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What I did at the local SF Convention


This morning sucked - the Phantom Menace trailer was shown on Channel 4 at 7.30 AM, while I did not awake until 9.15 AM. :(

I managed to get to my temporary accommodation in the Big City with enough time to visit the shops, and get a few copies of the comics I was missing.


I set up my RL ORB bookstore stall, and even did a bit of trade!

At lunch time I caught a Season 2 Xena episode, Warrior, Princess, Tramp. No Heidi Hudson Leick , but you can't always get what you want.

I caught the Guest of Honour's speach, and got a drink with him - a renowned British SF novelist - in the pub afterwards.

That night there was a screening of Starship Troopers - starring the delectable Dina Meyer [drool]!

After the movie I headed to the Pub Quiz - I joined a team who were a man short, corrected all their mistakes, and now I now have a lovely engraved drinking-glass on my trophy shelf!

The rest of the night was spent drinking and dancing, and eventually I staggered home ...


This morning I caught a dose of Power Rangers on television before I got to the Convention venue again. Boy, that bad girl with the pink hair so ISN'T Heidi Hudson Leick !

At the Con there were a number of writing-related workshops - with writers of note like Dianne Duane & Peter Morwood.

A discussion on Spaceships We Have Loved pointed out that the best military spacecraft of all time was ... Battlestar Galactica!

I caught the end of Prisoner episode Day of the Dead - it's half a decade since I last saw McGoohan's masterpiece, and it's lost none of its charm.

And finally - after the audience assembled for the Closing Speach, we got to see ... the trailer for Phantom Menace !

Afterwards I got something to eat, and headed off to the cinema. The only film I was interested in there was Saving Private Ryan - and I got in just in time to catch the end of the trailers!

When I went home I caught a bit of Babylon 5 on television, and found out that Shawshank Redemption [directed by Lucas stooge Frank Darabont] would be shown the next sunday.

The perfect end to a perfect weekend!

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