ORBzine - No Heroics TV Review

No Heroics
  • Patrick Baladi as Excelsor
  • Nicholas Burns as The Hotness
  • Claire Keelan as Electroclash
  • James Lance as Timebomb
  • Rebekah Staton as She-Force
  • Tony Way as Praying Mantis

Season 1

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 1] Supergroupie
Shown 18th September 2008 [Thursday]

This is a sitcom set in a world where superheroes are real. Naturally, the protagonists are British Superheroes - and thus, they are a bit pathetic really.

The Hotness goes to bust some drugs dealers. Unfortunately his car does not work, so he has to take the bus instead.

The gay Italian hero gets off with someone.

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 2] The Fantastic Chore
Shown 25th September 2008 [Thursday]

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 3] Mean Gills
Shown 2nd October 2008 [Thursday]

The Hotness and his gay pal visit a strip club in a vain attempt to build a Bad Boy rep.

She-Power plays pool with a flirty guy who looks a bit like Kevin Eldon.

Electro-Girl is sentanced to community service. She is given an annoying teenage sidekick who has a problem with authority figures. Naturally, hilarity ensues.

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 4] Back Issues
Shown 9th October 2008 [Thursday]

She-Force makes a prison visit for a Super-villain she captured. They even try phone-sex ...

Euro-Trash is hired to protect a whiny pre-pubescent Arabian Prince. The mystery is not why hired assassins are after the boy, just that nobody has killed him for free.

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 5] Origin, Toxic
Shown 16th October 2008 [Thursday]

Electro-Girl's parents are in town. Naturally she wants to annoy them as much as possible, so she pretends she is still seeing The Hotness.

She-Force has a day-job, where she pretends to be a mundane. She wants to impress her boss at work. Naturally, she ignores all the prejudiced non-jokes he makes.

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 6] Episode Six
Shown 23rd October 2008 [Thursday]

Dave the Monkey-Summoner is dead, killed by a super-villain. The Euro-Trash hero is chosen to torture the villain's sidekick for info. She-Force replaces Dave as the pub's bouncer.

The Hotness gets an interview for a job with a big Superhero group in Los Angeles. Naturally, Electro-Girl tries to annoy him by letting Devlin chat her up.

No Heroics No Heroics [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2008 [Thursday]

No Heroics

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