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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

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Author: Speculator
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1] What is "Dark Skies"?
2] Who are the people involved?
2.1] Regular Cast
2.2] Creators
2.3] Crew 
2.4] Guest Stars
3] Characters
3.1] Regular Characters;
3.2] Humans;
3.3] Aliens;
4] Established History
5] Plot Questions
6] Episode Guide
7] Web-site listings
8] Trivia

Coming up in future versions;
- some interesting and relevant quotes from the producers, for example
	what motivated them to assemble the DS concept.  
- By searching the WWW you will discover such things as, {and
	this is not a complete list}:
		    1. Interviews.
		    2. Chat Transcripts.
		    3. Reviews of DS.
		    4. information concerning DS web pages 
			as well as, IRC chats.


1] Foreword;
"My name is John Loengard. I'm recording this because we may not live through 
the night. They're here, they're hostile, and powerful people don't want 
you to know about it. History as we know it is a lie."

2] Who are the people involved?
2.1] Regular Cast
John Close [Sisters]
Megan Ward [Party of Five]
J.T. Walsh [Red Rock West, Last Seduction]
Conor O'Farrell 
Tim "Agent Steele" Kellner [ID4, JAG]

2.2] Creators
Bryce Zabel [CNN, Mortal Kombat 2]
Brent V. Friedman [Mortal Kombat 2, Ticks, The Resurrected, The Dentist]

2.3] Crew 
Tobe Hooper [Pilot Director] [Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Lifeforce]
James D. Parriott [Associate Producer, writer Episode 1.03]
Melissa Rosenberg [writer]

2.4] Guest Stars
- Jeri Lynn Ryan as [ST:VGR's "7 of 9"] "Juliet Stuart"
- Jennifer Hettrick [ST:TNG's "Vash"] as "Mrs Carolyn Bach"

2.5] Time-zones the story arc covers; 5 different time zones are 
shown in the start credits, and they seem to match with the press accounts
and estimates;
Season 1 = mid 1960s
	shown in 1996-7, voiceover = set in 1996-7
Season 2 = late 1960s, early 1970s
Season 3 = late 1970s, early 1980s
Season 4 = late 1980s, early 1990s
Season 5 = end of century; Final season is set in the same year that it's
	filmed in ...

3] Characters;

3.1] Regular Characters;
Who is "John Loengard"?
- Born and raised in Fresno, California
- graduated UCLA with Kim Sayers [girlfriend]
- Congressional Aide
- recruited as MIB
- deserted after discovering that JFK had not been informed of MJ-12's secrets
- older brother [Ray], younger sister and both parents live on farm in Fresno
- re-joined MJ-12 when Kim turned to the Hive
- started relationship with Juliet

Who is "Kim Sayers"?
- Born and raised in Denver, Colorado
- comitted Catholic
- graduated UCLA with John Loengard [boyfriend]
- White House employee
- possessed by a Hive Ganglion 
- first successful patient treated with ART
- Mother and younger sister live in Denver, Colorado
- converted to Hive by Agent Steele in L.A. 

Who is "Captain Frank Bach"?
- 3/6/44 = on OSS mission in France [between Cannes and Cherbourgh]
- appointed leader of MJ-12 by Truman at Roswell in 1947
- codename "Majestic One"
- wife, son and daughter [born mid-to-late 1950s]
- daughter = 6 years old in episode 1.18

Who is "Agent Jim Steele"?
- senior MIB
- possessed by a Hive Ganglion 
- passed other Hive agents through the EBE tests
- Ganglion survived ART "expulsion" treatment
- Steele escaped; currently Loengard's arch-nemesis

Who is "Juliet Stuart"?
- abducted by Hive Greys for Singularity-familiarity when very young
- father died [alcohol-related] when she was 16 
- her mother couldn't cope with her, sent her to Komosol Youth Camp
- she roughed up students and instructors
- Colonel Dimitri Merenov selected her for ROZ [instead of a Punishment camp]
	when he saw her take down an instructor in unarmed combat
- mentored by Merenov; learned combat skills, ballet, "how to dress", etc
- learned English [standard for ROZ agents]
- met and married Lev, a fellow ROZ agent
- sent to USA as liason with MJ-12
- attacked Loengard's Safe House for MJ-12
- blackmailed J. Edgar Hoover for MJ-12
- Lev died in VC prison camp while on an Operation
- got closer to Loengard and Sayers
- killed Merenov when he was taken over by a Ganglion

