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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 1] The Bargaining: Part I
Shown 10th January 2002 [Thursday]

The Scooby Gang try to keep things going, with the Buffybot standing in for Buffy. She does a pretty good job at the PTA. Giles has decided to leave town and return to England. Anya has gone blonde, but apart from that there are no real changes.

Willow, leader of the Scoobies, secretly plots to bring Buffy back from the dead. This involves some rather dark magic, which hints at the direction the plot arc may take. The spell goes wrong, because the Scoobies forgot about something so incredibly basic ...

Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 1] Heartthrob
Shown 17th January 2002 [Thursday]

The team are back in business. They have an extra member this time, and the show has a new regular cast-member. It is Fred, the woman they rescued from the demon-world. She is now their resident insane genius. Lorne The Host, who was in 17 episodes (as opposed to Fred's mere two) is still a guest-star. Hmm.

While out slaying Vampires, Angel meets a face from his past. It is a female vampire he and Darla used to hang out with - and her true love is out for vengeance against Angel!

In the obligatory flashback sequence we see the C18th Vampire Hunter Holtz (Keith Szarabajka - The Equalizer) mentioned last Season. He is obsessed with killing Angel And Darla.

And speaking of Darla, we get to see her ... and the aftermath of her encounter with Angel!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 2] The Bargaining: Part II
Shown 10th January 2002 [Thursday]

Sunnydale is conquered by a pack of demon bikers. The police are nowhere in sight, which makes you realise the chaos Buffy caused by killing the Mayor. Hell, Glory's tower has not even been torn down despite the fact that it was built overnight by crazy people who did not have planning permission.

Buffy's hair is mousy and her senses seem impaired - possibly a sign of decomposition. However, this does get explained in a following episode.

Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 2] That Vision Thing
Shown 24th January 2002 [Thursday]

Cordelia's visions begin to have a physical effect. This may be the doing of Wolfram & Hart baddies Lila ( Stephanie Romanov ) and Gavin (Daniel Dae Kim - B5: Crusade ). Yes, the Demon Lawyers have got a new story arc - and Angel gets to meet his new arch-enemy.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 3] Afterlife
Shown 17th January 2002 [Thursday]

This starts the same night as The Bargaining, and takes up directly where that story left off. Buffy tries to readjust to her new situation. Spike is paranoid about Willow's intentions.

The villain of the episode is a demonic entity created as the cost of the Bargaining spell - similar to the backlash effects seen in Season Five.

Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 3] That Old Gang Of Mine
Shown 31st January 2002 [Thursday]

Angel apologises to Merle, the demon informant he repeatedly pressurised for information. Gunn does not see the point - all demons are the same, in his opinion. And something that shares his view is randomly killing demons for fun.

Gunn goes back to his Hood, and discovers that the Brothers consider him a traitor because he got a good job and decided to live in a more upmarket area.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 4] Flooded
Shown 24th January 2002 [Thursday]

Buffy's basement gets flooded, and she is faced with a huge bill from the plumber. Anya suggests she charges cash in exchange for vampire-slaying, but Buffy rejects this out of hand. People shouldn't have to pay to get their lives saved, is the consensus. This is is ironic, considering that she is in debt because of her mother's medical bills! Also, Angel Investigations asks clients to pay what they can afford.

Willow and Tara are sharing Buffy's mother's room, wearing lesbo jim-jams in the marital bed. Why they are not paying rent is never explained. And if Buffy is working for the Watcher's Council again (since last Season), why does she not get some kind of financial support from them? What is most shocking about this episode is that Xander appears to be the most mature of the bunch!

We see the episode's villains, who also provide the comic relief. They are a trio of supervillain wannabes -

  • Jonathan (Superstar)
  • Warren (The guy who built the Buffy-Bot)
  • Andrew (The brother of the guy who sent Devil Dogs to the Prom Night Dance)
  • Giles returns, and has a heart-to-heart with Willow. He knows far better than she does the dangers of using Dark Magic, and this scene continues to imply that Willow is turning to the Dark Side.

    Buffy continues to bond with Spike.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 4] Carpe Noctum
    Shown 7th February 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel is a Charlton Heston fan, so he takes Fred to see a double bill: Soylent Green & The Omega Man . Poor Fred, who has been without a man for five years, is smitten.

