ORBzine "TimeCop" December 2000


TW King (Shannon Doherty's BF in Charmed ) plays Logan, the time-travelling cop hero. For time-travelling sci-fi this shows its age - the hero's sidekick uses a massive flip-phone instead of a modern slim-line mobile phone.

Verheiden, the original creator, is actually listed as a producer.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 1] A Rip In Time
Shown 14th January 2001 [Sunday]

Logan goes back to London, 1888, to catch a time-travelling killer who has replaced Jack the Ripper. Anna Galvin (Maid Marion in New Adventures of Robin Hood ) plays a buxom wench who gets in the killer's sights.

W Morgan Shepperd ( American Gothic, Star Trek: TNG ) is the head of Scotland Yard.

The killer is a recurring villain.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 2] The Heist
Shown 21st January 2001 [Sunday]

Logan travels to 1977 NYC to stop a crook from succeeding in a gem heist he got jailed for bungling. Logan's partner is William Devane ( ), the cop who made the original arrest.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 3] Stalker
Shown 27th March 1999 [Saturday]
Shown 28th January 2001 [Sunday]

This time Logan goes back to Hollywood, 1956. Lisa Thornhill plays a young starlet called Rita Lake (no relationship with Rita Heywood or Veronica Lake, unfortunately) has a Lana Turner-esque relationship with a gangster named Johnny. Hmm.

Ms Lake is being stalked by person or persons unknown - and it seems that arch-villain Pascoe is involved. The guest star is Cliff de Young ( ), who plays the detective investigating the stalking case.

A typical cop show, this episode asks the question How stupid can a hero be? Do we need this show? After Time Trax and Quantum Leap , is this series really necessary?

At least the hero has an arch-enemy; there may actually be a plot arc. We can but hope.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 4] Public Enemy
Shown 4th February 2001 [Sunday]

Arch-villain Pascoe is on the loose again, and this time he goes to 1930s Chicago and teams up with Al Capone. Logan goes after him, with the help of the blonde babe Hemmings ( Cristi Conaway ) and Elliot Ness ( ).

We get to learn a lot more about Pascoe's past. No pun intended.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 5] Rocket Science
Shown September 2000]
Shown 11th February 2001 [Sunday]

Someone sells atom bomb secrets to the Nazis in 1944, so our hero must go back and sabotage the plot. Hmm, did they not use this storyline in Galactica 1980, the terrible final season of Battlestar Galactica?

As a side note, Logan's GF/boss Hemmings ( Cristi Conaway ) is much more shaggable (and convincing) as a Nazi than as a yank!

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 6] Alternate World
Shown 18th February 2001 [Sunday]

An old enemy (not Pascoe, unfortunately) tries to kill the teenage Logan, but instead turns him into a crook. In this alternate world the enemy becomes a Time Cop, and Logan has to cope with being on the receiving end for a change.

Also, the alternate version of his babelicious partner Hemmings ( Cristi Conaway ) is more susceptible to the sexual chemistry between them!

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 7] Lost Voyage
Shown 25th February 2001 [Sunday]

Time crooks hijack a ship in July 1939, the Empress of the Americas. Hemmings the token babe ( Cristi Conaway ) tags along, because her grandmother was aboard it.

The plot is more or less the predicable Die Hard story, with a race against time to defuse a bomb ...

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 8] D.O.A.
Shown 11th March 2001 [Sunday]

Finally, Jack has managed to melt the icy heart of Hemmings ( Cristi Conaway ). Yes, all that sexual tension has finally paid off. However, before they get down to it Jack has to give the boss a lift home. Jack and the boss get killed - and that's just the pre-title sequence.

Hemmings goes back in time to that morning, and warns Jack of his impending doom. He has less than a day to uncover the killer and prevent his own death.

The boss, Gene, slags off the profession of Arms Dealer - but who do the cops get their sidearms from? Gene ruins peoples' lives, but not for profit. No, he does it for his sick sense of justice. Meanwhile, Jack vandalises a public pay-phone and displays a complete inability to make sense of a BLATANT clue.

The end result of the episode? Well, Jack manages to create a temporal paradox and to destroy the sexual tension with Hemmings.

Timecop Timecop [Season 1, Episode 9] The Future, Jack, The Future
Shown 4th March 2001 [Sunday]
Shown 14th January 2006 [Saturday]

Jack and his new partner, Tom Maddox (Bruce Campbell - Evil Dead ) are sent back to 1990. However, Maddox gets lost in time.

The main suspect is computer billionaire Cromwell (Keith Sjarabaka - Angel Season 3 ).

Jack goes back to 1990, along with Hemmings ( Cristi Conaway ).