3.2] Humans;

Who are the "Majestic-12"?
- also called "Majic-12" or "MJ-12"
- set up in 1947 by Truman [after Roswell]
- 12 Committee members [including Allen Dulles] 
- Operational Commander ["Majestic One"] 1947-67 = Capt. Frank Bach
- Security officer 1961-63 = Agent Jim Steele
- Security officer 1963-67 = Commander Phil Albono
- Committee members;
	Allen Dulles [CIA Director, Warren Commission member]
	Robert Kennedy [Attourney General]
	Hubert [US VP 1967]

Who are the "Men in Black Suits"?
- US Government agents [MJ-12 Security officers]

3.3] Aliens;

Who or what are the "Greys"?
- Extraterrestrial Biological Entities
- 2 fingers, 1 thumb
- don't decompose [have to be burned]
- Don't bleed when shot
- Able to mentally transmit images [no vocal cords]
- Live in denser-than-Earth atmosphere
- Can heal "dermal" incisions 
- No immunity to Influenza virus

Who or what are the "Hive"?
- the Ganglion species ...

What is a "Ganglion"?
- self-aware parasite that attaches itself to the host's brain and controls
	the host's body.

Subj:   Buzz-worm Defined
From:   IN%"SDAQ05A@prodigy.com" 18-MAY-1997 03:38:24.55

** The Hive ganglion can be dislodged from it's host body by means of
the buzz-worm.  This crawling invertebrate creature is an archenemy of
the Hive.  Note: The Buzz-worm should be administered orally. **

4] Established history;
- 1947 [Roswell]
- 1963 [Dallas]
- 1964 [Socorro]
- 1964 [Gulf of Tonkin]

5] Plot Questions;

Why did the Hive kill JFK?
- He was going to tell the world about what really happened at Roswell.
- To wipe out all the world leaders who attended his funeral.

What is the "EBE" procedure?
- a check [consisting of a series of psych-profiling questions] for 
	Extraterrestrial Biological Entities after contact with aliens
	[note; it only works on recently-implanted subjects]

What is the "ART" procedure?
- Alien Rejection Treatment, a medical procedure consisting of an acetone
	injection which causes the ganglion parasite to leave its host

The Hive language;
- some words don't translate [ep 1.04]
- recently implanted humans can't speak it well [ep 1.11]

Ganglion takeover;
- the implantation of a ganglion [orally] is not sufficient for takeover
- the implantee can touch the "glowing ball" [orb] to speed the takeover
- the orb transfers energy [blackens the implantees fingernails]
- the orb gives the implantee a vision, where they must make a conscious
	decision to let the ganglion take over
- the ganglion can be removed by a [buzz-worm?] taken orally

Subject:      Kim & The Orb .
From:         SDAQ05A@prodigy.com (Ms. J R. Rogers)
Newsgroups:   alt.tv.dark-skies

>>On 10 May 1997 02:27:12, Ms. J R. Rogers wrote:
>>     The Hive ganglion {Spelling}, can be extracted from a body
>>during a relitivly brief period of time.  This window occurs, I think,
>>due to the fact that the Hive ganglion needs time to subdue the
>>human individual's volition and emotions.  Moreover, at the moment
>>an individual handles the orb: the person succumbs to the will of the
>>Hive.  The accumulated force of the collected Hive Consciousness
>>conveyed via this orb: takes whole control of the person. Surrender
>>is transpiring when the orb is touched.  And, the individul
>>experiences "Singularity" and is one with the Hive.

