ORBzine - 1999.01 Speculative Fiction Fanzine

Editor In Chief: Speculator
Special Thanks: Chris Hawkins

January 1999

  1. The Editor's Desk
    Welcome to ORBzine

  2. The Adventures of Jedi Slacker Yodood!
    Anakin Starkiller brings us a look at Yoda's most useless pupil.

  3. Novel Ideas
    Grand Admiral Thrawn returns to lead the Empire to greatness in Heir to the Empire & Dark Force Rising.

  4. Now Showing
    Will Smith finds himself being the hunted instead of the hunter in Enemy of the State.

  5. UK Television Roundup
    A summary Xmas Treats

  6. Television Reviews
    The Hidden Fortress is perhaps the most influential film in George Lucas' Star Wars.
    Buffy the Vampire Slayer was a critical flop on the big screen, did its Pilot Episode fare any better?

  7. The Best of RASSM Humour
    Gerthein Boersma looks into the future and sees RASSM in 2010.

  8. The Phantom Menace 21st May 1999
    Contact Speculator if you are interested in the 1999 London-NY RASSMCon to celebrate the premiere of TPM.

  9. February 1999 issue coming soon!

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