    Meanwhile, across town a man screws a couple of hookers until his body slips off like a soiled prophylactic.

    Cordy informs the audience that Angel is practically a eunuch. Angel neglects to inform her of his liaison with Darla last Season, and she somehow forgets the three sexy enchantresses to whom he owes (sexual) favours from last week.

    Investigating a rash of mysterious deaths (involving binge-sex), Angel ends up being the victim of a body-swop. While Angel is trapped in an OAP Home that is run like a prison, the imposter tries to seduce everything in sight. This includes Cordy, Fred and even Lila ( Stephanie Romanov ). At least one of them is sexually frustrated enough to go for it!

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 5] Life Serial
    Shown 31st January 2002 [Thursday]

    Dawn is out of sight this episode, and Buffy is at a loose end. She tries to get her career sorted out. The three nerdy supervillain wannabes set out to test Buffy. Their secret weapon - a surveillance van with the Death Star painted on the side and a specially-installed Star Wars theme-tune horn!

    Buffy tries to go back to university. However, things fly past her faster than she can cope. In more ways than one - the nerds throw a time distortion on her. We even get to see her strapless bra, a reminder of the good old days of Season One.

    Next she goes to work with Xander on the building site, where the workmen call her Little Britney before she impresses them by picking up steel girders!

    Buffy tries retail, working for Special Guest-Star Anthony Stewart Head. This results in a wonderful time-loop sequence similar to Groundhog Day .

    Finally Buffy spends the night hanging out with Spike. This leads up to the hilarious climax of an excellent episode.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 5] Fredless
    Shown 14th February 2002 [Thursday]

    The episode starts by glossing over the Buffy Meeting. This is merely an opportunity to make an excuse as to why there will not be any more cross-overs between the shows.

    Fred's parents arrive in town, and she goes on the run. How they tracked her down in the first place is never adequately explained; the episode implies that there is something mysterious about the parents, and there are a couple of loose plot threads here.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 6] All The Way
    Shown 7th February 2002 [Thursday]

    Anya gets the Scoobies to help run the Hallowe'en sale at her Magic shop. In a few minutes we get a lot of characterisation and foreshadowing:

  • Tara notes that Willow is using magic too much - even when Giles reminds her about what happened to Mickey Mouse in Fantasia
  • Dawn is ignored, so becomes a kleptomaniac for a cheap thrill
  • Buffy and Spike are awkward around each other
  • Xander's hallowe'en costume is a pirate with an eye-patch ...
  • Dawn goes out to party with her High School friend-for-the-episode ( Amber Tamblyn ). She becomes a damsel in distress - but what is the cliched danger she faces? What will Joss Whedon use as a non-metaphor for eeeevil? Horny Teenage boys? Creepy old men?

    Giles (even as a Special Guest Star) gets to kick ass. This is the high point of the show, although it does bring up a point first illustrated in the first episode of this Season. Namely, the Scoobies are now adults and they can look after themselves. The Slayer was useful in a High School situation, but when wimps like Xander and even Dawn can kill a bad guy then the Slayer is not needed any more.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 6] Billy
    Shown 21st February 2002 [Thursday]

    The episode starts at Wolfram & Hart. Billy, the villain from a couple of episodes back, is chatting with Gavin (Daniel Dae Kim - B5: Crusade ). The villain's relatives arrive to collect him - a strange admission by the show that even bad guys have next-of-kin. Also, we get to see Mr Kim act eeevil!

    It turns out that Billy got himself a private room in hell for using his demonic powers to create violence against women. He is too stupid not to go back to his old ways. Angel, Wesley and Gunn all get infected. As a result, Fred is put at risk. Balderdash! What if the men decided to kill each other? Would that be acceptable? Obviously, the white guys attacking Gunn would be good for a horribly preachy racism's baaaad sermon, but this is just crap!

    Cordy has persuaded Angel to train her in the martial arts. She encourages Lila to be an evil bitch and stand up for themselves. But surely if women are meant to be equal to men, and can fight and kill equally well to men, then why can they not take a beating like a man?

