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Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 1]
Mind The Baby
Shown June 2000

This follows on directly from the last episode. As the audience no doubt expected, Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) saved Crighton and Dargo. Kreiss stupidly underestimates Crighton and lets himself get captured.

Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 2]
Vitas Mortis
Shown June 2000

Now the mini-arc with Moya's child and Scorpius is over, we get the familiar old one-off episode appearing again. Dargo becomes the assistant of a Luxan holy woman who is dying. She uses him to rejuvenate herself, but Moya (the bioship) is subject to rapid and extreme aging.

Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 3]
Taking The Stone
Shown July 2000

Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) steals Aeryn's Prowler and runs off. She joins a pack of feral teenagers (like in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome ) who live in the Royal Catacombs of a planet. Their philosophy is live fast, die young, and with good reason - they get radiation poisoning by their 22nd birthday. Incidentally, the babel-fish bacteria in Crichton's system is unable to translate any of the slang or swearing that Chiana and the teenagers use.

Chiana does not want to leave - she discovered that her brother had been killed, and wants to follow the teenagers' self-destructive lifestyle. Crichton and Aeryn stalk the shadowy corridors and try to talk her round.

This episode shows why Farscape is the best SF show being made these days. Excellent cast, script, direction, set ... This is what B5: Crusade should have been.

Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 4]
Crackers Don't Matter
Shown July 2000

Scorpius has despatched Bounty Hunters to catch Crichton and the others, decide to take a short-cut to an unknown planet.

They take on board a blind alien technician who says he can make their ship invisible. He takes them on a course between two pulsars that emit light at an unusual frequency. The light apparently causes mental disruption; the crew all become extremely aggressive and paranoid. The exception is Zhaan; as a plant she has photogasms!

Crichton has a John Woo -style shootout with Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ). Also, he subconsciously displays more attraction to Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) than to Aeryn, his former lover.

Finally, we get to see Aeryn Sun smile! Although she is temporarily insane at the time. :)

Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 5]
The Way We Weren't
Shown July 2000

Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) discovers a Peacekeeper recording that shows Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) as part of the Peacekeeper unit that executed Moya's original Pilot on the orders of Captain Kreiss.

The episode is a series of flashbacks into the pasts of Aeryn and Moya. Certain plot points are cleared up:

  • Why Aeryn Sun was so frigid towards Crichton
  • Who installed the birth-control shield in Moya
  • Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 6]
    Picture If You Will
    Shown July 2000

    Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) obtains a weird picture which seems to foretell the future. However, it prophesies that the crew will die. They rush around, getting picked off one by one, and the picture supernaturally resists all attempts to destroy it.

    This sees the return of a super-powerful villain thought destroyed in Season 1.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 7]
    Home On The Remains
    Shown August 2000

    The crew are starving - they ran out of food some time ago, and are desperate to resupply. Obviously Crichton shot too many crackers a couple of episodes ago!

    Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) takes them to one of her old hang-outs, a giant rotting skeleton so large that Moya could fit into its mouth! The people there live in mining colonies, but the mines are shut down because there is a dangerous beast loose in them,.

    Zhaan and Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) stay aboard the ship. Zhaan is undergoing serious biological changes; she is sprouting poisonous buds, and releasing spores that are giving the others hayfever. Moya's allergy to the spores may result in permanent damage!

    This episode builds up the foreshadowing of a relationship between Dargo and Chiana ...

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 8]
    Dream A Little Dream
    Shown August 2000

    Zhaan has nightmares of Crichton, Dargo and Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) being stranded in space - she feels guilty because the trio were left at the end of Season One. She tells Crichton of the adventure that took place during that time.

    Zhaan, Rigel and Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) land on a hi-tech planet. Zhaan is arrested for jay-walking, and ends up framed for murder.

    The planet has a very strange economic system. 90% of the population are lawyers; the other 10% (who do all the REAL work) are an underclass called the utilities ...

    For some reason, lawyers cannot lie in court - if they follow a line of questioning that they know is not true then they will suffer the same punishment as their client.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 9] Out Of Their Minds
    Shown September 2000

    Yes, the show that does everything that Trek does not is back. However, there is a typical piece of pseudo-science worked into the plot this week: the body-swop. Top marks go to the cast - everyone has to play characters usually played by different people. For example, Ben Browder has to mimic Rigel's space-aussie accent.

    Crichton finds himself in Aeryn's body. In a manner of speaking. Finally, Crichton and Aeryn get familiar with each others' bits ...

    Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) reveals she is physically attracted to Crichton. However, things also develop between her and Dargo.

    The aliens - more excellent animatronics, this time we get ugly vulture people - were attacked by Talon, and claim that Kreiss fired first.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 10] My Three Crichtons
    Shown Second Week, October 2000

    Moya is invaded by a mysterious ball of energy. It engulfs Crichton, then spits him out - along with two other versions of him, one less evolved and the other more so. Ben Bowder is excellent as the three different Crichtons.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 11] Look At The Princess Part I: A Kiss Is but A Kiss
    shown September 2000

    Part 1 of a 3-part story.

    Crichton and Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) are still close - but despite their Season One shagging and their virtual foreplay last episode, Aeryn insists I will not be a slave to your hormones! In comparison, Dargo and Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) are having sex on a regular basis.

