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Survivors (2008)

Season 1

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 1]
Shown 23 November 2008

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 25 November 2008

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 2 December 2008

Ex-Con and Token Black Guy go to a farm, but the farmer is a murderous hillbilly. He's trying to protect his children, especially since their mother is dead ... But rather than use words or bluff, he goes straight to the violence.

Bonekickers lady stays at a compound run by scientists. Unfortunately the thin veneer of civilisation hides a dangerous ruthlessness and a smug sense of self-superiority.

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 4] Garland’s War
Shown 9 December 2008

The Bonekickers Lady goes looking for her son. She suspects he's staying with the Lost Boys, a gang of teenage boys who have settled in a Stately Home. The pretty-boy gamekeeper, however, wants to kick them out of their safe zone.

The ex-Con, the girl who fancies him, the playboy and the kid decide to check out the Scientists' zone. They offer their labour in exchange for food and shelter, but soon they run into problems.

TBG and one of the women stay at the main house. They have a couple of unexpected visitors - seedy-looking potential rapists, by the look of them.

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 5]
Shown 16 December 2008

A gaggle of strangers arrive, hiking through the woods. Their leader styles himself as a prophet, and claims that God talks to him.

Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 1, Episode 6]
Shown 23 December 2008

The Survivors are hunted down by the Valhalla Sector types.






Survivors (2008) Survivors [Season 1, Episode 10]
Shown th October 2008 [Wednesday]

Survivors (2008)

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  • Season 2

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 1]
    Shown 12th January 2010 [Tuesday]

    Bonekickers woman is in quarantine while Valhalla Sector try to make a cure from her blood. But can they be trusted?

    TBG Patterson Joseph ( Neverwhere ) is wounded, and has flashbacks to his violent reaction to his unhappy marriage.

    Meanwhile, the others try to get medical aid. Unfortunately the hospital is on fire, and a couple of them are trapped under rubble. The ex-con commands the rescue effort, and the bimbo negotiates with a rapacious gangster.

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 2]
    Shown 26th January 2010 [Tuesday]

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 3]
    Shown 2nd February 2010 [Tuesday]

    Trigger from Only Fools and Horses is a trucker, keeping different groups of survivors in touch with each other. Yes, commerce has succeeded where science and law have failed.

    Tom the ex-con is arrested by the local Government types, and put on trial for his alleged crime at the end of the previous Season. The Government woman wants this show-trial to prove that she stands for Justice, Law and Order. To do this she subverts every common and written law in English history since the Magna Carta! The jury is only 5 people, stacked instead of randomly chosen. Tom's pre-virus crimes are used against him, as well as his more recent ones.

    The Government's enforcer is an arrogant sadistic prick with delusions of grandeur. He has two things on his mind - taking over for himself, and killing Tom.

    Elsewhere, the bimbo and the Asian fellow are getting along quite well. The wee boy doesn't understand why the strange noises are keeping him awake at night.

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 4]
    Shown 9th February 2010 [Tuesday]

    The Survivors discover that convicted felons and other scumbags are forced to do manual labour. The man in charge stupidly refers to this as slavery - perhaps it is, from a cynical perspective, but it's unlikely that anyone in charge of such an operation would be so cynical about it.

    The Survivors get involved, of course. They take the side of the convicts against that of the respectable people. Now, how can this turn out badly? let's see ...

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 5]
    Shown 16th February 2010 [Tuesday]

    The Survivors are out in the countryside. The bimbo and the Asian fellow are getting along quite well. The lady doctor has taken a shine to Tom the ex-con. Naturally, there is a tragedy on the way.

    Abby (Bonekickers lady) and the Marquis de Carabas go looking for his children. It seems his ex-wife, by strange coincidence, may have been involved in a government conspiracy. Someone arranged for VIPS to be saved. Evidently they deliberately forgot the annoying Government Minister who wants Tom dead.

    The Survivors return to the lab where Abby was experimented on. Remember how the society in the previous ep ended up? It seems that the Survivors will spend their time finishing what the virus started. They seek out small pockets of humanity and civilisation, then have a hissy fit and ruin everything for everyone else. Every. Damn. WEEK!

    Survivors (2008) Survivors (2008) [Season 2, Episode 6]
    Shown 23rd February 2010 [Tuesday]

    Abby closes in on her son. He has inherited the same genetic immunity that she has. This makes them very valuable to anyone who wants to make a cure ...

    Tom the ex-con wants people to be able to defend themselves. This allows subliminal use of a typically English guns are baaad message.

    The villains have been planning for their survival since before the epidemic started. Exactly how much they knew about it is revealed. And the ending sets up the next Season's story arc!