ORBzine - 1999.03 Speculative Fiction Fanzine

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Special Thanks: Chris Hawkins

March 1999

  1. The Editor's Desk
    Welcome to ORBzine

  2. The Adventures of Jedi Slacker Yodood!
    Anakin Starkiller brings us a look at Yoda's most useless pupil.

  3. Novel Ideas
    This month we look at Ann C. Crispin's prelude to ANH; the Young Han Solo trilogy - The Paradise Snare, The Hutt Gambit & Rebel Dawn.

  4. Novel Ideas
    Check out our new book review column, care of long-time Hard SF fan John Kane.

  5. Now On Video
    Like many SF films of this decade, Species [see TV reviews] has spawned a sequel - Species II - for Michael Madsen and Natasha Henstridge fans everywhere!

  6. UK Television Roundup
    Check out what's been on in the UK - here is a summary of UK television for the last few weeks.

  7. Television Reviews
    Yet more repeats appear on UK television - this time it's Seaquest DSV!
    As for SF films shown on UK TV, this month the only offering was 1995's Species

  8. Convention Diary
    Find out what happened when our intrepid editor checked out a local S.F. Convention !

  9. The Phantom Menace 21st May 1999
    Contact Speculator if you are interested in the 1999 London-NY RASSMCon to celebrate the premiere of TPM.

  10. April 1999 issue coming soon!

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