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Season 1

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 1] Curfew
Shown 22nd February 2019 [Friday]

This is set in a dystopian near-future Britain, a place so rough that the ambulances have cage armour and the police are armed and shoot on sight. Apparently there are isolated outbreaks of some kind of slow zombie contagion. The society has a nightly curfew, hence the show's title.

A group of diverse individuals joins an illegal steet race. The plan is to drive from London to Scotland, where there is supposed to be a sanctuary - like in Logan's Run . Basically this is more like Death Race 2000 than The Cannonball Run.

This is much slower and grimmer than the similarly-themed American show Blood Drive . The problem is that the first episode is wasted introducing the characters. The episode starts with the characters meeting up to start the race, and then flashes back twelve hours to introduce their boring personal lives. This includes yet another flashback, five years previously.

In the Five Years Earlier story, we discover that the female paramedic used to be a medical researcher. The black driver, who is now hooking up with her sister, was a patient in an experiment that seems to have cured his spinal paralysis.

Robert Glenister gets a brief scene as a Government honcho named Grieves. Meanwhile, his former Hustle cow-orker Adrian Lester has a small role as one of the good guys.

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 2]
Shown 1st March 2019 [Friday]

This episode starts at the pits, before the race begins. One of the contestants takes his dog for a walk, and meets a couple of familiar faces. Michael Biehn ( Terminator (1984) ) delivers an interesting story about his childhood. Sean Bean ( Game of Thrones ) is the other creepy competitor. Their surnames are pronounced the same, and they are big names that will be costing the producers a lot. So which one will be killed off first?

Simon Donahue (Adrian Lester - Doomsday (2008) ) had a plan for every obstacle in the race. The good news is that he wrote it all down. The bad news is that he has very small hand-writing and his family only have a general idea of what he intended. They might be able to make it work, but they need to start an unhappy alliance with the other good guys, the ambulance team.

Lester's son has flashbacks to a few weeks previously. He and his friend Linus hacked a secret database and discovered that the Government already had a cure for the zombie virus. Yes, they uncovered a conspiracy to keep the zombie threat alive so that the human population was easier to control. Unfortunately the Government had a clean-up crew on the job.

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 3]
Shown 8th March 2019 [Friday]

The episode starts four years prior to the main storyline. A young woman is hired as babysitter for a handful of children. Unfortunately the zombie apocalypse has begun, and one of the kids sneaks out into the garden at night.

Back in the main storyline, the young woman is now the pregnant child-bride of The General (Sean Bean - Game of Thrones ). He has a plan to smuggle her and the car through the police gate that secures the wall around London.

Meanwhile, the Lester family and the ambulance crew use an old road tunnel. Unfortunately the fast zombies come out at night.

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 4]
Shown 15th March 2019 [Friday]

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 5]
Shown 22nd March 2019 [Friday]

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 6]
Shown 29th March 2019 [Friday]

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 7]
Shown 5th April 2019 [Friday]

Curfew Curfew [Season 1, Episode 8]
Shown 12th April 2019 [Friday]

The survivors stop off at a petrol station. Max Larssen (Adam Brody - Mr And Mrs Smith ) is also there, to oversee the last stage of his race.






Curfew Curfew [Season 1 , Episode 1 ]
Shown th May 2019 [Friday]

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