktoberFest, which has become the fanciest and most snobbish drinking festival in the world. Fry drinks the spitoon and does the chicken dance, then gets kicked out of the Festival (and dumped by Leela). He and Bender go on the nearby glacier to find a frozen wooly mammoth so Bender can enter it into a sausage contest. Unfortunately, a drunk Fry and a sausage machine are a bad combination.

    Bender's sausages win third place at the contest. However, Leela is so grief-stricken that she has the old Eternal Sunset of the Spotless Mind treatment to remove her memories of him.

    Fry actually fell and got trapped under the glacier. There is a secret valley filled with Neanderthals, and Fry has amnesia so he blends right in. However, he soon makes himself war-leader of the tribe and leads an invasion of the OktoberFest. The humans are only protected by high-tech weaponry commanded by ... Zapp Brannigan. Yes, this is the biggest victory for Stone Age weaponry since the Battle of Endor in Return of the Jedi !

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 9] Free Will Hunting
    Shown 08/Aug/12

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 10] Near-Death Wish
    Shown 15/Aug/12

    It is the annual Delivery Boy awards. Hermes' son gets a nomination in the Best newcomer on a bicycle category, presumably for the business he and Cubert started in Futurama [Season 5, Episode 3] The Route Of All Evil. After all, they have not aged a day since then.

    Fry wins, but is let down by the non-appearance of his only living relative - his nephew, the Professor. However, it turns out that the Professor's parents are still alive. They were shipped off to the Near-Death Star when they turned 160 - like in Futurama [Season 2, Episode 15] A Clone of My Own. The crew go to pay them a visit.

    The interface is similar to The Matrix , which is referred to at length in an unsubtle way that would never have happened in the early seasons. However, since the movie came out over a decade ago the writers might assume the audience need to be reminded.

    The Professor is jealous because his parents bond more with Fry. This leads on to one of the show's flashbacks to a character's childhood.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 11] Viva Mars Vegas
    Shown 22/Aug/12

    The Robot Mafia do a heist on an armoured space-van doing a cash transit. It is run by the Jar-Jar Binks security company, so they are as much use as Zapp Brannigan is in a fight. However, the crooks decide to stash the loot in a dumpster near Planet Express HQ ...

    The crew go to Mars, and do some gambling in the Wong family's casino. Zoidberg gambles away all the stolen money, but the Robot Mafia take over Amy's family's casino.

    Amy gets the crew to participate in a heist, like in Ocean's Eleven. She knows about a loophole in the original contract her ancestor signed with the native Martians. Strange that, given her previous conflicts with her greedy parents, she never bothered to tell the Natives that before now.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 12] 31st Century Fox
    Shown 29/Aug/12

    The crew do a delivery to Tokyo, but Mothra eats all their clothes. The Professor gets everyone a new uniform, but Bender decides to get a fox-hunting outfit instead.

    Bender takes the crew to the local fox-hunt, Fox-hunting may have been illegal in England since 2000 CE, but apparently it is okay in New Jersey in 3000 CE. With a few modifications, of course.

    Leela does her predictably hypocritical thing, protesting to save the fox while being okay with eating meat in Futurama [Season 6, Episode 22] Fry am the Egg Man. Bender actually has a more logical form of morality - he does not care about organic life, but he thinks that it is immoral to Kill mechanical objects.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 13] Naturama
    Shown 05/Sep/12

    This is a trilogy of stories narrated by a Morgan Freeman impersonator, as part of the Wild Nature show-within-a-show.

  • The Salmon

  • The crew are salmon, who spend their life swimming downstream to the ocean and then upstream again to mate. Fry wants to mate with Leela - can he ejaculate on her eggs before Zapp does?

  • The Pinta Island Tortoise

  • Farnsworth is a centuries-old tortoise, and the crew are the finches that eat the parasites off his skin. They help him walk across the island to find a mate.

  • Elephant Seal

  • Bender is the beachmaster, the alpha male of the seal colony. The females form his harem, attracted by his dominance and corpulence. Kif wants to mate with Amy.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 14] 2-D Blacktop
    Shown 19/Jun/13

    Leela dumps the Planet Express ship, and gets a new super-safe (AKA super-boring) ship instead. The Professor does a junkyard conversion on the old ship, turning it into a hot-rod. He ends up joining a gang of street racers.