6] Subject: Re: Dark Skies episodes
From: rad@crl.com (Robert A. DeLisle)
Date: 3 Feb 1997 15:30:06 -0800

Excerpt from Lee Whiteside's SFTV Upcoming Episodes:
  Dark Skies (NBC)
  Saturdays at 8 pm ET/PT, 7 pm PT/CT
   Date    Ep #   Title

1.01] Pilot
  9/21/96   1     The Awakening
- Time; ends with death of JFK
- Place; 
- Steele implanted by escaped Ganglion [first discovery of ganglion]
- Kim abducted and implanted
- Loengard saves her before she touches the glow-ball
- Loengard contacts Attorney General
- Kim and Loengard steal Roswell artefact from Bach's home
- Kim gets artefact to JFK

  9/28/96   2     Moving Targets
- Place; Dallas and Virginia
- Time; includes death of LHO and burial of JFK
- Hive Plot; Wipe out world leaders at JFK's funeral
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 MJ-12 was set up after attempted Hive takeover at Roswell
 MJ-12 agent Jim Steele was a Hiver
 "Phil" takes over from Steele as Bach's 2iC
- Trivia; 
 Loengard throws Steele out of a helicopter
 Phil returns the Roswell artefact to Bach

 10/05/96         [pre-empted]
 10/12/96         [pre-empted]

 10/19/96   3     Mercury Rising
- Place; Cape Kennedy, Florida
- Time; 2 months after Kennedy's assassination
- Hive Plot; sabotage MJ-12 space launches
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 we see the Ganglion implantation procedure
 some humans ["throwbacks"] are unsuitable for implants
- Trivia; Steele tracks down L+S to motel room, kills wrong couple

 10/26/96   4     Dark Day's Night
- Place; New York City
- Time; at the end of Kennedy's official mourning period
- Hive Plot; wipe out "throwbacks" watching The Beatles televised concert
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 Ganglions are killed by "throwback" blood
 MJ-12 has phone taps on Attorney-General Robert Kennedy's offices
- Trivia; 
 Loengard meets John Lennon [ANOTHER conspiracy tie-in?]
 Loengard captures Steele, who later escapes

 11/02/96   5     Dreamland
- Place; Las Vegas, Nevada
- Time;
- Hive Plot; Win money in Las Vegas casinos to finance tunnel into Area 51
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 ART'd humans can detect Hive members using telepathy
 "buzz-worms" introduced [remove ganglions from hosts]
- Trivia; Howard Hughes got OCD from touching a ganglion
- References;
 [1.04] Poker chips from Steele's pocket traced to Las Vegas

 11/09/96   6     Inhuman Nature
- Place; Wisconsin
- Time; Pope's declaration against Birth Control
- Hive Plot; Implant cattle with human [host?] babies
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
"throwbacks" have the wrong pH level for implantation
- Trivia; cattle mutilations are caused by Greys

 11/16/96   7     Ancient Future
- Place; Alaska
- Time/event; 8.0 Richter Earthquake along San Andreas fault
- Plot; recover Grey ship which crashed 2000 years ago
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
The Hive are the ganglions; they infected the Greys ...
- Loengard's vision; he [much older] and Bach [Jnr?] on Hive-ruled Earth
- Trivia;

 11/23/96         [pre-empted by "Bob Hope"]
 11/30/96         [pre-empted]

 12/07/96   8     Hostile Convergence
- Place; Socorro, New Mexico / Denver, Colorado
- Time;
- Hive Plot; kill Kim Sayers
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 MJ-12 have their own "UFO" based on the Roswell craft
 MJ-12 sent an agent to seduce Sayers' sister [who marries him]
- Trivia; 
 the "Socorro" sighting was MJ-12 disinformation
 Sayers is from Denver
 Sayers shot Steele in the chest
- References;
 [1.02] re-appearance of ex-USAAF Intel officer

 12/14/96   9     We Shall Overcome
- Place; Mississippi
- Time; 3 Civil Rights workers abducted
- Hive Plot; prepare multiple ganglion eggs for implantation
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 Allen Dulles was on the MJ-12 committee
 J. Edgar Hoover was blackmailed by MJ-12
- Trivia; Loengard had a friend in the Civil Rights movement

 12/21/96         [pre-empted]
 12/28/96         [pre-empted]

  1/04/97  10     The Last Wave
- Place; beachfront, Los Angeles
- Time; April, 1964                             
- Hive Plot; develop chemical to alter food chain so more humans can be hosts 
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
- Trivia; 
 Loengard and Sayers graduated from UCLA together
 Sayers meets Jim Morrison