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 7] Once More With Feeling
    Shown 14th February 2002 [Thursday]

    This is the Buffy musical episode. The title sequence is different, just for this one-off episode, and the Directors' Cut is 55 minutes as opposed to the usual 42 minutes. This episode also includes a couple of cameos by the Show's Producers. Marti Noxton contests a parking ticket for parking beside a fire hydrant, and is happy because his drycleaner got a mustard stain out.

    The evening starts with Buffy on patrol, singing Going through the motions. The next day the Scooby Gang investigate the sudden outbreak of song and dance, and sing I've got a theory.

    The songs are used to best effect when they underline the characters' feelings. Tara sings Under your spell, a nice double entendre that is more true than she knows. Xander and Anya, planning their marriage, express secret doubts through a dance routine called I'll never tell. Spike tells Buffy Let me rest in peace.

    The plot picks up quickly enough. Dawn sings and dances with the Demon responsible for the goings-on. She is very well-developed for a 15-year-old. The climax features the songs Walk through the Fire and Life's a Song.

    The lyrics manage to advance the plot and develop the characters, which means it is not a complete loss. Tara lies on the bed and sings (while Willow's head disappears downwards)
    Lost in ecstasy
    Spread beneath my Willow tree
    You make me cum-plete

    All in all, in this reviewer's opinion the songs are not great. This is basically a novelty, one-off gimmick episode that does not play a part in the Season Arc with the Big Bad Trio. Even the story's demonic creator, Sweet (Hinton Battle - Quantum Leap: S5 ), is a one-off who never reappears. However, there are important character revelations - Buffy's relationship with the Scoobies and Spike are both changed.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 7] Offspring
    Shown 28th February 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel is about to confess his love for Cordelia (of all people!) when they are rudely interrupted by Darla. She is back in town, in the family way, and both she and Cordy hold Angel responsible. Of course - wimmin are just poor inferior little victims, right? After Angel set Darla on fire last Season, this is just more violence against women propaganda. Two episodes in a row? Bah!

    The guys head to Caritas and ask the Host for help. The three Seeresses are there, and remind Angel to pay his debt.

    While Darla prowls for victims and Angel tries to stop her, the story arc develops. It involves a Vampire-Hunter they met in 1771 ...

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 8] Tabula Rasa
    Shown 21st February 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy and Spike are accosted by Spike's loan-shark. Being a demon, he even looks like a shark!

    Willow and Tara have an argument. Willow promises not to use any magic for a week, then secretly casts a forgetting spell. The silly girl does not pay attention to the fact that the spell uses the term Tabula Rasa, Latin for Blank slate. Yes, the Scoobies lose all their memories of each other.

    After they have established that Giles is Anya's husband and Spike's father, they get besieged by the loan-shark and his goons. The Scoobies escape into a very well-lit sewer, and Anya discovers that her only magical power is the ability to create bunnies.

    The ending? Well, in the previous season Tara made a similar mistake and cast a spell that almost got everyone killed. Will the Scoobies be as forgiving for Willow? Also, Buffy and Spike's relationship develops ...

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 8] Quickening
    Shown 7th March 2002 [Thursday]

    The vamp-hunter and demon continue to plot against the vampires. We get flashbacks to the events that set the story in motion. The hunter killed vampires, but never expected them to come after his family!

    Darla's contractions begin. As the prophecy starts to come true, there are some new players on the scene - a caucasian Ninja and some vampire cultists.

    At Wolfram & Hart there is the usual bout of office politics. They decide to send their SWAT team in, so they can take out Angel themselves. This leads up to a cliffhanger ending ...

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 9] Smashed
    Shown 28th February 2002 [Thursday]

    Amy gets de-ratted, and displays telekinetic powers. She and Willow go for a magic-abusing night out, while Tara acts like a divorced mother towards Dawn.

    The three nerdy supervillain wannabes steal a diamond. While escaping they freeze the security guard, and for some reason there is no TV coverup!

    Buffy and Spike have a climactic fight.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 9] Lullaby
    Shown 14th March 2002 [Thursday]

    Holtz is still after Angel and Darla. Lila introduces herself, eager to find out who the competition is.

    The team head for sanctuary at Caritas, but there are complications with the birth. Darla's body is incapable of producing the child, but she offers a different kind of redemption.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 10] Wrecked
    Shown 7th March 2002 [Thursday]

    Willow and Amy dabble in the Dark Arts, a metaphor for drug addiction. There are hints of them turning evil, but the show is just being preachy about teenager issues.