    The Prof and the Planet Express crew collide, and end up in a flat world - a two-dimensional universe. Can they escape?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 15] Fry and Leela's Big Fling
    Shown 19/Jun/13

    Fry and Leela are sneaking around, trying to get some private time together. They end up taking advantage of a special offer of a romantic getaway at a remote, secluded vacation island. This seems reminiscent of the desert island that Leela found herself trapped on with Zapp Brannigan when they thought the world had been destroyed. Zapp is not mentioned, not is the clone of Fry that Leela almost married. However, her hippy ex-boyfriend gets a guest appearance.

    Bender, Zoidberg and Amy are sent to take a package to the Planet of the Apes. Since humans are banned on that planet, Amy wears her marmoset pajamas as a disguise. But how will these two plot threads combine?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 16] T.: The Terrestrial
    Shown 26/Jun/13

    Lurr, ruler of Omicron Perseii III, helps his son with his boy-scout merit badges. He chooses one of the difficult ones, Planetary Invasion – but on the easiest planet, Earth. Nixon and Brannigan comply by swiftly surrendering. Unfortunately, Nixon gets annoyed at the outcome and retaliates with an economic blockade on the Omicronians. Brannigan is in charge of enforcing the blockade, so you can guess how well it works. However, it cuts off the one thing that Lurr actually likes – Earth TV shows.

    The Professor orders the crew to break the blockade so they can harvest some leaves of a certain sacred herb. Bender leaves Fry behind, and spends the next week fooling the rest of the crew into thinking he is still around.

    Fry gets found by Lurr’s son, who treats him as a pet.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 17] Forty Percent Leadbelly
    Shown 19/Jun/13

    Bender decides he wants to be a folk singer again. He copies the one-of-a-kind guitar of his hero, but he lacks the life experience necessary to write authentic folk songs. Well, he did let Fry down by abandoning him to the tender mercies of a psychotic super-villain, but all that does is make Fry a lot angrier than the abandonment in the previous episode.

    Bender sets out to live the life of a hobo, so he has something to sing about. Everything he sings about turns out to become real. And his song is going to have a tragic ending ...

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 18] The Inhuman Torch
    Shown 10/Jul/13

    Last week, Bender was a guitar hero. This week he is a fire-fighting hero, after he accidentally saves a group of miners who were trapped on the sun by Zapp Brannigan’s stupidity.

    The Planet Express crew are hired as the new Fire Department for the city of New New York. Then they realise that mysterious fires start breaking out near wherever Bender is. Is he an arsonist, trying to get glory as a hero? Or is a hostile alien intelligence at work?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 19] Saturday Morning Fun Pit
    Shown 17/Jul/13

    President Nixon and VP Agnew (apparently reconstituted after his total bodily disentigration in Futurama [Season 7, Episode 16] T.: The Terrestrial ) watch some Saturday Morning Cartoons. They are great parodies of famous 1970s and 1980s cartoons,

  • Bendy-Boo and the Spooky Kabuki

  • This is a parody of the Scooby-Doo cartoon from the 1970s. Bender is Scooby and Fry is Shaggy. Hermes is Fred, Leela is Daphne and Amy is Velma. They go to meet the Professor, his butler (Zoidberg) and their guests - the Harlem Globetrotters! Also resident in the area is George Takei ( Star Trek ), whose Kabuki theatre has been put out of business by the new basketball stadium.

  • Princess Purpleberry Makes A New Friend

  • The Planet Express crew are Muppet Babies type junior versions of themselves, living in a village eating berries (like the Smurfs ) while the the Professor (a Gargamel type) plots against them.

    The cartoon is intercut with numerous advert breaks to promote spin-off breakfast cereals.

  • GI Zapp

  • This is a parody of the GI Joe cartoon from the 1980s. Zapp Brannigan leads a group of mercenaries against ACRONYM terrorists led by the Professor and Zoidberg (as Destro and Cobra Commander archetypes).

    When protesters threaten to riot, thus using REAL violence to protest about cartoon violence, Nixon does what he does best - he edits the tapes! The result is a heavily bowdlerised version, perhaps a parody of how the bloodthirsty Japanese Gatchaman cartoons became the kiddie-friendly American effort Battle of the Planets .

