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The Others
  • The doctor (Gabriel Macht - )
  • the blonde Other ( Melissa "Missy" Crider )

    1st Season Winter 2000

  • The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 1] Pilot
    Shown 5 Feb 00

    A female College Student in America has strange visions of a dead girl in her bathroom. Hmm, this sounds strangely like the recent film What Lies Beneath !

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 2] Unnamed
    Shown 12 Feb 00

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 3] Eyes
    Shown 19 Feb 00

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 4] Souls On Board
    Shown 26 Feb 00

    The Others go on a plane trip, and find the plane is haunted!

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 5] 1112
    Shown 4 Mar 00

    The Others discover psychic messages from a man in a coma.

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 6] Luciferous
    Shown 11 Mar 00

    The Others have a problem. The student babe is not certain if she wants to remain part of the group. However, they have to protect her from the entity that haunts her new apartment (the wallpaper, to be precise).

    The episode was written and produced by Morgan & Wong ( X-Files, Space: Above & Beyond, Final Destination ). Sad, to see how far they have sunk. Season One of Angel Chronicles had a similar episode, Room w/a Vu, which was far superior.

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 7] Theta
    Shown 18 Mar 00

    The College girl visits a sorority house, and uncovers ghostly goings on. Guest-star babes include Jeanette Brox, Jill Bennett and Gabrielle Union. The writer/director was Fred Golan.

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 8] Don't Dream It's Over
    Shown 25 Mar 00

    This episode was written and directed by John Garris, and smacks of self-indulgence on his part. As always, the Others have to deal with yet another supernatural encounter. The doctor (Gabriel Macht - ) has dreams about a woman, and becomes obsessed. This has an understandably negative effect on his relationship with the blonde Other ( Missy Crider ).

    The Others decide to Channel the dreams, which gives every member something to do. Yes, their contracts must insist that they all get a couple of lines in every episode.

    As the story develops we learn the dream woman is called Mary Jane, she lives in the East End of London, towards the end of the Victorian age. This reviewer easily guessed what her surname was, and from that the plot is obvious. John Vickery (Neroon in Babylon 5 ) pops up with top-hat and doctor's bag as a historical character that could also be linked to B5 ...

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 9] The Ones That Lie in Wait
    Shown 22 Apr 00

    It is a dark and rainy night. The psychic band are trapped together in a haunted house. The blonde babe ( Missy Crider ) is stuck in her car, broken down on the road. While they are helpless, the Evil Entity(tm) ( Kristen Cloke ) tries to take them over. Its question ... What do you want?

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 10] Till Then
    Shown 29 Apr 00

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 11] $4.95 a Minute
    Shown 6 May 00

    A telephone psychic (James Morrison - Space: Above And Beyond ) has a proper psychic flash, which paralyses his customer from the neck down. The blonde babe ( Missy Crider ) gets involved in his case. Although she is a real psychic, she cannot contact her dead father. Thus she is somewhat jealous of Morrison's success.

    Morrison is excellent in the role, so different from his usual strong, silent typecasting. His Chaplinesque little tramp is worth watching.

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 12] Life is For the Living
    Shown 13 May 00

    The token doctor is present when three deaths occur in the hospital simultaneously. Not only is hospital management angry that their PR is looking bad, but a Ukranian OAP patient thinks that an evil entity called the Mora is responsible.

    Wasn't this used as the plot of an episode of Buffy ?

    The lack of fresh ideas was apparently so obvious that t

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 13] Mora
    Shown 10 Jun 00
    Shown 6th October 2001 - Saturday

    The old guy is in hospital, and the Entrance Demons take this as an opportunity. The Professor guy is offered a better job elsewhere. The mad guy is offered a movie deal for his journals. The student girl gets a great new room-mate. The blind guy makes friends with a lonely widow.

    This was the final episode of the series, although it has sometimes been shown or listed out of order. As with Morgan & Wong's previous show, Space: Above & Beyond , it ends with a bang!

    The Others The Others [Season 1, Episode 2 ]
    Shown th January 2008 [Wednesday]

    The Others

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