    Buffy is developing an addiction of her own - to Spike!

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 10] Dad
    Shown 21st March 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel is now a doting daddy. However, the kid has an ever-growing list of enemies. They besiege the hotel, and Lorne helps the team defend it.

    Meanwhile, Holtz sets about finding a sidekick. He discovers a girl who could almost be a Slayer ...

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 11] Gone
    Shown 14th March 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy gets a visit from Social Services, in the person of Susan Ruttan (L.A. Law). Let's face it, Dawn will no longer need a Legal Guardian on her 16th birthday (less than a year away), but Buffy ends up on Probation anyway.

    The Three Nerds have developed their diamond-powered superweapon. They plan to use it for their own nefarious needs - to make them invisible so that they can be

    The Scoobies realise that the Black Van that stalked Buffy is back. Willow tracks it down, managing to resist the temptation to use magic. For some reason the nerds do not keep the van in a garage.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 11] Birthday
    Shown 28th March 2002 [Thursday]

    It is Cordy's birthday. She has yet another vision, which gives her an out-of-body experience. Skip returns and tells her that her body is dying ...

    We get to see what would have happened if Cordy had not joined Angel Investigations. This is a wonderful It's A Wonderful Life scene, where she has her own sitcom named Cordy. She is less selfish than the old Cordy was, and there is no Wolfram & Hart arc.

    The end? Well, Cordy has three choices: let Angel have the visions (and suffer the consequences), let the visions kill her, or ...

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 12] Double Meat Palace
    Shown 21st March 2002 [Thursday]

    The three nerds have cleared out of the basement and found a new lair.

    Buffy gets a job - in a fast food joint named the Double Meat Palace. She is weirded out by the strange co-workers, and gets bad vibes. Willow starts craving, and Spike is the only one who tries to Save Buffy. Anya is still organising her wedding, and her Vengeance Demon buddy Halfrik drops by. Halfrik is somewhat disruptive ...

    Buffy gets a good fight with a demon whose head looks like a gigantic penis.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 12] Provider
    Shown 4th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel Investigations goes on an advertising blitz, which is strange since last time they did not have a licence! However, they need to earn money to look after the baby.

    Gunn and Wesley go to save a woman from an undead stalker, her ex-BF.

    Angel helps a businessman fight vampires, and remembers that there is more to life than money.

    The Host and Fred go to solve a demonic puzzle. The client demons say they want her head - yes, you have guessed it ...

    Holtz and his babe get a scene. He plans to recruit an army of Slayers, which means he will not appear in the next few episodes.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 13] Dead Things
    Shown 28th March 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy opens her heart to Tara, which is ironic since it marks Tara as an outsider. Meanwhile, Dawn is drifting away from Buffy.

    The nerdy supervillains field test their cerebral dampener, which will reduce a woman's IQ and make her their bimbo sex slave. This is obviously a pathetic metaphor, this time for date-rape drugs. The logic of it all is so utterly pointless. It would be cheaper just to hire a hooker. Warren had a girlfriend once, and it would be far easier just for him and the others to tart themselves up and pull some sluts in the nearest singles bar. Also, why should they wish to share? Who gets sloppy seconds?

    Warren tarts himself up, goes to the singles bar and selects ... his ex! She is a total bitch who dumped him because he used to shag a robot. With that logic, she would also dump any man who ever masturbated over a copy of Playboy. Who does that leave - gays and paraplegics?

    Warren makes her his slave, which proves that HE is HER slave. This compares well to Buffy's enslavement of Spike - he lives for her, but she would not care if he died. Also, we are meant to be smpathetic for Willow while she is in the same situation as Warren!

    Things take a turn for the worse. Warren decides to take control of things, and tries to drive Buffy insane. Spike helps Buffy, though she does not appreciate him, and Buffy somehow links Warren to his ex ...

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 13] Waiting In The Wings
    Shown 11th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel takes the team to the Ballet. It broke his heart a century ago (when he was evil!), and it is exactly the same. EXACTLY the same ... Summer Glau has been the Prima Ballerina for over a century, but has not aged a day.

    Angel tries to bond with Cordy. They get possessed with the spirits of lovers, and things get steamy. Wes tries to bond with Fred, but she wants Gunn instead.