    The guys discover a remote Sebacean colony world, between Skaaran and Peacekeeper territory. It is ruled by a monarchy, which has problems with its line of succession. The Princess must find a genetically compatible mate, or her younger brother will succeed. The problem is that the Princess' DNA has been poisoned by the Skaarans - if the brother succeeds he will make an alliance with the Skaarans, and there will be a war against the Peacekeepers.

    Because the Princess' DNA is no longer compatible with her own species, the only possible husband for her is the human, Crichton! But not only does Crichton have Aeryn as love interest, the Princess is romantically involved with a Government Councillor. Can there be a happy resolution here?

    This season's arch-villain, Scorpius, pops up. And as soon as Zhaan and Moya detect his ship they have no option but to hop out of the star system. But they start to pick up strange signals that Moya recognises ...

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 12] Look At The Princess Part II: "I Do, I Think"
    Shown September 2000

    Part 2 of a 3-part story.

    Scorpius tries to capture Crichton, who escapes with some well-timed insanity and a Blazing Saddles routine. The SPFX are good enough to match the dialogue. And speaking of dialogue, here is a sample:
    Dargo There's good news and there's bad news.
    Crichton Bad news first, please.
    Dargo You're a married man, and you're just about to be turned into a statue for the next 80 cycles.
    Crichton What's the good news?
    Dargo Chiana and I are having great sex!

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 13] Look At The Princess Part III: The Maltese Crichton
    Shown September 2000

    Part 3 of a 3-part story.

    Crichton is a statue, and a married statue at that. The plots on his life continue regardless. The Skaaran and his tame Prince are after the Earthman's head.

    Meanwhile, Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) and her new acquaintance go rock-climbing in a wilderness area. However, he has less experience at it than he suggested ...

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 14] Beware of Dog
    Shown Third Week, October 2000

    Moya takes on new food supplies, but they are infested with parasites. Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) and Dargo bring in a strange creature called a Spork.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 15] Won't Get Fooled Again
    Shown Fourth Week, October 2000

    Crichton finds himself back on Earth, returned safely from his first flight. Yes, this is a direct take on the similar episode from Season One. However, there are deliberate differences. To start with, he sees his Farscape comrades as other characters: Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) is his nympho doctor, Zhaan a straight-laced psychiatrist, Dargo a fellow astronaut (in a tank-top and Ferarri!) ...

    It seems that Crichton's only hope is the last person he would expect ...

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 16]
    The Locket
    shown 6th November 2000

    Moya hides in a mysterious cloud of space-mist to avoid a Peacekeeper patrol. Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) flies out to recce, and disappears for 1 solar day. When she reappears she has aged greatly, and claims to be 165 years old. She wants to fly back to a barren planet where she claims her grandaughter is.

    This episode explores the relationship between Aeryn and Crichton. The cloud, OTOH, is just a useful plot device. In Trek it would be called a subspace anomaly.

    Stark, the mystical being they rescued from Scorpius' base, is aboard Moya. He claims he knows the answer to the mystery. This is useful when the reset button gets pressed at the end of the episode, and Stark also gives us an intro into the next episode's plot.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 17]
    The Ugly Truth
    shown 13th November 2000

    Like Rashomon, this story is told from different viewpoints.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 18]
    A Clockwork Nebari
    Shown 20th November 2000

    Moya is taken over by Nebari, who use their mind cleansers on the crew.

    Chiana ( Gigi Edgely ) discovers her big brother is involved with the Resistance.

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 19]
    Liars, Guns and Money (1): A Not So Simple Plan
    Shown 4th December 2000

    The team disguise themselves and break into an interstellar bank, the Shadow Depository.

    Not only is Scorpius a major client of the bank, he is the lover of the eyeball-eating spider-woman who runs it!

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 20]
    Liars, Guns and Money (2): With Friends Like These...
    Shown 11th December 2000

    The crew get their stolen goods to the destination, but too late. Normal banks have security devices: this time the money itself is the security device, and starts to destroy Moya.

    They now have to cobble together a crew of mercenaries comprised of the villains from Season One episodes.

  • Crichton goes after some heavily-armed thugs from
  • Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) locates the fire-breathing scavengers from PK Tech Girl
  • Dargo chases down the torturers from
  • Rigel heads out to see the Pirates from The Flax, and bumps into an old enemy of his.
  • Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 21]
    Liars, Guns and Money (3): Plan B
    Shown 18th December 2000

    The heroes and their motley bunch of mercenaries attack the depository in a bid to save Crichton. Talon and Creis turn up ...

    Farscape Farscape [Season 2, Episode 22 - Finale]
    Die Me Dichotomy
    Shown 19th December 2000

    Moya arrives at an outlaw medical station, and with luck she and Crichton might get healed. However, Crichton now thinks he is Scorpius ...

    The rest of the crew plan what they will do with their loot;

  • Dargo wants to live on a farm with Joffey and Chiana ( Gigi Edgely )
  • Creis and Talon offer Aeryn Sun ( Claudia Black ) the chance to join them
  • Rigel wants to set off by himself

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