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The Aliens

Season 1

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 1]
Shown 08 Mar 16

The backstory of this show is simple. Forty years ago, a space-ship full of alien refugees crash-landed on Earth - like in Alien Nation . However, the refugees were stuck in a ghetto where they became a perament underclass - like in District 9 . The aliens are nicknamed Morks, a reference to the 1979 TV show Mork and Mindy . They are interchangeable with humans with one major difference - their body-hair can be smoked like cannabis.

Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) is a bigoted border guard who works at the checkpoint between the Ghetto and the human city. As befits this kind of comedy-thriller, he soon ends up mixed up in anarchic situations.

Lewis discovers that his parents lied to him about who his father is. Then his sister Holly ( Holli Dempsey ) gets abducted by an alien street-gang called the Silence Crew - including Josef Astin ( Game of Thrones ). By incredible coincidence, Lewis sort-of knows the gang's femme fatale, Lilyhot.

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 15 Mar 16

Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) gets good news - Lilyhot the alien girl tells him who his father is. The bad news is, he is Antoine (Michael Smiley - A Field In England ) - a vicious alien gangster currently in a maximum security prison. Worse, Lewis gets pulled into rescuing his father.

Lilyhot the alien girl is keen on starting a gang war in the alien ghetto, and has seduced a number of proxies and dupes to help her. The Silence Crew were just the start, and Lewis is not the last. Presumably Antoine is just a front that she can use to better her own position.

Lewis has other problems. His human sister is a junkie, though she could be a great drug-dealer if she did not use her own product. Worse, Lewis has a co-worker who is suspicious of him - like Sergeant Deeks in Dexter.

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 22 Mar 16

Antoine (Michael Smiley - A Field In England ) is back in the alien ghetto, but he does not want to start a war with the usurper. He sees through Lilyhot the alien girl's encouragements, since he is experienced enough to know that she ultimately intends to take power for herself. Instead, he prefers to try and reconnect with his son. However, this makes him vulnerable to the alien girl's manipulations.

Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) is being blackmailed by the alien drug-dealers He has to balance this with his own family problems. His sister Holly ( Holli Dempsey ) is a reformed drug addict. And yet he cannot forgive his own father for being a gangster. This self-richeous bourgoise attitude is reminiscent of Felicity Smoak in Arrow .

Dominic the alien janitor applies for a promotion at the Customs post. However, his human cow-orkers are a vicious bunch. He would be better off getting involved in the aliens' new anti-human cult.

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 4]
Shown 29 Mar 16

Antoine (Michael Smiley - A Field In England ) gives Lilyhot a final warning. Either she leaves the alien ghetto, or he will kill her. She tries to get Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) on her side again. Is she just manipulating him, or are her feelings genuine?

While Lewis is trying to sort out his personal life, his workplace nemesis Sergeant Deeks closes in on him. Deeks gets a lot of character development this episode. He hates the aliens and the idea of an alien-human hybrid, but he actually has an alien girlfriend. In fact, he is almost a gentleman (in his own way) when he defends her honour by beating up an alien thug who attempts to slut-shame her.

Unfortunately the honour-motivated beating backfires on Deeks. Most people think it is inspired by good old-fashioned racism, although in all fairness the man is a notorious racist. Unluckily for him, the aliens have their own racists. One of them has organised an alien privilege group. Instead of simply rioting, the aliens have begun to organise like terrorists. They happily ignore the problems in their own community, such as being run by gangs of drug-dealers and criminals. The Alien League's goal is a race-war against the humans.

Lewis and Deeks get stuck in the ghetto, chased by a mob of rioting aliens. Lewis does not know who he can trust. But he has to make a choice - can he abandon Deeks to his fate, going against his morals to save himself? After all, Deeks will rat him out as soon as he gets to safety.

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 5]
Shown 05 Apr 16

Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) is getting over what happened to Deeks. However, the guilt makes him want to turn himself in.

Fabian puts a hit on a drug-dealer who double-crossed him. Unfortunately, Dominic the cleaner messes up the hit. As a result, now Dominic must kill the dealer himself.

Lewis' sister Holly ( Holli Dempsey ) is still trying to get clean of drugs. Lilyhot recruits her as a dealer, but she is not very good at it.

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1, Episode 6]
Shown 12 Apr 16

Fabian is in charge of the ghetto now. it is not so much that he won the gang war, more that Antoine (Michael Smiley - A Field In England ) lost it. However, Lilyhot has a last-ditch plan to take over.

Lewis (Michael Socha - Being Human: S4 ) gets closure from his relationship with his father.





The Aliens

The Aliens The Aliens [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th October 2016 [Wednesday]

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