    There is no mention of Holtz or Wolfram & Hart, but there is a reference to Pylea ...

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 14] Older and Far Away
    Shown 4th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Dawn is still shoplifting, now for presents for Buffy's birthday. She is called out of class to see the new Guidance Counsellor, who is actually Anya's Vengeance Demon pal Halfrik.

    That night is Buffy's birthday party. Willow gives Buffy a gigantic muscle-massager for a present. Spike comes to the party, and brings his saggy-faced Demon friend. Xander brings a buddy for Buffy to date. Buffy brings a buddy from work.

    All goes well, until they discover they cannot leave. Dawn told Halfrik that she had no friends, and wanted to spend time with the others ...

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 14] Couplet
    Shown 18th April 2002 [Thursday]

    The US TV Network which broadcast this decided to stick a discretion advised warning at the start. However, nothing in this episode's contents requires such a warning.

    Cordy is frustrated - she has to choose between sex and her visions. Wes and Angel are both jealous, because their buddies have got the women that they want. Angel is sent to get a prophylactic potion from a Demon Brothel.

    The Agency gets a client, a stalker woman. Gunn and Fred help her by doing surveillance on her fiance. The client has been engaged to him for over half a decade, which would let most people know that the relationship is stagnant. The fiance has developed an on-line relationship, which in this show is typically a bad sign!

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 15] As You Were
    Shown 11th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy is bored by the senseless routine of her life. Luckily an old friend appears, and drags her away from it all. This puts her relationship with Spike in perspective.

    Xander and Anya are still planning their wedding. IMHO they are too young for marriage, but that can wait for another episode. Also, Willow has returned to her early-season persona ...

    This is the episode that Richard Blackwood was on the set of.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 15] Loyalty
    Shown 25th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Holtz has got his team together and set his plan into action. The demon is angry with his slow progress, so teams up with Lila.

    Wesley continues his research into the prophecies. With Cordy away, Gunn and Fred dating and Angel untrustworthy, he is totally estranged. Also, for the first time we get to see LA earthquakes!

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 16] Hell's Bells
    Shown 18th April 2002 [Thursday]

    The wedding is finally here! Buffy is more or less back to normal. She and Willow are bridesmaids, and Spike brings a skanky goth bird as a date. Tara helps work on Anya's dress - and Amber Benson is gorgeous here!

    We finally get to see Xander's parents. They fight constantly, and Xander's father constantly berates Anya's demon friends.

    A Peter Vaughn-looking old man approaches Xander, and shows him visions of his future as a married man. We get to see the actors play their real ages!

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 16] Sleep Tight
    Shown 2nd May 2002 [Thursday]

    The team go hunting for demon musicians. Why? The demons play hardcore music and get lots of chicks!

    Angel has erratic mood swings, and what is odder, nobody comments on this! It seems that someone has spiked his blood supply ...

    Cordy is still out of sight, and Wesley is ever more alienated. He meets with Holtz again. The prophecy of betrayal comes shockingly true.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 17] Normal Again
    Shown 25th April 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy closes in on the three nerds' new hideout. They are planning a big heist, and Jonathan is falling out with the others. They send a demon to attack Buffy. It injects her with a halucinogen that makes her think she is in an asylum ...

    Xander and Willow are both trying to sort out their tattered love lives. Buffy has problems of her own. The halucinogen plays on her existing doubts, and makes her question reality. Did she really spend six years in the asylum? Given the choice of two realities ... The episode's theme has been carried through the whole Season so far, but the episode is good enough to make it work.

    The scenes in the asylum are extremely well directed, incredibly realistic and convincing when compared to the somewhat campy demon-fighting. It is great to see Kristine Sutherland again. And the ending is quite ambiguous ... Shades of Jacob's Ladder , but we would have been cheated if the makers had missed the opportunity.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 17] Forgiving
    Shown 9th May 2002 [Thursday]

    This takes place the same night as the previous episode. Each character tries to cope with the consequences.

    We finally get to see the big face-off between Angel and Sahjan. Also, we get to see more of what makes Holtz's sidekick Justine tick.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 18] Entropy
    Shown 2nd May 2002 [Thursday]

    This is a relationships episode. Buffy is a lot more clear-headed than in previous episodes, but Spike has a lot of trouble getting over her. Anya is back is town, trying to get vengeance on Xander. Willow and Tara, in comparison, are trying to get back together.