  1/11/97  11     The Enemy Within
- Place; Fresno, California
- Time;
- Hive Plot;
 Loengard's brother, Ray, implanted in order to kill Loengard
 Steele infiltrated MJ-12 HQ to steal JFK evidence
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 Hive believe in "destiny" and their "plan" ...
 cliffhanger ending: Justice Dept agent takes Loengard and Sayers to Att. Gen.
- Trivia;
 Steele shot in flank by Phil
 Steele shot in chest by Loengard's father, and got swept away in river ...       
 Ray Loengard shot dead by Steele
- Notable Dialogue:
Loengard's Father       "Do you have children?"
Loengard's Father       "Didn't think so."
[Bach HAS a son and daughter; he puts work before family]

  1/18/97  12     The Warren Omission
- Place; Washington DC
- Time; final days of Warren Commission
- MJ-12 Plot; discredit Loengard's testimony to the Warren Commission
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
 MJ-12 has a female assassin [Juliet]     
- Trivia; 
 Captain Norman Schwartzkof was US Army commander at MJ-12 HQ, Washington DC
 J Edgar Hoover had film of Marilyn Monroe and Kennedy [on the day she died] 
 Loengard's testimony to the Warren Commission will be unsealed 31/12/99 
 End of "Attorney General" Story Arc
- References;
 [1.01] Steele infected by Ganglion during surgican removal from farmer
 [1.09] Hoover was blackmailed by MJ-12

  1/25/97         [pre-empted]

  2/01/97  13     White Rabbit [War Games]
- Place; Washington DC, Vietnam
- Time; After the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident
- Hive Plot; secret bases under the Gulf of Tonkin
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
 Juliet is a Russian, the USSR's [R. Omega Z.] liason with MJ-12
 Juliet has the metal code-wheel from Lev's diary
- Trivia;
 Bach was undercover in France in run-up to D-Day
 Bach Jnr's middle name is "Lincoln"
 Core of Grey ship is magnetic [sucks weapons away]
 Greys don't decompose; you have to burn them
 Vietnam Conflict was started to cover bombing raids on underwater Hive bases
 Lev [Juliet's husband] died in Viet Cong prison 
 Loengard gave Lev's diary to Juliet
 Title "White Rabbit" refers to a Grey hiding in a VC tunnel system ...
 Start of "Loengard rejoins MJ-12" Arc

	"Shades of Grey"
- Time; Autumn 1964
- MJ-12 plot; 
 use the code-wheel [ep 1.13] and gold plate [ep 1.01] to make a Crop Circle
 capture the Grey ship that attempts to land on it
- Hive Plot; 
 abduct human children, then familiarise them with Greys for the Singularity
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
 Loengard re-joins MJ-12
 Juliet was abducted and familiarised aged 6; Loengard's the only one she told
 Juliet trusts Loengard and Sayers more than Bach
 Kim can read the Hive language
 Kim is pregnant
 First Ganglion extraction on a Grey
 MJ-12 now has another live Ganglion, and a live non-Hive Grey
- Trivia;
 Phil shows GUTS and CHARACTER
 Crop Circles are invitations for HIVE saucers to land [in Hive language] 
 Greys communicate telepathically [no vocal cords]
- References;
 [1.01] corn circle and gold plate
 [1.05] Sayers' HIVE-sensing ability
 [1.13] Greys' code-wheel

	"Burn, Baby, Burn"
- Place: Los Angeles
- Time: August 10-12 1995 [Watts Riots]
- Hive Plot; convert Kim Sayers and her unborn child 
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
 Kim is 10 months pregnant, pH lower than normal
 Steele is STILL alive!!!
 Grey sensed the Ganglion growing in Kim [and the baby?]
 Grey was comatose for 10 months
 Grey knew when Kim was abducted; escaped and wrecked the lab in frustration
 Kim and Baby beamed up into Hive ship [converted to hive ...]
- Trivia;
 outskirts of LA 1921 John Rodia [construction worker] saw Greys and DNA
	double-helix; inspired him to build the Watts Towers
 MJ-12 doctor is Halloran, LA abduction-specialist is Merrick
 MJ-12 had examined 47 previous abduction babies over 10-year period
 Phil's surname = Albono
 LA MIB agent = Climetti
 reference to "Maxwell Smart"
 Ruby Thomas; Afro-american female abductee, "barren" - first pregnancy came
	after abduction - 30 years later, her daughter was a lawyer working 
	for LA's first African-American Mayor
 Grey likes to eat Strawberry Ice Cream
- references;
 [1.01] Roswell translation device
 [1.14] Kim's pregnancy