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 20] Calculon 2.0
    Shown 24/Jul/13

    It is the one-year anniversary of the death of Fry and Bender’s favourite acting-bot, Calculon, in Futurama [Season 7, Episode 4] The Thief of Baghead. They decide to bring him back from the dead, in a satanic ritual conducted by Professor Farnsworth. The Robot Devil is more than happy to be rid of Calculon’s soul - he is a notoriously hammy over-actor who everyone finds unbearable. Calculon, that is, not the Robot Devil. Well, mostly Calculon.

    Unfortunately, the audiences now seem to prefer a more subtle acting approach, eschewing Calculon’s theatrical style. Since he cannot get his old job back, Calculon returns to the theatre with a one-man show based on 2001: A Space Odyssey (from the POV of HAL the killer A.I.)!

    Finally, Calculon gets a bit-part on his old show - playing a caricature of himself. Can he actually pull it off this time?

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 21] Assie Come Home
    Shown 31/Jul/13

    The crew deliver a package to a gangster planet. Leela interferes in the gangs’ politics, and as always she manages to make things worse.

    Somehow, Bender (of all people!) gets mugged. His robotic innards get sold off by a chop shop. Bender’s Quest is to recover his favourite body part – his shiny metal ass!

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 22] Leela and the Genestalk
    Shown 07/Aug/13

    Leela’s mutant DNA takes over, and she gets a bad case of squidification. Yes, she will end up looking like her mother. Since Bender has been a were-car, the Professor had Yeti-ism, Fry became a hideous sewer mutant (sort of) and Hermes had himself cyborged, this is not entirely an original idea for an episode.

    Fry gets conned into buying some magic beans. Leela’s Quest is to climb a giant beanstalk and find a cure.

    It turns out that Mom, owner of Momsanto (along with other evil MegaCorps) is involved.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 23] Game of Tones
    Shown 14/Aug/13

    A mysterious starship is flying up to planets and bombarding them with a powerful audio signal. After a couple of weeks, the planets disentigrate under the strain. In shades of Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer , Earth is next on the list. And since Earth’s defence forces are led by Zapp Brannigan, their only hope is the Planet Express crew!

    Fry recognises the audio signal from somewhere. He must have heard it back in the Twentieth Century. The Professor plugs him into a dream machine, and lets him relive his last day with his family. Yes, Fry sees his dog and his girlfriend again (they both had episodes of their own), but he also gets some closure from saying goodbye to his mother.

    The ending is a bit far-fetched, even for Futurama. The show is reaching its end, and it seems to have run out of ideas.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 24] Murder on the Planet Express
    Shown 21/Aug/13

    There is friction among the Planet Express crew. Fry and his room-mate Bender, Leela and her rival Amy, Zoidberg and everyone ... They all hate and mistrust each other. The Professor takes them on a trust-building weekend trip.

    The ship is invaded by a shape-shifting alien that devours its prey – like in The Thing . The crew split up to hunt it down, like in Alien . Okay, it is not really as good as it sounds, but the idea is solid. It falls down when one considers that the crew are all regular cast members, and so they will not get permanently written out (except perhaps in the Season finale).

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 25] Stench and Stenchibility
    Shown 28/Aug/13

    Zoidberg is video-dating an ugly alien monster, but when she meets him she discovers she cannot stand his incredible stench. Neither can Bender’s crazy robot buddy who mugs people – even though he does not have a nose! In fact, despite it being established that Zoidberg’s stink gland was weak, the entire crew now find him unbelievably smelly.

    Zoidberg falls for a beautiful flower-seller named Marianne ( Emilia Clarke ), who has no sense of smell. The big stupid lobster is torn between his desire to stay with her, and his duty as a surgeon to give her a nose transplant. Since his Doctorate is in Art History, the answer should be clear.

    futurama Futurama [Season 7, Episode 26] Meanwhile
    Shown 04/Sep/13

    Since the previous ep tied up Zoidberg’s love-life, this week we get to see Fry and Leela tie things up. He decides to propose to her, in the most romantic way he can think of. It involves an expensive (technically stolen) engagement ring, and dinner on top of the Vampire State Building.

    The Professor invents a time-loop device. Unfortunately, it is only powerful enough to create a ten-second time loop. Naturally, Fry steals it and uses it in the hope of making his proposal to Leela even more romantic. Naturally, it all goes terribly wrong.

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