    Spike and Anya end up sharing their sorrows. Xander's illogical hatred of Spike boils over.

    In a thematic follow-up to the previous episode, Buffy discovers that there are cameras broadcasting from every location she and her friends hang out.

    We see the return of the three nerds.

    Angel Chronicles Angel [Season 3, Episode 18] Double Or Nothing
    Shown 16th May 2002 [Thursday]

    Cordy and Groo are finally back from their honeymoon. Cordy's hair has been brutally hacked off and clumsily bleached. She goes straight into comforting Angel - only Fred will speak to Wesley! He is in a strange hospital that has no set visiting hours, and releases its maimed patients at the first opportunity.

    An English Debt Collector from a Demon Casino is after Gunn. The demon is Jason Carter ( Babylon 5 ), recognisable under a ton of make-up. Gunn is given 24 hours to sort his life out. We see how much Gunn has changed since he met Angel. However, this is undermined by the cop-out ending. Yes, somehow an oath signed in blood is not binding, so Gunn can be abdicated of his responsibility.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 19] Seeing Red
    Shown 9th May 2002 [Thursday]

    This takes place the day after the previous episode. Each character tries to cope with the consequences. Dawn seems to have turned into a lesbian groupie, while Spike and Buffy's relationship becomes completely unconvincing. Xander's nerdishness is still implied - we discover he knows the Klingon language!

    Buffy closes in on the trio of nerds. Warren manages to give himself superhuman abilities, which means that Buffy can have a fair fight with him. This leads to more Buffy-as-victim-of-aggressive-male-sexuality crap! She is merely a pampered Princess, not a real woman. Of note, the UK version of the bathroom scene was censored.

    The ending is quite shocking, and makes an otherwise insulting episode quite worthwhile. While seeking to avoid spoilers, it is fair to point out that viewers should pay attention to the credits sequence at the start of the episode.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 19] The Price
    Shown 23rd May 2002 [Thursday]

    The gang help to fix up Angel's room, trashed by the earthquake. However, they have worse things to worry about. Strange translucent gelatinous face-huggers have appeared in the hotel, the price for the dark magicks used there.

    Of note, Cordy has taken to wearing a bandana to conceal the hideous butchery that is her hair.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 20] Villains
    Shown 16th May 2002 [Thursday]

    This episode focuses on the aftermath of the previous episode. The Scoobies get all self-richeous and self-pitying. They have no right to - after all, Warren attacked an enemy warrior, and accidentally killed someone else. Buffy kills half a dozen vampires and demons every week, but nobody ever challenges the morality of that.

    This episode was written by producer Marti Noxton (AKA Marti Noxious). She must be some kind of man-hating lesbian, because of her unbearable anti-male attitude.

    The best thing about the episode? While in county jail, Andrew tells Jonathan This isn't Oz. Yes, the writers acknowledged their more mature viewers by mentioning the best show on television!

    Angel Chronicles Angel [Season 3, Episode 20] A New World
    Shown 30th May 2002 [Thursday]

    The episode starts with the introduction of The Destroyer. In a scene worthy of The Matrix this new character demonstrates superhuman speed, strength, reflexes and agility. He takes out the entire crew, the escapes into the city. Angel, Fred and Gunn go out to search for him. For once we see that not all crime or so-called evil is demonic.

    The episode gives some great characterisation. Lila confronts Wesley and offers him a job. Cordy and Groo try to iron out some problems in their relationship.

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 21] Two To Go
    Shown 23rd May 2002 [Thursday]

    Buffy and the remaining Scoobies must save the inept villains. The power distribution here is quite uneven - one formerly underpowered character is too powerful, while the former villains are useless losers.

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 21] Benediction
    Shown 6th June 2002 [Thursday]

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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer Buffy the Vampire Slayer [Season 6, Episode 22] Grave
    Shown 30th May 2002 [Thursday]

    Angel Angel [Season 3, Episode 22] Tomorrow
    Shown 13th June 2002 [Thursday]

    We finally get a reasonable climax to a somewhat lacklustre season.

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