ORBzine - 1999.02 Speculative Fiction Fanzine

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Special Thanks: Chris Hawkins

February 1999

  1. The Editor's Desk
    Welcome to ORBzine

  2. The Adventures of Jedi Slacker Yoodod!
    Anakin Starkiller brings us a look at Yoda's most useless pupil.

  3. Novel Ideas
    Grand Admiral Thrawn returns to lead the Empire to greatness in Dark Force Rising & The Last Command.

  4. Now On Video
    No doubt he heard about the London-NYC RASSMcon and wanted to get there early - Godzilla takes Manhattan!

  5. UK Television Roundup
    Check out what's been on UK A summary television for the last few weeks.

  6. Television Reviews
    My Stepmother Is An Alien is one of the many SF films screened recently - along with Zombie Flesh-Eaters!
    Two years after it was first shown on UK television, with one of its stars dead of a heart-attack and another in a fate worse than death [ST:Vgr to be precise], Dark Skies is being repeated.

  7. The Phantom Menace 21st May 1999
    Contact Speculator if you are interested in the 1999 London-NY RASSMCon to celebrate the premiere of TPM.

  8. March 1999 issue coming soon!

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