	"On Both Sides Now"
- Place: Berkley, California
- Time; late 1960s??? [Juliet has long hair, Steele has beard]
- MJ-12 plot: continue Vietnam war [beef up MJ budget]
- Hive Plot;
 convert Kim Sayers to Hive
 stop Vietnam war [undermine MJ budget]; 
	start riot at anti-War demo, replace police CS gas with cyanide ...
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***]; 
Kim touches the glowing orb and chooses to join the Hive
- Glow-ball Vision; 
 starts with implantee [Kim] and glowing orb holder [Steele] in rocky desert
 Steele gives Kim [and John] flashes of war casualties 
 Steele takes Kim and John to MJ-12 documents room
 Steele opens safe [combination 10-3-19], takes Vietnam War Budget file 
 [NOTE: in epilog, Loengard repeats these actions - the SAME combination!]
- Notable Dialogue
 Bach "I can no more stop this [Vietnam] war than I could have started it." 
 [Bach DID start the war: MJ-12 was behind the "Gulf of Tonkin" incident]

	"To Prey in Darkness"
- Place; New Orleans, New York
- Time; 5-9/11/65
- Hive Plot; prevent Roswell footage being shown ...
- MJ-12 Plot; seize Roswell footage ...
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
 Loengard double-crosses Juliet; she doesn't kill him, and even covers up for
	him to Bach ...
 Juliet and Loengard kiss passionately in stairwell [MJ-12 camera photographs]
- Trivia;
 Phil had Steele in his sights twice [in the woman's home; the mexican 
	standoff in the stairwell] but doesn't kill him ...
 For once, Kim Sayers looks gorgeous!
 Kim defeated Juliet in hand-to-hand combat ...
 John KO'd Kim in the garage, left her to look after her kid]
- References;
 [1.02] Roswell fashback film
 [1.04] MJ-12 doctor flashback

	"Strangers in the Night"
- Place; ROZ base [in USSR; infil route = via Lisbon and Helsinki]
- Hive Plot: destroy ROZ, infiltrate MJ-12
- MJ-12 plot;
 Recruit Carl Sagan [Doctoral thesis at Cornell University on intelligent
	extraterestrial life] to locate Grey homeworld, investigate Hive, etc
 "Operation Redhawk" = infiltrate rescue team into ROZ HQ in USSR, retrieve
	files, destroy Hive, etc
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
 KGB gave 3 prisoners to ROZ with orders to infect them with Ganglions;
	the prisoners gave no sign of Hive takeover for months, then escaped
	while being transferred back, and took over the entire base ...
	HOW did the Hive mask their presence?
 Ganglions are pH hyper-sensitive; changes in the oxygen-nitrogen level 
	[eg pump a room full of pure oxygen] will cause the Hiver to sweat and
	get hot even in a cold room [Sagan's idea]
- Trivia; 
 ROZ radio codename = "Ballerina"
 MJ-12 radio codename = "Blue eagle" ???
 Only Andropov at the KGB knew about ROZ
 Bach only sent people he could afford to lose - Loengard, Powell, Halloran,
	Juliet - but NOT Phil ...
 Major Colin Powell was [expendable] leader of "Operation Redhawk"; felt out
	of control facing the Hive, transferred back to Vietnam
	[was briefed on the operation but NOT on the Hive ...]
 Lt. Aaron Liebitz [USN Seal] was considered as mission leader
 ROZ HQ; underground, 1940s technology [limited budget], backup generator,
	automatic lockdown, "Red Box" ie doomsday box of files that only OC 
	can open [voice-activated code, 10 minute fuse on self-destruct for
	the whole complex]
 Small staff in ROZ HQ; Merenov [OC], Pavel and Ludmilla [research scientists],
	radio operator, 6-7 others ...
 All ROZ staff speak fluent English
 ROZ code-knock; A = 4 taps, B = 3
 Dr Halloran [recurring character] killed off; 
	new MJ-12 science officer = Carl Sagan
- Notable Dialogue;
 Juliet - "Hive mentality; no individualism - everyone's expendable, for the
 Powell - "Sounds like Communism to me!"

