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August/September 1999

  1. The Editor's Desk
    Welcome to ORBzine

  2. The Adventures of Jedi Slacker Yodood!
    Anakin Starkiller brings us a look at Yoda's most useless pupil.

  3. Novel Ideas
    This month we look at the next 2 parts of Mike Stackpole's X-Wing series - Krytos Trap & Bacta War.

  4. Novel Ideas
    Check out our book review column, thanks to our regular reviewer (long-time Hard SF fan John Kane).

  5. The TPM Debate
    has raged for over a month already, and now it is time to air the different views. Gerthein launches a blistering attack on our Hard SF reviewer, while John Kane responds. However, Gerthein has a few quibbles about TPM himself, although he may be too proud to admit JK was right all along! :)
    In a late addition, Gerthein produced a counter-response. My god, will this war never end??? Yes, ORBzine shall end with the Editor's cry ringing across the sands of time; You maniacs! You blew it up! You blew it up!

  6. Now On the Big Screen
    This month we've got comments on The Spy Who Shagged Me This review of the new Austin Powers film comes after the UK release of the film, which has (at the date of publication of this Edition) still not been released in many European countries!

  7. UK Television Roundup
    Check out what's been on in the UK - here is a summary of UK television for the last few weeks.

  8. Television Reviews
    This month we get the episode guide to the excellent Stargate SG-1.
    Also, this month's meagre crop of SF films shown on UK TV.

  9. Next edition not scheduled for 1999

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