ORBzine Television Review: "Dr Who"

Dr Who

It is 10 years to the month that the last Dr Who episode was shown by the BBC [excluding the US TV movie], 10 years since the demise of one of the greatest SF shows ever made. Perhaps it is for the best; the show ran for 26 years [AFAIK only Coronation Street has run for longer], and the show's quality could could not be guaranteed. Red Dwarf was privatised after 2 seasons, and certainly had its ups and downs after that.

Instead, Auntie Beeb tried to farm the ultimate SF series out to the American market, hence the TV Film/Pilot Episode that took 5 years to produce. And as far as the USA was concerned, it flopped. Of course, since the Americans' prior exposure to the good Doctor prior to that film was minimal, little wonder it could not compete with B5 and Star Drek.

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Greatest Show in the Galaxy

McCoy and Ace go to a desert to see the Psychic surface. Hippies and biker also go there. There's even a wobbly old lady [she uses the nice young man line]

The Doctor meets an Intergalactic explorer and his sidekick [a 1980s UK comedienne]. Is the man portrayed as a mirror to the Doc? No, just as a stereotype Victorian [pith helmet]

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