ORBzine - 2000.01 Speculative Fiction Fanzine

Editor In Chief: Speculator
Special Thanks: Chris Hawkins

Millennium Special - 2000

  • Novel Ideas
    This month we look at the first part of Stackpole & Zahn's Mara Jade comic - By The Emperor's Hand
  • Now On the Big Screen
    This month we've got comments on the ultimate recent releases; the essential and excellent Legend of Sleepy Hollow , the decent Stigmata , the unpredictable Bicentenial Man and the surprisingly watchable Inspector Gadget .
  • UK Television Roundup
    Check out what's been on in the UK - here is a summary of UK television for the last few weeks, including the ultra-dark supernatural thriller series Brimstone.
    Also, check out this month's crop of SF films shown on UK TV.
    1. The Editor's Desk
      Welcome to ORBzine

    2. Celebrity Interview
      This month we meet the star of Babylon Five - Captain Sheridan himself [formerly known as Tron] - Bruce Boxleitner !!!

    3. Video Vault:
      John Kane checked out the TV adaption of Ghormenghast.

    4. SF Babes Page
      We check out the babelicious stars of this month's cinema releases: Arquette, Davidz, Fisher, Ricci & Richardson !

    5. Next edition scheduled for February

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