 Merenov - "Like the Siberian winter; cold, fierce and eternal."

 Hiver - "All you can think of is revenge. That is why you shall lose. Your 
	minds are so small."

- Time; June 17, 1967
- Place: Washington, California, Hive Mothership
- Hive plot; 
	Sell "brown cubes" to California hippies [plugs them into the Hive 
		mind, an early step towards Singularity]
	specific human bloodlines targeted as best hosts;
		3 specific human bloodlines traced back to prehistory by Hive
		[graverobbing], key ancestors were abducted; 
- MJ-12 plot; "Project Intruder" = volunteer replaces predicted abductee, 
	gets taken into Hive Mothership - concealed tv camera and transmitter
	[Apollo program technology] - suicide mission ...
	given zinc-coated stimulant pill to overcome the Hive paralysis agent;
	NOTE - Bach only OK'd it to stall Hubbert's curiosity ...
- Revelations [***SPOILERS***];
	Radio telescope picked up a non-random, repeating signal - from the
		10th planet; Grey homeworld, size of Mars, just outside the
		solar system in 1967; 3600 year oblique orbit, due to come
		closest to Earth in 2000 [season 5!] according to Sagan's
		TV signal [noise screened out, signal reduced to horizontal
		and vertical lines]
	Bach played everything close to the chest
		"This isn't a security matter, Phil."
		"Can you play it by yourself, Doctor?"
		"You answer to me, Doctor. This does not concern the board."
	Loengard told Bach that Hive knew of up-to-date MJ-12 info
	"Brown Cubes" plug the user into the Hive mind; they receive Hive info
		as well as Hive control ...
	[traitor] willingly defected to the Hive, was implanted with a 
		ganglion [saline implants? protected from pH changes]
		- messed up communication with the Grey
		- killed the Grey [stole flu culture from lab, put it in the
			Grey's air intake]
		- leaked Sagan's memo to MJ-12 board
		- executed Bach [shot in the head 4 times] 
	Robert Kennedy given MJ-12 membership after Warren Omission;
		originally abstained in Bach vote,
		changed his mind and kicked  Bach out for abuse of power when
		votes were 5-all
	Loengard Jnr = 2 years old [looks about 10; speed-grow, speaks well,
		joins his father to escape]
- Trivia;
 Phil's rank = USN Commander
 reference to Wicheta UFO crash site
 Saucer ships take abductee to Mothership [on moon]
 Targeted abductee [bloodline] = Ronald Reagan, Governor of California
	[reference to him calling MJ-12 after seeing UFO while on election
	campaign; interviewed by Phil]
 Abduction at 1.45 AM, 2 days after the Grey died
 Loengard told Juliet that he proposed to Kim, she turned him down
- Flashback; first time Loengard and Juliet met
 Loengard - "How could I forget? I woke up 2 hours later buck naked with a 
	voice like Mickey Mouse, and 2 Justice Department agents checking my 
- Notable Dialogue;
 Loengard - The thing the Hive fears most is people who can think for themselves."
 Loengard - "They want to make us all like them,
 so we all think the same way they do."
 Timothy Leary - "Like the Establishment."

 Grey [to Loengard] - "Your bloodline decides the outcome."

 Kim - "Who are you now?"
 Steele - "Charles Manson. Call me Charlie."

 Bach - "The history of war is the history of individuals sacrificing
	themselves so that thousands could live. Should Loengard and Stuart
	die, they will become martyrs to our cause."
 Loengard [voiceover] - "Do not be afraid. The fight for humanity demands
	your courage!"

Loose Ends;
- Loengard snr and jnr get out [It's a 5-year story arc!]
	- how?
	- does Juliet?
- Bach's replacement is a Hiver;
	- for how long?
	- is he behind Robert Kennedy's death in 1968?
- Does Steele become THE Charlie Manson?
	- why would the Hive inspire the Sharon Tate murders?
	- why would MJ-Hive sacrifice Steele?

Season 5 predictions;
- Steele in jail for previous 25+ years
- Grey Homeworld comes near to Earth
- Hive Takeover; 
	- Mothership cruises the stratosphere 
	- throwbacks get exterminated
	- Loengard Snr and Bach Jnr trek thru the wilderness

7] Web-site listings
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Subj: WWW Pages.

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